Looking at what am I looking at? Oh this, the jumper t16. Now I did have a quick look once before, because jumpers sent me this. This was the original with the module in the back, and it had a few issues that SD card and so forth was a bit dodgy, but it was a pre release version. I didn't realize it at the time but um. They then sent me this, and this is the pro with the hole if it sticks and the RF board is inside. So in the back II, just got an empty module bay there's, nothing there it's! Just who has that and I've been using this at this review is taking a baton. Cuts been using this for a few weeks now, and I didn't mention that I've had a bit of a guts full of frsky in this shenanigans there, the desire to feather their own bottom line rather than look after customers, not the only one. Quite a few people have said it, and so I have been looking for a new transmitter to replace my own XD and also my QX 7. So I naturally first choice would be something with open, TX, so that's great, and so I thought I'd give it a go, and I got ta say I am largely pleased largely pleased. This will become my transmitter of choice and I'm gon na tell you why? Because it's, not free sky and that's, not the main reason.

It interesting observation now there's, because this is Grace and hobbies put off the video show, and you know you need to tune tune to the fine tuning of the frequency to get best range with free sky receivers and I'm wondering if that perhaps is than another move By free sky to try and put people off using off brand transmitters with their receivers, I don't know, but I did a test. I took the he was at the Zod Nano tell him and I fitted up with the Zod copilot reviews coming up and flew it, and I float off into the distance to the limits of visual line of sight. I used the same receiver both times once I bound it to my quick 7s and the other time. I bound it to this. I am very pleased to say I got noticeably more range with this, zatim, with my qx70 snow, my QX 7s is a short run range it's. Fine. It goes out to nearly 2 kilometara, which is not quite the limits of my visual on a site, but the screen further. This means further, so ah I'm happy it's a little bit of extra Headroom it's, not necessary, but it just gives you that you know you feel comfortable so yeah. From that point of view, this seems to work pretty damn well on the free sky sittings and remember it's multi protocol. So you can bind this to your despit trim. Your I don't know with your tiny little Chinese to fly away.

Toys and your it's got another stuff: free sky fly sky, it didn't bind to the OMP planes, which was unfortunate. I wished ahead and it doesn't bind out. mislim, to the high tech. I'Ve got a lot of high tech stuff. Here it doesn't bind to the high tech, oh um. Maybe it does actually the old one didn't. I haven't checked the new one. Hopefully it will because they use the Texas and summit chipset so it's, just a firmware reason. If it doesn't bind be good dude, because I've got a lot of models, but you go high tech receivers and I'd love to use this transmitter, so yeah it's got the Hall effect sticks. They feel quite nice it for my liking. Now I'm gon na get into personal preferences. Here this probably I'm a bit different than most people. You may have noticed: I've got more facial here than most women, most women and my preferences are obviously somewhat subjective. Kao prvo, I like really light sticks. Ja, like my sticks, to be so like that if I sneeze on them, they'll go right to the end of the limit. It helps with the Parkinson, so I have to say the least force I have to use the list likely. I am to have a tremor when I'm moving the stick, so I like them really lightened up. I'Ve got them as light as I can get them and they're still a bit stiff for me still still got much spring pressure, so I live with it.

I live with it. The other thing which I was not quite impressed with was these sliders on the side know the center detent is just well. I can't feel it it's, like you can slightly, but if you're gon na use these for crow braking or something like that, you want a pretty firm centre details. So when you've got your flips in the centre position and your spoilers in this in a position they are they're. You know they're they're they're, not a little bit up or a little bit down. You want a really rigid, really firm center position. This doesn't do that. It'S just unfortunate but mind you having said that, the original 9x d had the same problem. Pa, this is actually better yep Scott. I can definitely feel this position on these. I cannot feel it on that. What about the other one that's? India is the old one. Any better, no it's the same. They need to have a for me that I think they need to have a firmer detent and the slider positions, and also the slightest that move far there's, not a lot of movement. So you can't do very precise movement with the sliders, with the 90 xD, na primjer. It is a rotating thing, so you go to quite a bit of movement and here it sort of just pokes out the side. You don't quite so much movement but yeah, as I say, Pookie's, hey ho. The other thing, which is probably for me, I'm gon na say.

