FPV Madness at MindfieldKen Heron’sWhat the FPV!?!?” Meetup

This is pretty amazing. Lots of stuff to see up there you take a step forward. How was it drunk dude it's awesome, there's a lot of wires if you're flying analog you're going to lose some stuff. Danas, Glazba, what's up roosevelt good, to see you buddy all right, yeah i'm. Doing great i'm […]


I made my own freedom, I did it in the basement of my house. I took these parts I put them together and I made him fly over the past 10 godine. I'Ve worked with companies around the world to create to research, to field test, to fly, to have failure to motivate to help […]

DJI iskra & Stvarno veliki balon! Collab s Ken Heronom

This doesn't look like Texas, hey Ken. What are you doing on my channel? I guess stealing your drone hey! How about this welcome to ready set your own thanks ken Herron here today from ken herons channel, koji, if you haven't, checked it out, you definitely should, and today we are going to do […]

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SpinUp2019 Drone oko svijeta s Ken Heron

SpinUp 2019 simply wrapped up and we had some wonderful audio system. Ken Heron organized a profit for the Make A Want Worldwide basis. The thought was to ship a DJI Spark around the globe to a couple completely different pilots in numerous international locations. Every drone pilot flew the drone and signed the highest […]

DJI trut kontroler – FT Aviator pregled

Be a part of fellow drone pilots @ on October 19th! Fluidity website online: The FT Aviator is a DJI drone controller that works with the DJI Mavic collection, Phantom collection, Encourage, and Matrice. It's designed to look and act just like the yoke of a hard and fast wing plane and provide you with […]