Početnik trut (Holy stone hs170 Predator) pregled

So anyways lets get right into the video all right, so im very excited to be doing this video today with the drone you get the instruction manual as well as an extra set of propellers and a little tool right there. That is used to take off your propellers, so lets say if i […]

Things I Don’t Like About The DJI Mavic 3

. This is an incredible drone. Dji has really done a great job in its development, both in its fit and finish, i, naravno, just the way it flies. Dji drones are just incredible to fly. Međutim, there are a few things that i wish dji would have done differently, and some of these […]

DJI kotači Mavic 3 pregled: Should the king of drones replace your Mini 2?

Dji has been on a roll lately and while the mavic 3 is pretty phenomenal, its not quite ready for launch things like active track and master shots, arent ready and theyre coming at a software update in january still for every negative, this camera for every negative. This drone throughout me is camera, picked […]

Review Holy Stone GPS Drone 2021

The link in the video description below youll be able to see current pricing product previews and any special deals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AoFuzOiXps


Pa, i have a literal toy this time it is the x 31 shockwave quadracopter its a drone with wi fi camera, so im gon na check it out. This was like 29.98 ill put the price below um at home depot um, but it was less than 30 bucks and i thought you know, […]

Carrick's At The Wheel! | Villarreal 0-2 Manchester United | Post-Match Review

Do i apologize by the title? Not really it had to be done tonight, im sure its not going to be the only the only one thats going to use that one um are we saying? Are we getting excited yet? I dont know if were getting completely excited yet um. Do it? Did we […]

The BIGGEST Drone Mistakes YOU Make

If your drone lets you control the aperture and also the iso, but some people arent perfect with it and you guys might not know how to get the perfect exposure and one big way to check that youre actually exposed correctly is using the histogram. The histogram is honestly pretty easy to use. Na […]

DresKar FT001 ( Brzo & Furious ) Electric Skateboard Review 💯

This is a brand new dress. Car ft double 01 also called the fast and furious its an 1800 watt electric skateboard each motor is 900 watts, and let me tell you: this board has power and the ftw one also has a nice kick deal. I can easily kick it and catch it. Tako […]


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lego spidermam no way home spidermam vs mysterio drone attack set review

Its called spider man, vs mysterio drone attack its set seven six, one, eight four: it comes in 73 pieces, its a junior set, and it comes with three minifigures: the black and red spider man suit, nick fury and mr new mysterio and yeah um. I also really love the art. naravno, i, […]

MAVIC MINI / MINI 2 : se filmer SANS Active Track !

L, a va tre pour montrer tout un magnifique paysage qui se situe juste devant vous vous allez tre prsents limage mais statique le premier plan on va le faire tout en manuel on va crer un mouvement trs immersif proche du sol le drone vannes doubl pour ensuite Ne fumais plus que le paysage […]


You know its rush to discover boss here with another new development. So this is a first video. I was literally driving past right here on lady moss grave road. This property is on gladstone drive right, so i was literally driving a path. Žao mi je, i was literally driving past and iand i […]