This is absolute insanity, but I got a few minutes. I thought I would take you inside and show you some our seas. Maybe some you'll recognize well here it is. Everybody always asks me. Where is my giant fifth scale tank and it's? Zapravo, at my dad's place in another province, I gave it to my dad because he gets good use out of it. Also here is my Creighton Greg from gka. Thank you so much my dad. He actually makes hop up parts for the crate and you guys may have seen that on the show. Let me move this out of the way here, a lot of the aluminum brackets like that servo bracket, the center bracket, the back braces. zapravo, I even had him on the show so that the cratons come here who remembers when I had the whole bow. You guys remember this one at all. This is the the hyper MT sport. My dad absolutely fell in love with this monster truck. He actually swears that it's, his favorite monster truck of all time still takes a beating, keeps on going. Look it down here, look at all covered in dust who remembers these machines. This is like the lost collection right here right. This is my old sin. The GST, the Colossusand this was the second Colossus I had, but this actually has the old fugitive recovery summit body on it that I used to use here's the ascend.

So I gave him two so him and his buddies could play with them as well as there was one for a spare parts truck oh yeah it's over there and death right there. Spare parts dad also got the Reaper. I upgraded his act, she'll race for him. Quite a long time ago now this is one of his favourite vehicles as well see the beautiful tyres waterproof stab walks right there. He also loves the reaper here's, the tanks, spremnici, a lot hey my dad's into pan. She likes it both of them. These are all from IMX they're little dusty right now they actually have gone through a long winter. Already being just after New Year's here's dad's birthday present, I bought for him for him to put together, over last winter, that's a beautiful grand plus. I also passed on the the big trailer to him, so he could practice with it. Look over here, here's, the other ones there's my original that's, the Spartan, the Traxxas Spartans. Then my original Thrasher, you guys, are always wondering where all my extra are Seas. Ići. I give away so many of them all the time, especially to folks that I meet and family and friends, and that kind of thing so I'm glad. I was able to give you even though it's just a short video today a look at where some of the other models I've had are why they're not in my shop, either they've been retired or they're being used over here.

So when I come out here, I can film with them so that's tons of fun. At least my dad loves the tank. He was the perfect guy for it to go to so now. You know the rest of the story. Is it cold out there? You got to let everybody know right now: do you have a favourite RC? Da, I do which one is it hey? Everybody should get outside. Nursey agreed absolutely Happy New Year dad and to be.