HUBSAN X4 H501S – Pristupačni GPS Quad s follow me pregledom

Raspon cijena GPS Quad. – Drone Camps RC izlaže ogroman moderan GPS omogućen HUBSAN X4 H501S. We present you whats included. Getting began with the X4 and a few professional recommendations on how one can entry the transmitter menus earlier than your first flight. We additionally present you how one can entry the […]

GoPro Hero7 + Kotači Mavic klima – NASUPROT – $100 Drone = RESULTS!

Mavic Air and Hero7 VS a $100 drone with a Hero 7. Wonderful outcomes. Do you really want a $1,000 drone to get cinematic video in 2019? See what a $100 drone can do that yr! Hyperlinks under to all of the drones on this video : ———————————————————— GoPro Hero7 on Amazon right here : […]

Free DJI Goggles & A Drone Valley Christmas Wish – 12 Dana trut dolini Božića

Enter The Contest HerePurchase The Product HereChristmas is finally here and we have an amazing set of DJI Goggles as today’s gift. These goggles are a great way to fly your quad FPV and will change the way you experience things. Stay tuned to the end to hear my Christmas wish […]

Slobodan Fantom 4 Energen punjač – Dan 11 u našim 12 Dana trut dolini Božić Podijela

Enter The Contest HerePurchase The Product HereIt’s Christmas Eve and Day 11 in our 12 Days Of Drone Valley Christmas giveaways. Tonight we have a brand new Energen Phantom 4 Charger as the gift. This product can charge up to 4 of your Phantom 4 batteries as well as the Controller […]


Najtoplijeg 2018 Trutovi – Vrh 2018 Najbolji dronovi za novac. $50 da $1500. Pogledajte svaki let, kvaliteta fotoaparata, raspon, vijek trajanja baterije, i više. Potpuni pregled stručnjaka u Drone Camps RC. Poveznice na najbolje od grada 2018 Dronovi ispod : DJI Fantom 4 Pro : *Preporučeno za stručnjake. Koristite kupon kod: rc18off for […]

Ovo je najbolji radilica za početnike?

Buy Now Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone with 4K Camera!: You may also be interested in watching these other Drone Reviews: DJI Fantom 4 Revisited + CRASH TEST!: DJI Fantom 4 + Inspirirati 1 First Drone Flight!: ============================= Gear I Use to Make Videos: ============================= 1. Canon C200: 2. Sony A7III: 3. Favorite Prime Lens: […]

DJI Spark to ne može.! – Cheerson CX23 – GPS dron ispod 250 grama!

DJI Glow to ne može učiniti! CX-23 je dron liječnika opće prakse pod 250 grama koji je prepun atributa. The new Cheerson CX-23 is quickly coming to be a favorite with reviewers and pilots that had the chance to fly this quadcopter. It is type of like 2 drones in one. It can […]


Novi i pristupačni vermin 6 ima mnogo izbora! Potpuna recenzija, test putovanja, newbie prijedloge, gimbal kreditne kartice, as well as fpv camera mods. Delight in the full evaluation guys. – Justin Davis. Acquire an MJX Bugs 6 "All set to fly" Package with Screen as well as Safety glasses here: Dobiti […]


A full instructional for your first day with the Yuneec Wind 4k. From billing your batteries to making circuits. This is an all comprehensive overview from application setup, to your first touchdown. One of the most detailed forget of the Breeze 4k on Youtube. Appreciate this class from Drone Camps RC. Purchase the Yuneec Breeze […]

Flypro XJaguarCRAZY FAST Racer Quad – PREGLED

Drone Camps testimonial of the extremely fast Flypro XJaguar 190mm fpv racer quad from Pastime Wow. The XJaguar is preferred among fpv racers as a result of the 8 u 1 Flypro Tower onboard that includes whatever in one stack: 5.8 Ghz 25mw or 600mw Video Transmitter, F3 Flypro Flight Controller, On screen display with […]

RTF sablastan duh trut – Park let, 1031 Lubanja Rc Quadcopter pregled

Creepy Ghost Drone seen in my communityIt's practically Halloween. Time to construct the terrifying ghost drone … O, wait now I don't need to construct one. This is the first bigger one I've seen that comes ready to fly. Join me as we get for an examination flight. Acquire a Spooky Ghost Drone […]

Conqueror DM009 Quadcopter – 1080p HD FLIGHT & REVIEW/CRASH

Evaluation and also Flight Examination of the new Conqueror DM009. Check out just how fun this 1080p plaything drone isGet a Conqueror 1080p drone here: More quadcopter reviews on my RC Groups Blog: Drone Camps PROS vs DISADVANTAGES Review: PRO: – Long trip time: 8min – 1080p HD Camera – 4GB micro SD […]