CHEAP RC UNDER $140! Which one do you like BEST? | RC AVANTURE

My son and i and then i brought in four other models because there's been so many people that say rc sparks. Could you please cover some more cost effective radio control, hobby vehicles? And i thought you know what with christmas coming up, and you know a lot of people asking me all the […]

Profesionalni fotoaparat Freewell ND varijabilni filtri za DSLR & Mirrorless – Moj pregled

Now I am guessing you have got a superb digicam at house proper? Nicely for those who do, this video is a couple of very professional filter product in your digicam from Freewell. These filters are available a number of sizes for a lot of the lenses in the marketplace. I’ve positioned only some sizes […]

Pokrenuti Ultra-X Robot pregled

Propel Ultra X Drone Review. Let video- & snimak na kraju. Get one here: or find one at your local Costco:

RC AVANTURE – NEW “Pistol Grip” Flysky FS-NB4 4CH Noble Transmitter: Left OR Right Hand!

Every hand held radio, in the form of a Gunis called a Gun Grasp radiohowever the method this new radio from Flysky is packagedDAYUM! It is SO WONDERFUL! The first thing I did was jaw decrease when I unboxed it. I checked the unboxing experience on my friend Steve. […]