Danas, we're gon na review, the flywheel X, bot 3 HD just runcam Nano 3 verzija, I'm gon na suggest a 3 s 450 da 550 baterija, and it has a wheelbase of 116 millimeter with little tiny. Three inch props, which are super fast, 2.5 millimeter bottom plate and super ultra shiny with that platinum finish. The camera is the run. Cam split nano 3 on here at TPU and a dipole antenna in the back with plenty of TPU and sidewall protection as well. All the way around looks nice and well hidden inside the frame, and we have a VTX it's, na 625 25 milliwatts to 450 milliwatts on there. So pretty far out Goku f4 11 flight controller on here, which is well tested in my shop. Imamo 13 amp via Hawaii SCS and I'm gon na suggest not running that on 4s also TPU rx mount up in the front, which is a vertical, and it has little slots in the front to be able to get to the bottom button, which is nice And you have side by side, Čovjek 10 amounts as well run. Cam split nano 3 down on the bottom, which is encased in TPU all the way around, što je lijepo, and on this side we have our modes button and record startstop button and 3018 3 palac. Rekvizite, these are super super thin and narrow, which are really fast. 1202. Point 550 800 kV motors with two bolts on the bottom, holding those motors on and let's go ahead and put it on the scale guys without the battery we get 75 grams with a 3 s, 450 we're, looking at 116 grams and with a 4 s battery, Just for people that might run it on for us, 127 grams total takeoff weight, so not bad let's go ahead and do the fpv flight test now, first I'm, going to show you that run.

Cam split nano 3 and I got ta say that this is one of my favourite DVR cameras. It works really well, you don't even have to use 2 after to get it going start and stop the recording using the record button on the side on the bottom of the clock, which is really really nice. Judging from the other alternative out there, the cat X version there's more app required to using mechanics version so a lot of times. I prefer that the blank and nano split Breanna. I honestly think the video looks better than the cat x1. Dakle, da, you know potato patata uh no, but I really like the way this video looks now. One thing I also really really like about this quad is the fact that it is flying like a larger 3 palac. Quad it's fast it's nimble, but it has that small enough form factor where I can still kind of get away with some crazy stuff. I can bounce off things. I can choose ultra small gaps, but the 12 Stari 2.5 motors seem to have plenty of power, and I really like that. The larger motor size trends that would happen right now with these three inch: micros ultra blue steel and the power loops, really tight snap on the all access let's go for those peas, again I'm, going to show you guys the analog version as well, and then what The run cam split, Nano 3 looks like after this recording.

I just wanted to sit around and show you. The power to weight ratio is really comfortable, also it's really ultra cold today. So my battery was tanking pretty quick, but I still was almost able to get four minutes out of a 3 s 450, which is actually pretty good for this particular quads size. Now they also do have two versions of this quad. They have the run Kim. I believe some an o2 versionor you can get the split 3 verzija – one board DVR or save yourself a little bit of money and get the cheaper version without the DVR. The HD version is nice and that's. One we're running today, which is adding a little bit extra weight because you have the DVR on the bottom, but it's not a lot of weight, really honestly to make a difference in how it flies. You won't really feel it on the sticks per se, but I'm loving how loose this freestyle tune seems to be, and what I noticed right away was that it flies good, it's fast and I think it's a pretty durable setup with this frame, but it also doesn't Have any vibration, you'll notice, like there's? Not hardly anybody a little bit of shudder right there as it was a big power loop coming around that tree, but there's virtually no shutter in this tune, Što je, is great phenomenal, because this is the stock tune. That I'm running from fly, wood and other micros that I had on recently how to put the CL I don't down bottom for you guys to do you guys, could download that and make the quad useful with all the vibes in the quad just destroyed the experience For me and everybody else, pretty nice little video, though right guys really nice and it's overcast today, which is another point on this review.

The fact that right now there is no direct sunshine on the field, and this camera still looks good and in a lot of a lot of ways, it looks better than a gopro in certain conditions, you might go for a hero 7 on days like today. It just looks a little bit dark run. Cam does a good job of making things kind of middle ground and not a lot of dark and light changes as well. So when I'm going near trees or under things, it's not a huge transition from dark to light, which is great so now I want to put it on the ground total fun with that battery and now we're gon na check out some of the analog. What this camera looks like in the goggles, but it'll look a little bit better than this two guys, because you are just seeing what's recorded in my sky, zone's and yep I'm still using sky zone's and look at my battery level it's at 11.6, which is super Scary, because I don't know, if it's these motors sagging out my battery but it's, also like 40 stupnjeva. Today when I was doing this flight test. So all of my batteries that I tested we're just kind of sagging immediately because of the cold and when I first got out here, I believe it was in the 30s but what's nice about this. Dvr is, if you look up at the top right hand, side you'll, see that red linking blinking light and you'll notice that I am recording that lets.

znaš, and it also has an autosave feature which is nice. So if you forgetand you unplug your battery without pushing the button, it will save the file for you and you can see a I'm on channel a1 there and I have Mac's for my output settings so right now, I'm running like 450 milivati, što je fenomenalno. This is a little bit of break up behind those trees over there and I've got my bot 3 in the top left I'm in air mode, which is gon na, be you full acro right now and my fly minute. That'S flight timer number two, which I use all the time, but it is an amazing how Sippy this little quad is it's, really fast, really really fast. So I think, for the price for the analog versionit's not a bad priceI believe it's around 130 and then the HD versions around 180 ili 189, but what's really cool about it. Is that it's nimble, it's, durable? It has a good tune on it and it's a lot quieter and smaller format. So if you're looking to fly this one in a space where there might be other people around or it's a park where there's random people riding or running bikes and things like that, it's not like flying a five inch. So you're not gon na freak people out it does move extremely fast of you. Wouldn'T want to hit somebody with this one, it would hurt, you wouldn't, kill anybody, but it would hurt, and I love the way the runcam three camera looks.

The split nano3 looks. It looks great and they've they fixed a lot of the lag issues with this camera as well. Other erasers were really turned off by the original split series, because there was a high velocity of lag and it was almost impossible to do any racing with you. Couldn'T record your races, because there was just too much lag and high latency, and now they worked out a lot of that and I'm, not sure that I would race with this camera. But I think that someone that had the skills to race probably could use this camera for racing, and I got I got to say if you haven't seen some of the other fly woo reviews on my channel, you got to go back and watch some of the Other ones the Xbox 65 did pretty well. It has a really awesome coating on the outside of the carbon fiber it's, totally gold. It looks like something from Egypt backing the early Egyptian days, but now come to the future, with a really cool looking quad. So it looks like a trophy sitting on the shelf: it's it's, really quite a nice little quad. You can also get. I believe you can get a gold version of this. One don't quote me with that, but I believe that you can also get larger 5 inch frame versions from the vampire series, so golden platinum was available in both the vampire 2 series, pretty pretty awesome stuff that fly was doing so again.

I have to say that I'm very happy with all of the stuff that I've been getting from fly wood, including their most recent release that chasers 138 also really awesome. But my final thoughts on the 3 inch version is that I didn't know what to expect honestly when I first got this in and I wasn't sure how it was gon na fly, it looked awesome. It had plenty of nice protection here with all the TPU trimmings. It looks good and it does fly well. Thank God. It feels really rigid kind of reminds me of an old school design with this top plate mounted camera. It reminds me of the early days of original X frames, and I do like these TPU antennas off the side here, which are nice and flexible good range. Na 1202 series motors as well is also a new style and trend that's coming out right now, with a lot of these 3 inch micros overall I'm happy with it as well as these straps. I have to tell you guys that there are some of my favorites right now.