GLADIUS Underwater ROVExploring Hawaiian Reef at Night!

I do all my videos in the daytime for in the water I'm at the beach here and I got the Gladius and I thought it would be pretty cool to take it out at nighttime and see what's in the reef over here in the shoreline. Tako, as you can see I'm just kind […]

Utopio se kotači MAVIC PRO pretraživanja & Rescue with QySea Fifish P3 Underwater ROV

Utopio se kotači MAVIC PRO pretraživanja & Spašavanje s GLADIUS podvodne ROV

I drowned my Mavic Professional drone on this waterfall pool on Maui Hawaii. Gladius Underwater ROV Ipad Air 2 I exploit right here The Gladius has lastly arrived! See what lurks beneath this majestic pond. Benefit from the journey! Mavic Drowning Video: Mavic Rescue Half 1 murky snorkel dive Right here's Half 1 Gladius unboxing […]