UPDATEDReady Set Drone Remix ContestWinner Gets A Mavic Air 2! MORE ENTRIES

All you have to do is play it on whatever instrument sing it acapella do a wrap of it play it on the slide. Guitar do some drums, whatever you want to do, and the winner will get a dji mavic air 2.. Now i have actually received at this point, five entries and all […]

Ready Set Drone Song Remix ContestWinner Gets a Mavic Air 2 – We Need Your Vote!

I am at my office by myself and i am getting ready for first friday, which is going to be tonight, but i wanted to remind everyone about a contest that i'm having for uh the ready set drone song and what i'm doing is basically asking people to Remix the ready set drone song […]

SpinUp – YouTube TipsWin A Mavic Air 2 – RSD Channel Updates

Kao prvo, i want to plug my event, which is called spin up. It is happening september 12th and it's coming up very, very soon, it's going to be online because of covid and such this year we wanted to make sure everyone could attend, and people who couldn't travel would be able to […]

Kotači Mavic klima 2 – Smart Charging Options To Get You Up In The Air Quickly

I'Ve spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks, testing a wide variety of chargers and i've picked. What i think are the best to safely and quickly charge your gear, and i know that sounds like a really simple thing. You typically plug the charger in the wall. You connect it […]

Prvi petak – Kolovoz 7, 2020

Can you believe, it's already august 7th um already august, i mean it seems like these. Prvi, fridays have been uh flying by even though they're just once a month for everyone who doesn't know two. I am doing a regular thing on fridays. Sada, next friday, i'll be doing the uh fly in with […]

Kotači Mavic klima 2 Vs Mavic 2 Pro (Europe city Range Test)

com, and this is a range test of the mavic air 2 and the dji mavic 2 pro in my home city of russia. U prošlosti. I did the max range test from an ideal high location with no wifi, interference and stuff. But i ended up actually going. Eight kilometers and didn't have […]

Kotači Mavic klima 2 protiv Mavića 2 Pro (Low light footage comparison)

Video Comparison – Kotači Mavic klima 2 protiv Mavića 2 Pro vs Mavic Air vs Mavic Mini

Kotači Mavic klima 2 – Watch This Before You Buy!

I'Ve been flying a lot recently: the Mavic air 2 so stay tuned. So the Mavic air 2 has been out for a little while now and I've had a chance to fly it quite a bit over the last few weeks and months, i moram reći, it's, really a different experience flying […]

Kotači Mavic klima 2 – New Landing Gear Accessory Review

Sada, anytime, a new quad is released and I get my hands on it. I get out in the field as quickly as I can. If I fly that quad as much as I can to get a real good feel of how it handles in the air how the software works and really why […]

Kotači Mavic klima 2 – Where Did The Pause Button Go?

Now I've gotten a lot of questions about it on the channel over the last couple of weeks, and what that's telling me is, you guys are not reading the manual and I know that's a boring exercise, but you should definitely sit down and read that manual cover To cover at least once there's […]

DJI MAVIC NA ZRAK 2 Test leta pregled – EKSTREMNI VJETROVI!.. Hoće li odletjeti? How Smooth & Precise?

I put up a little handkerchief windsock on one of those little bamboo skewers, just to kind of let you know how windy it is. Google actually says it's 22 miles per hour, but this spot is always windier because there's kind of like a channel coming in so it's super windy, probably gon na, […]