1S SNAGA BEZ ČETKICA! – Aurora RC A100 s OSD PREGLED, Letovi, Mods, Pro & Kontra

U redu, dečki., Imam moj jedan pitati nanotech ovdje. Ovo je 350 milliamp and they'll try to put some links down below for different batteries that I would recommend for this. One we're gon na do a quick line of sight flight test. Hopefully the wind stays down a little bit, so I can […]

LDARC Tiny 6X SeriesEASIEST Ready to Fly FPV Racer – Pregled, LOS, i probni let

Do it with a tiny 6 X model there's a new series of these tiny 6, 7 i 8. That came out, and I have the 6 version here so it's around 60 millimeters, and it has a 1s battery on here very simple, to charge these up and get these going. The nicest thing […]

INDUCTRIX 200 Carbon Fiber Frame, Build Video (Courtesy of Rakon Heli)

You only need a few things. Your hex driver and a set of screwdrivers you're, probably going to need the Phillips head screwdriver in your set, so go ahead and grab those and let's go ahead and get started start out with your Phillips head. Screwdriver there's three screws on the bottom, so flip your […]

4K RADILICE SAVRŠENSTVO! – iFlight Cinebee Hybrid 4K – Puni pregled & Letovi

Dobrodošli natrag na kanal danas, we're going to review the sinabi hybrid 4k quad it's a little micro quad with 4k video with the runcam hybrid onboard. This is one of my favorites we're gon na run. It today, na 2 Amp 3 s, not a 4s battery, also a wheelbase of 75 milimetar […]

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