The new emacs nanohawk in the house and let's get this one started and let's dive into this review. Pa, we're gon na do a bunch of things in this review because you know me and emacs i've got to uh have some fun with whatever they come out with and today i'm going to give you some tips for yours. If you decide to upgrade it, naravno, we're going to do a little bit of that in this video we're going to weigh it we're going to fly it we're, going to try some different props we're, going to start out with these props that come with it. In the box, these are 1201 4 avia nanohawk props, so they are new design props for the nanohawk, which is kind of cool we're, also going to try out some regular old. I believe these are just like eachine tri, oštrica rekvizite, and i think these might actually give usmaybe it might even be a little bit faster we'll see how both of these do. These might draw more amps out of the battery and just maybe give you more boost, but they might might give you, maybe you know 20 seconds less flight time, but we'll test that out and we'll see i'm also going to fly it today on my radio master Tx12, because this is brand new and just came outand i kind of think this is kind of like the the ultimate pairing here um.

It is much smaller than my tx16s, which i have sitting right over here. Oh i'm, destroying stuff, but look at the difference. There pretty big difference so, if you're looking for something more compact than the t16 s here, the tx 12 it's a pretty good price too, and it has open tx on hereand i know this is not a review of that. But i'll do a full review on this one coming up. It also takes an 18 650 lion pack, underneath here so cool. I have those charging and we'll be all ready to go for the review and also in the box. You do get a 1s 300 milliamp battery and it does have that new connector on here, i've seen these before with my eachine whoops that i've flown for you guys in previous reviews. I believe it was the ae65 that came with it. So this is like emax's version of an ae65. It has a new flight controller on here from e max it's, an f4 all in one esc, 5 amp ese setup on here with the sbi receiver and it's, just all one board and look at that. It does look a little bit different than what we've seen before now, normally with an spi built in fr sky receiver, you have a button somewhere on the bottom, just under where the antenna is. But this is our ant center right here and it's already come out of the canopy and sort of getting close to the props right there.

So that's one thing you want to be careful about these spi receivers. They don't have the best range, so that's, the you know. If you want to upgrade to an xm plus, you could do that with this flight controller, it will accept an external s. Bus receiver i've already got tons of hair in here, but we also have a little two millimeter cute carbon fiber frame on the bottom of this two rubber bands to hold down your battery we've got our battery connector here and my suggestion will be to take a Little tiny, zip tie and tie that off to the frame, Jer, iskreno, that will break off your escs. If you have a pretty bad crashor you tug on this too much so make sure you hold these batteries right at the connector, when you're plugging them in and taking them apart. If you pull on this part of the wire at all, these will come right off this battery um. These are super super tight connections here, so you want to be careful with those now also in the box. You get a six in one charger and it does not have that connector on there, so you have to use the two adapters that came along with it, but sadly they don't give you six because that's how many batteries you could be charging for this. If you had four more of these, so um it's, not super cool that you can only charge two batteries at once, but hey you only get one battery in the box right.

So as a reviewer. I was hoping to get a few more of these because if i hadn't had these other eachine 250 milliamp batteries laying around that would have been kind of inconvenient. But the good news is guys that i'm getting like close to six minutes flight time on a 250. So i think you're gon na be able to squeak out maybe six and a half to seven minutes on this 300 milliamp battery we'll. Do some just testing indoors we're going to test out the vtx as well, because i know a lot of you guys like are pretty turned off by the vtx, and you know that tends to be the issue with these smaller whoops 65 millimeter frame on this little Guy with the prop guards on the outside, the prop guards are a little bit flimsy, but the vtx is mounted just above the flight controller right here and it does have. I believe it has three positions that it's sort of soldered down to here, and the flight controller and i'm gon na do my best to remove that. This is also rocking some smart audio, which it was enabling me to change, bands and channels, but not the power source. So that's one thing about that. We also have the runcam 3 nano in here it's, Vrlo, very lightweight, probably only a couple grams, maybe even just a gram and a half, a very lightweight camera three wires coming off that down to the flight controller or possibly solder directly to the vtx.

