WHOOP TO BUY THIS WINTER ❄️ Geprc CineEye HD – PUNI pregled & Letovi

Look at it isn't it cute. They come in like five different colors. Let me show you the canopies red, clear smoke and green. You also get a strap, some zip ties and a screwdriver in the box. You also get some one point: six inch props in the box, those are gap, RC branded. […]

NAUČITE FPV U 5 Min – Emax EZ Pilot dron

Ovo je moja dnevna soba ovdje i kako je bolji dan letjeti u zatvorenom prostoru, because I have the new easy pilot from Emacs it's been out for a little bit. But now this is my review on it and perfect timing, because the holidays are coming up and most of us are flying indoors […]