PARROT ANAFIFollow Me Mode – Je li vrijedno toga?

Word: “U skladu s Me” mode is a time period utilized by Parrot. The identical function on a DJI Drone is entitledEnergetic Observe”. After I converse of DJI and use the time period “U skladu s Me”, I am referring toEnergetic Observe”. Comply with Me Mode is an in-App buy on the Parrot Anafi for Android customers (it’s at the moment free for IOS customers attributable to Freeflight being in Beta). Is Comply with Me any good on a drone that has no impediment avoidance?

You should purchase the Parrot Anafi right here:

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  1. izbirljiv ponovo ispitivanje. I could not stand the crappy 'circle' in the center of the soccer field. hahaha

  2. You know something I didn't realize at first.
    Take a look at your shadow when you start walking in the field.
    It's like pixelated laggy looking.

  3. price please and were to buy it! great video by the way super cool

  4. awesome review ,Parrot will be my first drone thx you so much

  5. Stvarno. Descent price? For what a good follow me. To je 700 for a camera that goes 180 not 🤪

  6. Great job Captain! Seems to get a very good lock on the subject, although you DID have the controller with you throughout the test. According to a few of the reply's below, it uses a combination of visual, GPS, and barometric sensors to use the follow function. It seems to work very well indeed! Would be very interesting if you did another test vid without the controller in hand, to see how effective the follow mode works using only the visual sensor. You could bring a friend to lock on to, while you keep the controller in hand in case of a problem. Done it many times with my P3P using the Litchi app. Opet, great job of showing the follow mode of this very cool Parrot offering! Suscribed

  7. FollowMe has option to lock azimuth or angle

  8. puno ti hvala! I wish, if you have time, to put the Flight Free6 screen and describe all the settingsGR8

  9. I'm a skilled pilot with tons of flight time experience and definitely find sensors super helpful for those close flights to objects. I tend to turn it off on most occasions but would rather know it's there available whenever I need it.
    Not impressed with the ANAFI so at least for me, I'll rather pass on it.

  10. Parrot has the best costumer service in the business.
    Can’t believe how much I like my Anafi.

  11. Hej, me again 😉
    Wanted to point out that aside from the in App purchase Follow me there is still a built in tracking function: the Cameraman mode. Here's my first results with it:
    As you an see, also in this mode you can do very low shotswhich in case of my "actors" was quite necessary.

  12. awesome video.but i can't purchase the "follow me" in app store. how to do it? Hvala!

  13. Thanks for paying to demo this. Looks like it's worth it. Kind that follows the transmitter. Not hands free like optical follow but works better (until they improve the optical follow).

  14. Bok, the follow me mode is following the remote control GPS position or object track ?

  15. Never mind follow me, is that supposed to be a circle on the football pitch??!!

  16. Did you have it in sports mode .. I've tried it in sports mode and it will follow from behind and swing round on turns

  17. I tested Follow Me yesterday and couldn't get it to work 🙁 I tapped it and drew the shape around my figure but it wouldn't follow. Do you need to do something else after you've selected it?

  18. Veliki video, thanks for posting this information. Do you think "follow me" would work if the controller & phone were in a backpack. Would love to see a video on a bicycle or motorcycle, which is my intention for buying one. Hvala!

  19. Tried to buy it, but it wouldnt allow. I want to buy it, but when I click on the boxnothing happens. Called Parrot and they said that it was a bug in the app. Maybe so, but I havent heard anyone else with this problem.

  20. Awesome review and demoI need to pick this one because I need that low shot to film me playing basketball down low. But do you think I can be hands free with it that low? and just have the app/phone in my pocket? (just did some more research and I guess the question is nowdoes auto follow work down low?) Hvala toliko – new subscriber

  21. I hope to watch Anafi extremely situation. Like this extreme test on mavic air

  22. Great news, follow me and flight plan are $1 each for Android and ios for 1 month !!!

  23. I think at the moment it is wort buying both. Just 1,09 € for each as an offer until September 6rd 🙂

  24. Found the Anafi to be very unstable would not hold its position while hovering was going all over the place so I sent mine back

  25. quess what follow me and flight plan or now on sale at parrot for 99 cents each, 159 in Canda

  26. Love this drone but really upset that the day after i purchased the expensive $30 each "follow me and nav mode apps", they sent me an email saying it was 99c for the next month…. Apple would not refund and Parrot offered me 10% discount on a spare battery at $99USDand with shipping to Canada thats $200 CDN dollars, …. A little miffed as i was one of the people that purchased the anafi on release day, hoped they would have been more understanding as i told so many people what a great drone it was, so i decided that i would buy a battery on Amazoncost me $30 less than the price they offered but still love the anafi, very quiet but last time i will buy on release day, and perhaps from Parrot and of course will tell them that its a good drone but way to expensive, i have a DJI as well and am at a crossroad due to Parrots stupid decision to charge for what is normally included in other drone sales, would have hoped the could have refunded me at least the cost of the apps

  27. Where was this video shot? Location?

  28. 650 bucks for a skateboard????????

  29. Sada… it's only $.99 on Parrot's website. 😀


  31. Can you just put your phone in your pocket with follow me drones or does it have to be connected to the controller? Because if I have to carry a controller around it's kind of worthless.

  32. Nice review of the Follow Me PAID features. I heard somewhere it can follow you WITHOUT holding the Parrot Controller too?? Have you tried thisuseful perhaps where your hands are full, riding a motorcycle or car, with the Anafi following behind. Please confirm if it does this?

  33. Follow me add on $1.81AU in Australia. Great battery life and stable footage.

  34. This Follow Me looks great, i wanted to watch this as i have the Bebop2 but the Follow Me does nothing like yours can do, as the Bebop2 version got issues on working correctly…!?! in the UK is it £19.99 for the Follow Me and £19.99 for the POI Plan a set route!

  35. Pretty funny comments about in app purchase.

  36. great info…. (Fyi, here it is Jan 2019 and the apps are .99 cents US per)…. now we are talking..!

  37. Hvala. Really appreciate your vids captain drone

  38. With the latest update 6.3.1 this really has improved no end, though still a bit of polishing to do. For a drone less than half the price of a Mavic 2 Pro, this represents very good value. I did my own Follow Me just before Christmas and that mode is very well worth it, particularly as it's now just the equivalent of $0.80. Here is the clip

  39. Parrot Anafi works with goggles like Eachine EV100???

  40. Great Video can't wait for spring!

  41. Veliki video. It was funny how you were talking to the drone lol

  42. Please try and use the follow me function and the "lock" icon/feature. It's like DJI's Acrive Track Profile mode. I used it on my old Bebop 2 Moć:

  43. Anafi is a fine drone I use it for building inspections. Na 21 mp photos and the ability to shoot upwards makes it perfect for that task. Completely reliable, Imam 122 hours of flight with no accidentsjust be careful where you flyit has no obstacle avoidance sensors.

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