I don't know i'm gon na find out i'm gon na pop this and find out how they have that all soldered up now. As far as the motors are concerned, the motors are eight zero. Eight zero, two uh version two, so these are emax branded motors they're. Nineteen thousand kv, but mine being a prototype, does not have any type of marking on them at all, but they look pretty nice. They have two bolts on the bottom and those are little tiny screws by the way they're phillips head screws matches up with these. On the bottom of the frame, so really all you need to take this baby. Apart is a little miniature screwdriver that comes along in the kit. You also get an extra rubber band, some dampeners in case they fall on the floor. They tend to get lost sometimes and some extra screws, and you get an extra set of props in the box, which is kind of cool but i'm interested to try out the zeus nano on this little guy, because guess what? Even though this will kind of stick out on the sides it will fit inside here, it might affect my flight performance or my, maybe possibly my flight time on here and possibly cutting out some of the flight time because of the higher milliwatt that this needs. It sucks a little more battery out of it, but we'll see how much it actually affects the battery on 200 milliwatt i'm really interested to wire this up and just kind of we're just gon na cram this in there underneath this canopy they do make some smaller Nano vtx's that you can get, but i can lay that fairly flat in here once i remove that other vtx here from the board you're just going to kind of lightly touch your soldering iron to each section on that btx, and hopefully it just pops off we'll, See about thatand this would be a little taller set up for this particular quad and probably give it a lot more range as far as 25 milliwatt versus 200 and the nano actually goes all the way up to 350 milliwatts so i'm.

Not sure what kind of flight time you're going to get when you're pumping 350, but it also comes with an extra additional sort of larger right hand circular polarized antenna. This looks like a female sma connector for like a three or five inch, Quad, which is kind of nice, and you get some extra wires with that. But i'll put a link down below to the new zeus from hdlrc, so you guys can check that out. The other thing i'm, going to recommend for this quad is go. Buy yourself. This particular charger now i'm going to unplug it here for a second, because i want to show you that this one already has these connectors that you guys need it charges six of them up at once, or it does the ph 2.0 connector, which is this little One here and it has two switches on each terminal, so the nice thing about that is, you can switch it from your hv battery or regular standard lipo. So um pretty cool this one just plugs in there and you don't have to have any kind of adapter or screw around with these. So that's that's kind of a nice option and i believe these are under ten dollars. They also have an option for an ac wall adapter which i'll try to put down there as well, once you have that you just plug it in or you can use a 4s 1300 if you have 5 palac, quads and charge from that as well, when you're Out in the field so portable or a bench charger, these things are really awesome.

You can also charge your device from this usb port at two amp and it has a digital display here for each channel it just kind of loops around, and it also shows you the voltage of your current power source, što je lijepo, but i highly recommend these. These are probably some of the best woof friend out there. They'Re really awesome and i got to get my batteries back on the charger here and we'll do some flying so now, he's on the scale and he weighs 20.6 grams without the one s300 let's go ahead and put the 1s300 on there, 29.3 grams total takeoff weight. That'S really good. I used to build these back in the day and try to get them down to 20 grams without the battery, and i got ta say that this is quite an accomplishment right now, because this is vtx and everything on here is a great weight, because i was Doing them custom brushed back in the day and some of the rack and heli frames. They'Re super lightweight, aluminum, slash carbon and it was. It was still hard to get it down to 20.5 grams or 20 grama, even so with brushless motors. I think they've done a good job doing that so the weight of the eachine 250, and you guys probably want to see that that's going to get you 27.8.9 grams that's. Not bad and let's just go ahead and put the stock battery back on there and just for fun let's, throw on the zeus as well and that'll, get you up to 31.