Za mene, the most disappointing element of the jumper is the screen. Now most people go yeah. What are you doing? That'S, a fantastic colour screen, it makes so easy sitting the model up but I'm, not a fan of color screens. I have to say I just I really aren't. I told my patreon supporters if they made this transmitter with a monochrome screen like the nine XD or the q7, Što god, even if it cost extra I'd go for the monochrome screen. Zašto? Why would I go for the boring old monochrome screen? Pa, Jer, most of the time I'm playing at my transmitter, it's in the sound it's outdoors in full, sunlight and it doesn't matter how good you make a color screen, they just you, got ta peer and shade it and whatever it's, just not bright enough to actually Use easily and full sunlight, and that to me is a really important issue. I really want to be able to use like when I'm outside want to change models. Won'T be able to see easily what models are there? Click on the right thing? If I want to do something like make a small depression to a sit up, I don't have to be finding a piece of shade to do it or you know Keira like this. ne, I want yeah, I don't care about color, I mean color mean it's it's, fluff, honestly its fluff. If you can't use a monochrome screen. Well then, you shouldn't be flying off hit craft, but there againas I say I mentioned this to my patreon supporters and southern Sid – Ne, Ne.

We love the colour screen. So if you like, color you'll love the jumper t16, because it has color fantastic, um (1998, otherwise, or the only other thing. I noticed that was a bit a little bit dodgy was which of these levers is the trim for the elevator and the throttle. I mean you got to is not intuitive, which one of these little clicky things here actually alters the trim air, because it could be this one, because this is beside the thing. It could be there one because that's beside it, no it's, just sorry the nine XD it makes it very simple to choose, which is the trim leaver. So when I was flying the Nano tel and trying to trim it out, nothing was happening because I was using the wrong trim leave. I forget which one I was using. Probably this one butand it just says, T 5 T 3. It doesn't even say on the writing, which is the trohman which is not like. Maybe you can configure knowing open teach you probably can, but it was just like why why? Why do I do that? Why do we even need these little Vicky's things here? Why don't? We just have trims. I don't need that extra lever, but no one else seems to grizzled about that. So it's, just me, is no I'm, just a grizzly yeah there you go now put I like the 18 650 cells for the battery. Although you need put some petting, the holder is loose in the thing.

Little thing: it's annoying but I'll fix that that's, not a not a deal breaker so yeah. There is some problems, apparently if using 433 there's, no RF shielding on the back of the case. The parent there's a 433 long range radio gear can miss with your jumper. If you don't use 433, you don't care, do you and if you use crossfire or the hideous Frisco r9 system, you probably don't care either because it's not going to be an issue with those but there's something to bear in mind, and I think it was. It was a painless 360 did over that middle eyes, the back and solved the problem or something. So there are videos online. If you want to use 433 with your jumper TX you'll be able to see how to do that. Pretty simply, I like the rubberized grips on the side, that's kind of kind of plush, it's kind of nice and nothing else, no other Grizzles. No other Grizzles it's kick ass. Radio it's kick ass. sviđa mi se, bloody, briljantan, fantastičan! So yes, this will be my radio of choice. You'Ve all seen me flying with Mike week 7 and my 9 XD, because I've got models on there I'm not going to transfer on mass all my models over to this. Ali, as I add new models, they will be going on this and I had to change to mode 1 because I'm, a mode 1 flyer that was pretty straightforward.

They even give you the bits in the Box. How good is that yeah that's it so comments, Molim te, and just leave me now with it with a bit of a dilemma. What am I going to use for receivers now because I'm, not stuck, I don't, have to use any specific receivers. I can use a DC mix receiver if I feel so inclined. I can use a fly sky receiver. I can use free sky receivers like it. The world is mine, so I'm, going to just see what it was cheap on the day and use that yay and, naravno, I'll cross fire in the back. There you go so if your comics questions anything you'd like to add to this because I'm, one point of view, I suppose before we go, I should show you what's inside. I did when I change the sticks over had a pike round side and here's. What I foundok let's, lift the skirt on this baby, see what's inside it's, really nicely built it's a very good build quality. The multi protocol module here is internal now so that's great, because on the first one of these I got it was. It was actually an external module that plugged in the module bay, which seemed kind of silly, but obviously they were hitting that way because they even had the little hole at the top of the antenna. So yeah we've got a great big army, full processor.

