MD#152 🚁GEPRC CYGNET CX2 HD Micro Drone 🏁👍

The GEPRC Cygnet CX2 has the very bestout of the fieldexpertise of all of the HD micro drones I’ve reviewed to dateGEPRC Cygnet CX2 Micro Drone


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  1. Just curious if anyone believes these tiny motors should be able to survive a monster crash without any damage. Realistic? It might be possible if we make the motors with a lot more mass… misli?

  2. I love these flying hotdogs..but the question is 2" or 3"? Geprc is making good stuff and this might be the HD micro for me.

  3. Always going to crash it's all part of the fun. Great flight 👍👍👍

  4. Honestly the footage looks great on this one, surprising with a factory tune just a little prop wash. I've destroyed a 2306 ripped the screws and destroyed the entire motor and it was only 25ft(Max) up and into grass. It was a disarm when i lost video feed from someone powering up. Motors are just as fragile as some components.

  5. finally the review GEPRC Cygnet CX2 released, i buy this quad too

  6. Looks like a nice little quad! Do you reckon it would handle the weight of bigger packs (more duration) for just cruising around? E.g. I use 4S 1000 on my 3" / 1306 Sada … those weigh 119g. So the AUW would still be below the magic 250 gram mark if used on this quad

  7. Veliki. Pregled. Very cinematic!

  8. I have the 3-inch version of this coming in the mail from Banggood. Sub-250 grams, so it should be handy flying where I can't fly my 5" Četvorci.

  9. Wonder how many people this will inspire to drive a 120gm quad into cement. 👍

  10. This is probably the best size of a quadcopter to take on a holiday. Bigger gets difficult to stow away (Pa, my current 3" is still kinda doable) and if you go smaller then the other gear to support the quad (goggles/remote/charger/lipos) get increasingly more of an restricting factor then the quadso your gear won't shrink down really, while you'd get worse flight performance.

  11. Let me first start by saying that all 11xx motors are garbage reliability wise. For me 14xx motors are where they starting getting more reliable and can take a better beating. I'm just surprised it killed all of them but I'm even more surprised that that frame survived basically unscathed. Izbirljiv ponovo ispitivanje

  12. Prokletstvo, your movements are so smoothI would like to learn to use my HD drone like thatSpcmaker K25. But it is so sluggish compared to mobula7 lol. This is the exactly smooth flight technique I want to learn

  13. I need to get one. Thx za video

  14. Thx for this video 🙂 which battery should i use?

  15. The FPV feed on my Runcam split cuts out if my battery gets low at all. Any ideas for a fix? Makes it pretty much unflyable. Does the Caddx turtle have that problem?

  16. Pretty fantastic little quad, Albert! Dobar let!!! 😃
    About motors, Ja 100% agree! If something can survive that I would love to know! 😂

  17. This one looks the best from the start and it seems pure quality.

  18. When you crash all bets are off…..Concrete? Forget about it:-)
    All part of a great day of flying….

  19. I expected more damage from that high!!! Klicati!!

  20. Balloon gonna get ya 🎈 and where is the crash footage ?

  21. Veliki video! I noticed you're in Tustin, I'm up in Orange! Always looking for people to fly with 🤙

  22. The cameras on these HD micros are crazy!

  23. And a footage of the crash please? Hehe….

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