7 grams and the zeus by itself: let's see what that weighs 2.1 grama 2.3. So it is a little larger than some of the other nano btx's out there. You don't need all these extra standoff mounts out here. These are for putting on different size mounts. I believe you have a 16 millimeter amount here, 20 and i believe it was like 20.5 or something like that on that far outside one, but pretty nice big tabs to solder up too so let's go ahead and plug in a battery. You guys and let's do some flying with this little nanohawk and see what this little guy is all about. I think you guys are going to enjoy it um. I think that the 25 milliwatt is subpar. Kao i uvijek, everybody complains about 25 but i'm, hoping to sort of remedy that, with a quick upgrade so i'm going to go ahead and pop the top, and do that, for you guys and uh, you guys can enjoy the flight video and after that, we'll come back And give you my final comments on emacs's new nanohawk. Here we go guys let's do some flying together. So this is what you have to do to get the nanohawk apart and it's kind of a pain, because you have to remove the motors from the frame and everything and the frame from the flight controller soldered on motor wires. Here no plug and play motors on this little guy. You also have a spot for your spectrum.

3 volt tab. That is right there on the left and an r2 tab, which is nice and you have the boot button, as well as a 5 volt camera tab. Here and it looks like they have a couple diodes there and a video in for the run cam nano 3. We have r1 and t1 there on the flight controller as well, and you guys looking for the xm plus setup that's the s bus tab right there for that. If you want to solder that external rx up the motors are numbered one, Dva, three and four there and it looks like they had it kind of switched around, but let's check out the video, the smart audio up top on that stone there once you take remove The vtx that's on there positive negative here and i'll show you that vtx upgrade in a second. If you remove yours, this is what you need to do for the vtx upgrade. This is five volt ground right here and the video and the smart audio cable there. So that is the vtx removed and it was a pain to remove it. But now i have my zeus: pin out here for you as well: we have ground 5 v, video and rx there for that and now let's plug in a battery and see if it fires up. Da, da, it works now let's check the video. The video is working so now it's time to do the rock out doing energy damage down upgrade complete.

We are done. Let'S go. Do some flying you guys. Evo nas glazba, tako glazba, tako glazba, Glazba. So all right, guys let's go ahead and finalize this review. Let me give you the most important information about the nanohawk for my entire review, so my experimentation today with the 350 milliwatt vtx did not work out because it was so much power draw from the battery that it was literally tanking the battery within about 30 sekundi. Na 350., so um you can get away with probably 100 milliwatt which that vtx will crank up to and you can go 200 milliwatt and it's. Probably gon na give you a half the flight time so um. That is the challenge with a 65 millimeter whoop. At this size on 1s battery that most of these companies have now i've flown most all of the popular 65 millimeter whoops out there. So i can give you a really educated opinion, on which one i think is the best. According to my top five um now some people get, znaš, get hard on me when i tell them what's the best. O, you say: everything's the best well i've flown everything, uh most everything that's popular out there i've flown most of this stuff. So i have a great idea about what is the best and according to how the components hold up the quality control, my level of fun the tune, the durability. All those different factors that we talk about in these reviews are the reason that i come up with my best up videos and my shootouts and all that stuff.

So um you guys, can you know take that with a grain of salt? Some of you don't care to hear that, but um you know it is what it is and uh yeah it's just my opinion, so the 65 millimeter whoop, the nano from emacs is great. I i feel like the six, the the 25 miliwatt vtx. It needs improvement, it's, not it's, not very good. At penetration. I didn't make it around the house um with other quads out there in the 65 millimeter format, trčanje 100, milliwatt i'm able to get around the house um and just barely, i mean it's, not great, but it has enough penetration to make it around the house and Back now, the spi receiver is not going to get you very far out there either it's going to get you, maybe at the max a couple football fields away and even closer in if you're running, behind trees and things like that with this quad. So you will fail safe to the ground, so that's, not the end of the world, but you don't have as much range as if you decide to wire up your xm plusand i showed you guys where the tabs for that are on the flight controller, um And that you can go back and look at that as well. There'S actually marked s bus, but it's also a little bit quirky to take this one apart because, nažalost, to get to the flight controller itself, you have to take all the motors off and everything off the bottom of the frame.

