RADIO of the YEARRADIOMASTER TX16S and why it’s my daily. ♥️?

We have flown in some of the most remote regions in the world on my channel. We fly at long range short range. Medium range indoors, fpv, pretty much if it flies. You can see it right here on the channel. So please do subscribe, but today we're talking about a radio that you can […]

KRALJ DALEKOMETNE FPV DŽUNGLE – iFlight Titan Chimera7 Dalekometni dron – PUNI PREGLED & LETOVI

So all right guys welcome to today's review today, we're checking out the iflight chimera. It is the seven inch edition chimera that can fly 6s. You can also play around with 4s, but i have to tell you that this quad is very capable. It can do serious long range flights 20 da 30 […]

QUAD GODINE – Geprc Phantom HD Fpv Quad – PUNI PREGLED & LETOVI ??

Today i have a special video for you guys. It has been a long year and we've had lots of different quads on the channel and today we're going to talk about one of the best micro freestyle, brushless fpv race, quads that you can possibly get your hands on. This is going to be […]


I have an fpv wing we're going to check out today. It'S the aggressor it's, a fairly large long, nose, fpv wing very similar, seems to be inspired by the drak. The mini drak that type of series it has an extra large battery bay and a pretty large motor and esc combo we're, going […]

Autel EVO 2 Range Test to 0% Moć – Koliko daleko će to ići? (Will it CRASH?!)

As far as we can so let's get started. This is evo 2.5 firmware, and this is off of my oneplus 6t phone and it's just screen screen recording this is the same phone i used in my original flight test that gave video lag problems, turning off all of the obstacle avoidance sensors here […]

ULTIMATE RC RADIO!!! – Jumper T18 Pro – Pregled & Pregled

If you would like to support my channel, please do check out my patreon link down below it's like five dollars a month, a little more than a cup of coffee um, and you can help this channel grow and continue to be successful. Sada, we're up to about 150 000 subscribers and climbing. Tako, […]

1 MILE RANGE ULTRA-NANO RADIO! – Radiolink T8S BT Radio – Pregled & Pregled

This is the t8sbt. Alright guys welcome back to the channel. This is a pretty interesting radio. It is sort of a smaller format, radio that would probably most likely be used for tiny, whoop or micro brushless. You could probably also fly on five inch or bigger, but i think that this would probably […]

WEIRD BUT AMAZING!!! – BetaFpv 95X V2 Naked Gopro Edition – PREGLED & LETOVI

Here we go Music right, Glazba. All right guys welcome to today's review. We do have two versions of this quad, što je cool. You have the hd dji version it's around 279 dollars and you have the analog version with the eos 2 verzija 2 on here and that one's around 179 dolara, Ali […]

MOST FUN WITH A WHOOP IN 2020! – Eachine DE65 PRO 2S Whoop with Crossfire – PREGLED & LETOVI! ?

Why would anybody put crossfire on something that only has a 25 milliwatt vtx on there well you're about to find out Music? Hey all right, Dečki! Welcome back from that, quick little break a little flying sort of preview of what we're going to show you the full flight review coming up for the […]


This is the flywoo explorer lr long range miniature sub 250 grama. Little send it crossfire quad with my insta 360 camera on the front sporting 1080p stabilized footage, and it has gps on the very back. It also has a frame on here: that's been inspired by dave c fpv. So thanks to dave […]


This quad right here is running 7 palac. Rekvizite. It has motors on here that are super low kV, 1600 kV. Oni su 2306 gap. Rc speed X, branded motors with gym fans 7 inch props on here we have TPU trimmings on the front and back it also comes with GPS and it's ready […]

UZMI MOJ NOVAC! – ZOHD Drift Sailplane, GPS, Fpv, Insta360 GO! – PUNI PREGLED & LETOVI

Dobrodošli natrag na kanal danas, it's something new from zod. Here it is it's the drift it's. Konačno, in the house and we're going to talk about this new miniature portable glider, you can actually get this under 250 grama, which is pretty impressive if that's, what you want to do, you can achieve […]