PowerVision PowerEgg X Waterproof Kit Ocean Flight Test Review – Let & Pad sustava Test! – Ocean dokaz?

We flipped it hey guys thanks for tuning in it is actually just a fantastic day out here in Wailea Maui Molokini out there, the hotel lobby we got lanai over there. West Maui and we're gon na be testing the power AG X, waterproof kit, so I might have to just jump in the […]


We are back at it again as I diligently look for my downed DJI vision to that. I lost six years ago, as I sailed across the sky and the drone lost contact and blew into the pond. It went gone forever. I have been diligently looking because I've been using an underwater remote operated […]

PowerVision PowerEgg X Maiden Flight Test ReviewIn Depth with Pros & Kontra

Ovo je gon na, be the maiden flight test of the power AG X and I'll. Put it together right here on the field here actually goes this way and we're just gon na fly. This thing around I'm gon na just kind of real time setup on how fast it takes to set the […]

PowerVision PowerEgg X Wizard Review – Dio 1 – Modular Waterproof Drone [Unboxing Setup & Ažuriranje]

I also did a review on and they also have the power dolphin, which is kind of a boat, slash drone that can look underwater with the camera. They were nice enough to send me a Power egg X for review. Super excited gon na do a full on unbiased review on this. So I've […]

Podvodnih robota PowerVision PowerRay 4K ROV pregled – [In-Depth ROUGH OCEAN TEST, Pro & Kontra]

Podvodnih robota PowerVision PowerRay 4K ROV pregled – Dio 2 – [Detailed Pool Test]

Podvodnih robota PowerVision PowerRay 4K ROV pregled – Dio 1 – [Unboxing & Postavljanje in-dubina]

HZZ 2019 – PowerVision Interview and PowerDolphin Details

Take a look at the PowerRay Right hereWe obtained the possibility to talk with Sage Ratterman just a few weeks again at CES 2019 about their new PowerDolphin product. On this clip you’ll hear all in regards to the options that product presents and the way they designed it to be the proper […]

HZZ 2019 – We’re Heading to Vegas Next WeekAsk Me Your Questions!

The Drone Valley Crew can be at CES 2019 subsequent week in Las Vegas trying out all the brand new gear. We’ll spend time with all your favourite drone firms and attempt to pry the juicy particulars of their subsequent be launch out of them. I might additionally prefer to make it possible for I […]