TAROT 130 TL130H – Postava, Pregled, & Let ( NICE QUAD!!! )

Your host today check this up. We have something pretty cool in the studio. This is the taro or Tarrant 130. It is the on the box. It says the TL 130 H if you're looking for that that's on gearbest.com, you can check that out in the link below. Please do that that helps […]

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JJPRO P175 – Pregled & 4S Flight TestFAST AF!

This week we have something new from jjrc it's, the P 175 it's a mid sized racer there's, quite a few different classes out there. If you don't know much about the different sizes, they usually generally start around a to 70 da 80 raspon 250 as a general popular range getting more popular, Sada, […]

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