There lots and lots of memory lots of processing power, so it's going to be more than enough to cope with open TX we've already seen open TX runs really well on the ARM processor. The stick unitsthese are all of fixed stick units Springs, are a little heavy for my liking. I'Ve got them wine round right back, which is a lot. My sticks much lighter than most people. I don't know why perhaps it's, because I don't shake so much when I'm, heaven don't have to pull against a spring. Who knows yeah these days, there's really not a lot it's it's nice to see that the switches and everything here let's just pull in a bit. I want to show you this it's quite important, a lot of radios. They wire the wires directly to the switch context, which means you've got a point of failure where the wires connect, there's there's little circuit boards. On each of these things, we've got the little slider here runs onto a little circuit board and we've got the switch. There runs onto a circuit board all these circuit boards here connected to the main board, through these little flat flex, ribbon cables and flat flex ribbon cables, pretty reliable when they're in a static environment of this not being moved around. I know that the run cam camera was a bit of not a fan of using a flat flicks on the split cameras, because if you expose them to a lot of movement, they can cause problems but inside a transmitter where they're, just gon na sit quietly all Day and not get any any movement that perfectly fine effect, they're a really good option, and this should be more reliable.

zatim, having that thing, hardwired with heat shrink and of course it brings the price down. If you can do it like this, it actually ends up being quite a bit cheaper. So yeah not a lot to see here. It'S um, it's, Prilično dobro, pretty standard these than Hall effect sensor their little this little black device. Here black thing there with three legs that's, the hall, a fix in serviceis actually the bit that's. Turning here is just a magnet let's. Ovdje, Hall effect works. We have the the magnet passes in front of the Hall effect which changes the output from the Hall effect device. So no nothing touches the removing parts, but there is no wiper running across a carbon track to we're out, which is what has happened with my original to Renner's it's, all worn out. So I had to convert this from mode 1 to mode 2. That was a bit of a interesting situation, ali jest, znaš, relatively easy to work on. I managed to get a little bits and pieces out, I'll need and put it back together and hey ho. Absolutely fine. So you go and there's that that multi protocol module, let's all inside a big tin container, says to meet emission requirements. Obviously these things are shielded, so they don't emit radiation on the frequencies you don't want and up there we have the USB connection and the jack. The little 3.5 millimeter jack and the antenna connection, which is for the purpose of the thing it's an SMA connector, not an RPM, a down the bottom, we have the.

Where is it on the stand? Another whoops get this in the right place on the saw the daughterboard. Here we have the micro SD card and the battery connector, which basically just goes off to the mainboard and down the other little little vibration feedback, just a motor with an eccentric weight that's all they use for making the things shake and rattle when you need to Be alerted to something it's, what you get inside, really nice, nice quality build I'm rather happy with it. So you guys it's recommended by I loved it when I had products that I can recommend I've had over the years of it. So many really crap products. It'S nice, to be able to say this is a product I can recommend with confidence. I haven't had any problems, naravno, bear in mind only been using it for a few weeks. If there is some long term issues who knows, but I will keep you informed if there are some things that happen with us, that you should know about you'll find out here and of course a lot of people are buying these now so you'll find out. Why than the interwebs all over the tube reviews, but I think yeah I wouldn't buy another free sky transmitter. Honestly I'd buy one of these economically big it's, pretty you know, but hey bottom line. Is it just works and I love the things that just work. Those are the really good things, the things that just work and there's no deal breakers there you go thanks for watching.

Kao što sam rekao, your comments do the comments. If you liked the video give it a thumbs up, if you don't I'm I'm gutted, I shan't sleep tonight, knowing that you didn't, like the video anyway that's a fix. My patreon supporters nomid rolls yes, da, nomid rolls fix my patreon supporters and more videos coming up for Christmas. If there's anything, you particularly like to see bug it in the comments I'll see if I can get a video out for you before sent a composite center. Now kids will watch my video and I'll get a forty three. Forty three thousand dollar fine watch my exit channel for news on that.