MJX RC – GREŠKE U PROGRAMU 3 PRO GPS Drone with the big features!

Bugs drones are the drones I like to recommend to anybody who does not wish to pay the $$ to purchase the large identify drones however needs one thing that’s not a toy. On this video I take the Bugs three Professional (s GPS) for a brief flight. Motor bez četkica motora, 20 min leta (15 minutes earlier than low battery warning), 1080p Digital camera, GPS, Return To Dwelling, Observe Me, Orbit Mode, Contact waypoints, and many others.

You could find out extra about this drone right here:

In the event you reside in North America, you will discover the BUGS three PRO on AMAZON at any variety of retailers:


KAMERA: GoPro Hero 6: https://amzn.to/2H01Mvk
AUDIO: TASCAM DR - 10L: https://amzn.to/2HCl1whGoPro Hat: https://amzn.to/2H2lHJY

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  1. I tried a Bugs 2 with GPS the other day. I was totally impressed with how stable the little Drone flew compared to my more expensive DJI drones. Dobar pregled.

  2. Love the fact that you don't waffle on about batteries and controllers like other drone channels do. Brevity is key here, you hit the nail on the head and keep the viewer interested. Keep up the great work mate .

  3. Buggs drones give you a lot of value for the money spent. GPS and a decent camera make this one a great choice. Great review Steve !

  4. Can I use my turnigy action camera from hobbyking?

  5. Not to shabby for the price. 👍👍👍 it RTH better than my dji spark why am I even admitting to this maybe because I didn't have my coffee ☕️ yet. lol.

  6. Another fabulous review Captain, bravo

  7. Spinning it in all those directions for GPS is like me on the free throw line before shooting…. 😀

  8. Thanks I really enjoy your video's and reviews always great content.

  9. Thanks for reviewing this Cap! Looks to be a really cool drone. Would you know if this can carry a Xiaomi Yi camera? Its a pretty heavy action cam. Hvala još jednom!

  10. It reminds me when I use to fly the Phantom 2 Vision with a one axis gimbal.

  11. The first (early model) DJI Phantoms were fairly expensive and they didn't come with cameras. Just goes to show that a lot of the technology in them is pretty valuable though I guess DJI like to push their prices up a lot anyway.

  12. Pozdrav kapetane, I lost my Bugs B2w few months ago because the screen on the controller went haywire then blank out. Lost all signal. Controller keeps beeping. Press RTH but it did not return. Switched off controller to try lost signal return but it also did not return. Last Saturday 28/7 I lost my Bugs B5w again also controller problem screen went blank and keeps beeping non stop. Before the problem the telemetry on controller was perfect with 17 Sateliti, 4 bars battery power for drone and controller, Distance and Height were good and then for no reason the screen just lost the signal. Don't think I will buy another Bugs again. The antennas on the Bugs B5w are just 2 pcs of plastic for show only totally no use. Kito

  13. Thank you for that video, I'm pretty new in the drone world (less then a year) but started off with DJI and was amazed with them and always trying ty of get more people in to drones and get a lot of interest in the activity but their biggest concern is spending $800/$1000 on there first drone. So I push the used factor or if it's someone I trust I've even loaned mine out just because I love it so much and want to share the fun. But now that I've seen this video about the Bug pro that I have a way for them to try out the activity and get the feel of the expensive ones without the big price. I might even just buy one so I can loan that one out and not worry as much about my DJI drones and I also picked up the Parrott Anafi and I'm surprisingly happy with it. So thanks again for always giving your time to help the drone world.

  14. Chinese Drone Companies are sending this Drones for us YouTubers to review 🙂

  15. Have you swapped your guitars and amps for drones now? Great reviews I look forward to them very much.

  16. Pozdrav. I have a question about the BugsGo android application. The app supports gopro camera?

  17. Thank you for that rewiew! Now the BUGS 3 PRO will be my first drone! Please suggestI have a Firefly 8S camera. Will it work with BUGS 3 PRO?

  18. I bought the Bugs 3 PRO drone and have an SJ8 Pro action camera. Does anyone know how to use FPV with this combo?

  19. Good morning dear, how much is the wifi real time? Does it reach 300m of the wifi ?

  20. That return to home segment was impressive to say the least!! Sjajna osoba! So presice. Out of all the bugs rth models and videos I've seen, this one was the most accurate. bravo!

  21. does mobile mount on controller is inbuilt? and how about if i connect my GoPro with this

  22. new subscriber here…. what phone should i use flying this drone? Is Apple iphone 7 plus sufficient enough?

  23. so how high and far can i go without losing my image (video) i hear different reports from utubers. i got this drone, entry level to learn, to make aerial videography. i knew it shakes a lot bc it doesn't have a gimbal but i was aware of that.

  24. I'm really torn between the Bugs 3 PRO and the Holy Stone HS700. This would be my first drone. I wanted the Spark but it's just a little too much to spend. There is a Bugs 3 on a site called GearBest for just $129. Not sure if it's a legit site though.

  25. Is this basically the same drone as Holy stone hs700 for less money?

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