co unit Ukraina yang ditempatkan di Ukraina, timur melalui operasi ofensif di donbass; Disepanjang front informasi mengenai hal ini, secara, resmi, diumumkan, oleh, Kementerian, Luar, Negeri, federasi, Rusia, yang menunjukkan, bahwa situasi, S, Brzo, menjadi, tidak, terkendali, terutama, bagian, depan, jalur, kontak, Hai, dilihat, Od, benteng palsukan, keep sedang membuat manuver pengalihan tidak, membiarkan, pemindahan, […]

Vrh 20 South Park Predictions That Came True

What did you say for this list were looking at all the times this celebrated satirical show has eerily predicted the future which event predicted by south park? Had you in disbelief, let us know in the comments number 20. pokemon go in the late 90s pokemon had just emerged as one of the biggest […]

World's First: Lucid Air 0-100% DC Fast Charge Review

On a lucid air, thats right, i have been given the honor of doing the very first zero to 100 dc fast charging session on a lucid air were going to see what the peak charging rate is, how the charging curve ends up because, as you know, the Charging curve is probably even more […]

Is COMBAT DRONE STATION Worth it? | Combat Drone Station DAMGE TEST + PREGLED | community traders Van

So i didnt make any videos and im behind on the new traders van the new community traders van. But this dude is: let me turn off my pet yeah today ill be reviewing the drone station. Is that what its called on a drone combat station? My bad and i will be joined by […]

Altair Aerial AA300 Camera DronePRODUCT REVIEWNext Toy Review

Not only are they great for aerial shots, but they are also fun to use, but the drone photography can be a little hard to learn for beginners or children. If you want to try your hand at shooting videos with a drone or if your child loves flying aircrafts, we have the perfect product […]

DJI kotači Mavic 3 Battery Test Normal Mode

The drone reviewer here, if you like the content of this video or anything on my channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button and ring the notification bell. So you dont miss any future content with that lets begin. The today was a picture perfect day and it was just right for a battery […]

Kotači Mavic 3 & Kotači Mavic 2 Pro Side by Side: Strong Wind Test

Mile an hour winds, uh were gusting now about 40 45 50 miles an hour down here. Um ive had to wait for it to stop raining its been a bit of a miserable day. To be honest but uh. The plan is, kao i obično, fly into the wind and then fly home with the […]

DJI kotači Mavic 3 Gimbal Feature: Filming Right Up into the Sky

I look very, very quick video today, because one of the things i noticed the other night when i was filming the moon doing my low light test for the mavic 3 was just how good the mavic 3 is at lifting its gimbal and filming above the horizon. Most dji drones allow the gimbal […]

Стоит ли покупать Hubsan Zino Pro отзывы / Hubsan Zino Pro Review Quadcopter Drone

There will be no review for this. Quadrocopter will just be that I didnt like it. What jambs got out and so went Well lets start with the fact that it weighs more than 250 g and accordingly is subject to registration as an unmanned aerial. Vehicle registration is absolute, Its just that Im through […]

This Mavic 3 Issue is not acceptable! Returning my Mavic 3 Cine

Last week i released sort of like my first review of the mavic 3. and i said in that review. I crashed that drone, but i had another drone sitting at the shop. This is that drone. This is the mavic 3 cine version and well ive flown this all of three times and in […]

GEPRC CineLog 35 Pregled

So if youre new to this channel, i hope youll hit subscribe and you will get the notification bell so that you will get notified when we release new videos, because we do a lot of fpv, cinewoop and all kinds of drone stuff on this channel. So the cinelog 35 hd gives you a […]

Premium FPV Drone Bundles For Beginners!

You might have seen my last video, where i reviewed the tiny hawk 3 ready to fly kit, which is a beginner kit that comes with everything you need to get started, and it also comes all set up for you. So when it arrives at your door, its ready to go overall, its fairly […]