Mavics Noise and Stability compared (including Mavic Air 2)

, hi i'm paul from and in this video we're, going to take a look at how the newly released mavic air 2 sounds Compared to the mavic 2 mavic air and mavic mini just to see how much improvement dji made in time and what level of noise you actually want in a […]

4k Usporedba fotografija dronom (Kotači Mavic klima 2 protiv Mavića 2 vs Mini vs Mavic Air)

Ovo će biti video serija., ovaj se sve o samoj kameri i da budem precizniji, it's gon na be all about comparing the photos this drone can take. The next video in the series is going to be about video, nighttime footage and so on so don't forget to […]

Vrh 8 Best Camera Drones in 2020 (Graphic Specs compared)

That was quite a mouthful since I won't be able to compare every single speck in this video. I will leave a link down below where you will be able to download the complete table comparison with all the specs by entering your email. I do warn you that you should do this on a […]

DJI Mavic AIR 2 Flight Test Review IN-DEPTHHow good is it…STVARNO!? (BONUS CRASH TEST!)

Finally got my hands on it. If you missed the unboxing and full on set up really getting in depth and looking at it close up with all the parts and how it connects and updating go ahead and check, the video in the series I'll have that pop up here, you might want to […]

KOTAČI MAVIC KLIMA 2 Pregled – Dio 1 In DepthFLY MORE COMBO Unboxing, Postava, Ažuriranje! Pro & Kontra

This is the fly more combo. As you may know, DJI does not send me demo units, yet I should probably contact them again to see if I can get some, but maybe it's, because my reviews are brutally honest. I'M, not sure I do show the pros and the cons as they are. Ovo […]