Learn To Fly FPV In Under 24 Sati!

Want to practice flying in a simulator? We recommend Liftoff, featured in this episode: Special Thanks to Red Cat Propware for flying us out to Puerto Rico: Kwad Camp Online Discord: Kwad Camp Twitch: Kwad Camp Patreon: Posjetite naš dućan: Želite li mjesečnu dobru kutiju?! Pogledajte Kwad Box ovdje: -Piloti / […]

DJI Fantom 2 ON and OFFThe Proper Procedure

Drone Camps RC shows new pilots how to effectively switch on your new DJI Phantom 2 or Vision+. This will securely obtain you off the ground as well as back home. Ps. If you have an electronic camera gimbal holder, and also lens capBe sure to remove it first prior to turning it […]

FILMING Surfing with a Drone – Kompletan tutorial

Find out the essentials and also some advanced ideas from the pros concerning filming surfing with a drone over the sea in the browse schedule. Figure out exactly how filmmakers are obtaining those magic drone shots that make browse video footage look so terrific. Also some great ideas for those who are brand-new to browse […]

HUGE Backyard Rock Trail ParkTiPS & Trikovi – “GRiMACEAXiAL XR10 MOA JEEP | RC AVANTURE

My Backyard Rock Path Park is occurring perfectly. I have a number of river rock on my property, as well as I collected it all approximately develop numerous lines to creep, of numerous skill levels. I have not crept it yet since I have actually relocated every little thing around. The last time I utilized […]