Quite a few screws, so that's the other caveat about this one um and in my top five i got ta say i have it all written down here for you um and i've gone through these reviews this year, i – and i want to share this information with You guys so um the nanohawk is being released today and, and hopefully it'll be a decent price for you, guys around 100 or less i'm, hoping it's around 80 or so um, because i think that would be a pretty good deal for this quad uh and still At this point, when i'm making the reviewi don't even know what the price is yet, but my top five right now as it stands with my experience flying all these is to use e65 with the nano 3 je, is cranking 100 milliwatt and that one's 90 Bucks, so i think that one's, probably the best value it has probably a more durable frame than this one. This one is a little bit flexy and if you bang it pretty hard, it will flex in and start hitting the props. The other thing is that the good thing about this that none of these struts broke, so the frame is actually really durable, um (1998, so that'll be my my first pick. Second pick would be the ifly alpha 6.5 and that one's also running a 50 milivat. Half of that one and that one's 102, so that one's a little more expensive, but also this one was a little bit heavier than the uz65.

So my third choice would be the nanohawk and that one's running 25 milliwatt and that one came in before the ae65, because this one's a little bit lighter than the a65 so that's my choice there. If you're looking to get emacs so um and that one's the same 25 milivat 25 milivat, that one has the cadx ant, which you know might be a little bit better camera than the run. Cam 3, which is the nano 3 which is on this one. And then in fifth place is happy model mobius 6.5 and that one's running the nano 3 s 25 milliwatt at the bottom of the pile at 94 dollars almost 95 dolara. So i think the uz65 nano with the nano three 100 is probably the best deal out there again. The alpha flew pretty good for me and they're still be able to crank 50 milliwatt but i'm, not sure why emacs um decided to go with 25 milliwatt milliwatts. I wish i would have seen 50 ili 100 na ovdje, because hey it's, late 2020 and um we're expecting a little more mill a lot on our on our whoops. These days, Međutim, emacs is the type of company that wants to make things plug and play and um easiest for the user, and i have to say that the flight time on this quad was fantastic. Dakle, znate, even though this quad might have just 25 milliwatt on it. It might probably end up at the end of the day getting the longest flight time because it is lighter than the ae65 with 25 milivat, so yeah there's that so so emax might be.

The winner, as far as the flight time, because i did notice that in my review of this and flying this all day, long just back to back to back to back batteries with this charger that i was getting close to six minutes. Even you know, with with the stock 300 i 250 baterije, so there's a clear winner as far as flight time. So if you want ones you can fly around the house that's, particularly an indoor whoop. That would be. That would be my top choice for indoor uh. If you want one that's indoor outdoor with a little better range on the video transmitter, the uz65 is the one to go for, but that's. My review. Ukratko., Dečki, if you are a beginner pick up one of these tx12s, because it's super awesome it's under 100, and this one's just coming out as well i'm going to do a full review on that coming up. It also has multi protocol in here. It will do any receiver under the sun out there on the the internet. If you buy any toy drone out there, it'll bind up just about it'll, do hubsan spectrum it'll do fly sky futaba, and even if you want to do some tbs crossfire, you have a module bay back here to do that too, and it takes 18 650 baterije. Guys super compact and quite a bit smaller than the full size, transmitter and perfect for the nanohawk. Po mom mišljenju – and my next biggest thing for you guys to get, would be this from eachine the six in one charger that has all kinds of options on here and pick up.

Some of these batteries i'll put the links down below for this charger and these batteries because they do have that connector on here, you guys need that's, the et 2.0 connector that goes along with the nanohawk as well as the uz65. I believe so either, which way you go guys thanks again for watching my reviews and all the honest information right here on the channel.