This project has caused me so much frustration about a year ago, david vinistol was in town, and david is one of the most talented makers i have ever met. If you can think of it, david can find a way to hack and slash it together. The dremel drone episode came out amazing. We had so much fun with that, but another episode that we were working on that same week was this concept for led props. David got it in his head that it would be really cool to attach leds to the tips of the props that we use on our drones. What is the number one problem with quadcopters it's that you can't see them well enough at night, da? U redu, so he was like let's put leds on the props what's. This thing on top right here is this uh: oh okay, that's, kul, u redu, that looks really cool red, white and blue. So how does this work like? So this is a cap yeah and you have a little one. I'Ll show you, so you have two wires. You have positive and negative. One is acting as a spring on the bottom, so you have a battery it's contacting there, and then you have a little thing. There so you have the positive wire going out, and just ah so you just so the cap just pushes the wire onto it, got it guys, thanks to the 3d printing lines that keeps the lid in place, that's cool, so you actually use a defect of 3d Printing to your advantage to create gription grip yeah, oh i like it, it was just a random idea.

I made some led blades for a helicopter like 12 godina. Very simple, just put leds on it, and i mean it looks amazing, especially on the large helicopters. So i thought that should be cool to have on a drone, so you get the proper visuals of that don't. Let drew fly it. The concept was proven, so we built up a bunch of props and headed out to the field to get that epic shot. So we got out there all the props are lit up. Everything is looking great. The lighting is perfect. We are so excited to do this. We spun up our motors and instantly the props started exploding, there's a problem with uh small skinny boys. They spin very, very very fast on the on our quads and the centripetal force is uh. Quite large. The contacts on the battery would move um, so it wouldn't contact anymore, so the leds would just shut off. I mean that's how yours failed, the ones that you built they would fail just by shutting off the ones that i built exploded and the leds were hitting people in the leg and the batteries were going flat. You have to uh take care, i wasn't as careful as you do. You think that's pretty good, Ne, no it's gon na work. You said it was good now i'm messing with you, but it's pretty awful. What is it awful? I want to help you understand, because david communicates a little differently than we do like when david says that's pretty good.

He means that i'll admit he had a little bit to do with how well they were built. It was not looking good, but some of the other ones. There were some promise. It looks so cool all right, vortex had built a bunch of them that seemed like they were holding up to the idle into the hover test, but as soon as they really got up to speed, some of the leds started going out. It just didn't work. The leds were getting ripped off the props. The 3d printed case was just exploding. The prop nut had to go down and tighten down on the prop, and then the battery sat down in on top of the prop nut. Once the battery was in you couldn't, like change the props easily, without tearing the whole thing apart, the batteries were coming disconnected. These things were just breaking left and right, da, u redu, we missed it, we missed our, we missed our window. This was getting really frustrating. We had spent so many different people's time, just hours and hours building these props trying to get this this one shot after the second time we went out and just failed to get anything impressive with these led props. I really started to lose enthusiasm for this project. Eventually, we just ran out of time. Eventually i just made the call that we had to put this project on hold. We had other things that we had to do while people were in town.

It didn't happen this trip, but i kind of thought that at some point we'd pick it back up Music. O, oh man, it looks so cool spinning. It looks so freaking cool. My name is sean morris and i go by let's fly rc on youtube. So a couple months ago i decided to take on the led project and see if i can make it a success, drew and i were in my shop. We were talking about all the failed projects that rotor riot hasn't looked at in a while, and one of them came up that was led. Props drew was really excited about the project, but at the same time he was a little bit frustrated with it, but i thought that i had a cool idea on how to make it work. Gemfin just came out with a new prop called the floppy prop. These props come in pieces right, so the blades and the hubs are different pieces which you have to assemble and he thought that, rather than having to put the battery on top of the prop nut, that's that's holding down a fixed prop. Što? If you could create a new hub that held the battery to the sides of the prop shaft okay, so we've got sean's. Second revision of the led prop. This is our umpteenth version overall, counting all the ones we made before, but uh. But this is the latest and greatest version there's a lot of good things about this.

What i'm nervous most about is that it's, like two days until nurk and some other pilots show up in town. Tako, even if this design is good, we've got to build more than just these two. We got ta build like 16 od njih, so we have multiple sets. I was like you really want me to do a flip. Da, you really want me to do a roll. Da, we have to be able to do these things. U redu, oh i see the prop separate from the exactly yeah that's cool. I saw it come off in the air. U redu. Is it totally fine yeah, perfect, that's, awesome we're on to something dude that's great that's, a big deal, heck yeah. I never thought we'd see the day that these freaking led props would actually be working, but it seemed like they were working and at this point there was nothing left to do but get the shot. So what that means is we had to get some pilots in town we're gon na pick an evening and go for it we're gon na try again, so we had all these props together. They were all ready to go everybody's in town as clever as sean's design was. He still didn't find space in their front on off switch. So what that means is the way that you, you close. The electrical connection is to assemble the prop, and once the prop is assembled you're burning the battery right.

You only have so much time before the battery drains. We needed to get this shot. It needed to get done because, if i had, even if i had to pull the props apart and pull the batteries out, that means that all those props had to be rebuilt again. If the batteries died, we had to rebuild all those props again. We had like a hundred dollars in batteries too, and they were all working and plugged in and we were ready to go and then it started raining and then finally, all right let's go let's, go just jump on the ground, yeah yeah. Take this point. We got the perfect opportunity, Glazba, oh man, once we got the drones in the air and i was chasing them. It was amazing, it looked exactly like i wanted it to look. We had the led gates lit up. We had the led props. I was following behind it looked just like i imagined i mean this is sick. What i'm seeing is is epic, i'm, so happy sean made that work, and i love seeing the the props in view of the camera yeah, i didn't even think about that. It'S really cool. It feels more like a simulator. Sada, thanks to jim fan, for providing the props for us yeah, they sent us a bunch of the floppy props which made building these a lot easier, because we had split blades links in the description to everybody's channel. Here, if you guys enjoyed this, please hit the like button.

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