Unedited Bugs 12 EIS drone 4K video

MJX greške 20 EIS 4K Electronic Stabilized Drone Flight Test Review

Stabilization drone, uh it's, been a few weeks since i did my last review folks and the reason being i'm no longer in kansas, anymore, we're, Zapravo, ridge, crest, california. I got tired of the earthquakes out there and and the heat too it's it's pretty hot there today, but uh i've moved to pennsylvania. […]

Xiaomi Fimi A3 GPS kardanska FPV kamera trut Flight Test ponovo ispitivanje

Ovo je jedan od bolje FPV kamera radilice u na pod $300 raspon cijena. Vrlo dobar stabilizirani video uz odličan let raspon pruža za vrlo ugodna i zanimljiva putovanja. Find it here This is a QC101 keeper. It's perfect for doing FPV exploring with my goggles. Pro – Highly accurate GPS/GLONASS system provides […]