I discover the Parrot Anafi has a superb digicam, however it does are inclined to overexpose objects and brilliant objects lose element. On this video I check out a number of filters from Freewell to right the publicity downside. All ANAFI digicam settings had been on AUTO for this video.

You’ll find the Freewell Parrot Anafi Digital camera Filters right here:


You should purchase the Parrot Anafi right here:

KAMERA: Canon 80D stas:
LENS: 17 – 50mm Lens F2.8: TASCAM DR - 10L:

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  1. Always enjoy an nd filter test, Hvala!

  2. You're flying a parrot, is that significant?

  3. Awesome video! I never liked the Anafi footage, particularly in HDR. It always looked over exposed and over saturated but with those filters it looked way better!

  4. Great video really shows the effects of the filters.

  5. Liked the ND 8 the best! It seemed to make things the most natural looking. Love these comparison vides as you really get a good understanding what you are showing with these different filters! That guy at the park in the orange must have seen/or heard the drone! LOL Thanks!

  6. Hvala, Cap for doing this video! I just ordered the Freewell's ND 1000 and a pack of filters from another manufacturer. I'm looking forward to using them on my Anafi.

  7. Hi Capt, could you do a side by side comparison?

  8. They kinda all looked like. Lol. Guess from the sun not being consistent it def effected the look of each filter. But they definitely helped. Nice job as usual! Thanks for your work!



  9. Bok. I like your videos. One question, does the Parrot Anafi has altitude limit of 150 meters override like the bebop 2 has?

  10. I've noticed that the color saturation seems low, compared to DJI products. Are there no camera adjustments for EV (exposure value) and "color profiles" (like Vivid .. or saturation adjustment)? I'd like to get either an Evo or Anafi to replace the 2 Sparks I just sold, so I'm watching a lot of video. Klicati.

  11. Hey love the videos can you tell me what would be your pick if you could only have one. The evo or the anafi. Hvala

  12. I'm loving your channel! For me, I sure would love to buy a more rock solid drone than the Anafi, but still can't get over how cool that look up is and I still want it for that. Pitanje – do you think because of some of the problematic Anafi reviews, the coming Mantis Q, Spark2, itd – that the Anafi will get a price drop soon?

  13. Great job on the video.
    I'm looking forward to getting some filters for mine but I'll wait a little bit and see who all make some and hopefully see that there will be enough videos demonstrating the effectiveness of each brand

  14. The vivid colours on the park behind you and that blue truck were perfect for this comparison video. Veliki posao!

  15. please tell me DJI Mavic Pro 2 is so expensive I can not pay.mavic pro 2 $1300 over whichi one buy . mavic pro $799 mavic Air $749 Anafi $749

  16. Veliki video !!
    Unrelated to.the video , how likely are parrot to add new flight modes in the future for example sphere on the DJI range ?
    Just curious if that's it or they will develope more ?

  17. Kapetan. That is a very informative video of the filters and the cameraman is cool as always Njoyed

  18. The Polarized filters were casting a dark pattern on the left side (obvious a polarization works at 90 degrees in relation to the sun).

  19. I got these filters and everything over the ND4, the Anafi tells me something is blocking the camera and I need to reboot, making them useless. Maybe I have a bad unit? Really trying to like this drone but between this filter issue and constant SD card malfunctions while in flight, I'm thinking of returning it and keeping my mavic pro. I was so close to ditching the Mavic before these issues.

  20. Excuse my ignorance, but if in auto exposure the Anafi over exposes, why would a ND help? Depending on the strength of the rating of each ND, all your doing is removing stops of light, but if the Anafi is auto correcting, would it not just bang up the ISO and bring it back up to the slight over exposure? That seems to me a light metering issue. Is there no exposure compensation in auto? Can you not just drop a half stop? Unless of course ND means something completely different in the drone world? In videography or photography, the ND allows wide aperture in full sunlight, or creating motion blur in bright light and flash sync speed in bright light. When you place the ND on a drone, are you not you just opening up your aperture or raising ISO in auto? How does the ND compare to manual shooting, manually bringing down the exposure? Thanks for the test. Im interested in purchasing an Anafi.

  21. Has anybody got a Mavic Pro (not a Mavic 2) and an Anafi? Buy one set of filters! I just looked at my Anafi this morning, that looks very similar to the Mavic around the lens. Taking the lens cap off the Anafi felt very like taking a Mavic filter off. I wonder
    I tried my Mavic filters on the Anafi, they don't just push-fit on easily they fit BETTER on the Anafi than on the Mavic! On the Mavic I had problems with the gimbal being overloaded when I used a filter. The Anafi looks great with Mavic filters on and the gimbal moves smoothly. Naturally I don't suggest you just take my word for it and use your favourite filter on the Anafi in a howling gale or on a once in a lifetime video opportunity without experimenting a little for yourself but it has to be worth a go. I think the Anafi lens cover should also work on the Mavic Pro.

  22. I keep getting a camera error even though my filters are pushed on tightly. Any idea why?

  23. You should disable HDR for this test as you are not shooting simultaneously bright and dark scenes which is why the shots look so saturated.
    You also can drop the exposure via the app so the shots aren't blown out.
    As for the CPL filter that test should be done over water or 90 degrees from the sun.

  24. Love the drone (your recent videos seem to support that too), but the colours here do seem a bit washed out e.g the sky looked like a wonderful blue on your ground camera, but far less so in the Anafi. The filters seem to help some. Would a firmware update assist? Another very well done video!

  25. I have seen a lot of reviews that claim that the anafi is cheaply made/ what say you…. ????

  26. What would be the best “all around” filter to buy for the Anafi? I currently don’t have any filters and I’m not very familiar with using filters but I am seeing that my videos are pretty overexposedespecially on sunny days. Also I really enjoy watching all of your videoskeep them coming!

  27. Another very informative video. Hvala!

  28. I really love your videos. I have a question for you. If you were going to buy the Anafi, Kotači Mavic Pro, or the Yuneec Typhoon H to film Weddings, koje biste izabrali?

  29. Yeah filters look good but my God that park is awesome.

  30. Lijep video! I notice that the horizon on parrot anafi's footage is off, almost every time. Is that a calibration problem?

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