He was first to say first of one of my recent videos and thus was a shot at so congratulations good morning, quite Cutler 101, with a review of another neat new airplane. This is the jjrc m02. Now my subscribers probably noticed that they've seen this plane before something very similar to this plane before in the d day, half and that would have been my review of the XK X 450, now keep in mind XK and jjrc, or both subsidiaries of the same company Wily toys, u redu, so there they have been known to put out similar aircraft and similar drones. Mainly, have you seen a lot of similar drones between wltoys and jjrc E and XK? You know they each one think of wily toys as General Motors and XK. As being I don't know, Cadillac and jjrc is being Chevrolet that's how it works. Ljudi, u redu, one XK tends to put out highly innovative products, and jjrc also tends to put on a highly innovative products, except jjrc normally tries to keep the cost down okay or they try to put in a little improvement to a previously released product, and with that In mind, there is a little bit of a difference. There are several differences between this and the x4 50, which was released previously and keep in mind that all of these are clones of the original product, which is a different company. If, like converter, was it conversions yeah, if like converges, these are all clones of the flight convergence and while etoys is known for doing that too, so that's? Why we're, seeing this folks now what's special about this particular airplane and also the x4 50, is that this airplane can fly in three different flight modes, which is mainly the first one, is that it can take off and fly exactly like a drone folks.

The idea of being notesthere's no Elena you're on this thing, but the idea of this is to get this into the air for people that really don't have a large field to fly in, but they could take this aircraft launch it from their backyard or the Back porch, if you will get it high above the local tree line or or telephone poles or houses in your area and fly it up high and then, when you're done flying it put it back into horizontal mode and bring it in for a landing back on Your back porch again so that's that's, the idea behind this, and I guess, was the idea behind the convergence also. But this again can fly, take off and fly exactly like a drone. It can transition while it's flying too into an airplane these motors. If you look at them, these brushless motors can swivel up or down okay via this servo right here attached to the motorsand you know this will put thesewould pivot forward I'm, not gon na do it manually because I don't want to hurt the servos. I believe they got little plastic gears inside these will swivel forward and convert this into an aircraft when it's when it's flying an aircraft mode. This back motor just stops. Okay is no longer used, ali jest. znaš, based on the X 450 it's, a very effective flyer. It should be a very effective.

This one, previše, should be a very effective fire, because the X 450 was it is a great flier too, i na kraju, if one one other boat, it could fly in, and this is more for g wiz. These will point up forward that motor or shut off and it can pivot up and actually fly like a helicopter too so there's a helicopter mode too, but that's that's more for gee whiz flying you know it's nothing we're special about that, but the multi rotor mode And the airplane mode are very good for this particular aircraft. You know there's a lot of it's a lot of fun actually to fly now, let's go over it. What we are getting here, we're getting again a brushless. This is a brushless motor aircraft, and these the size of these motors are 13 seventies and you'll see them right there all three of the same 13 70s, and that gives it the power to lift off vertically. There is a I've seen brushed motor versions. Not of this particular aircraft but of there's another VTOL aircraft that stands on its tail with a brush motor, but the brush motor versions tend to be not as powerful as a brushless motor version of it. This gives a lot more power to be able to lift up into there. Now I want to go over real, brzo. The differences between this and the previously released x4 50 we'll start off with the canopy. The canopy on this one is plastic, Jasno, smoked, plastic as compared to the all foam canopy on the 450, both of them use the same battery, the same 11.

1 volt one thousand milliamp per hour battery with xt 30 connector. The very same so you can use the batteries between the two there's interchangeable. zapravo, I'm gon na fly with both today we're going to use both my battery from my explore 50 to do a second flight of this particular model. Osim toga, there's some minor differences in the cowling between the two. This one has a lot of cooling ports on the bot or on the top. I believe this one has cooling ports on the bottom only on the bottom. These are the very cylinder now notice the servos on this, both of them. I believe you use the same type of servos I'm, not sure I can't guarantee that maybe not actually, that one looks a little bit different, but the difference between the two is. These ones are mounted vertically, as you see here and there's, a little slot on the top for the the star votes to fit in. These are for the servers for the ailerons on this or the hello elephants, make sure I'm saying that, right as compared to the servos on the X 450, which were placed in flat, like so I'm, not sure why they switched the shape of the servos or the Positioning of the surface, but they did. Međutim, the servos interior to the canopy for swiveling, the propellers up and down are more or less mount it the same way as in the X 450. Now one other difference, a big difference between the two is, and this is the biggest difference that I'm seeing here is the cord length between the X 450 versus the M 0 to notice the Z shape we got between the court.

Zapravo, the cord narrows, as you go inward from the engine nacelle in word, it becomes shorter as compared with the X 450, which is just you know, increases linearly as you going inward and when you get this shorter cord length, you're losing lift and the only reason I think that they want do this or they designed it. This way is to help increase stability. U redu, it's going to make the aircraft have to fly faster than the air, but it should also help increase stability and, mislim, that's, the idea why they did. This is the proof stability. I know that there was some, Vjerujem., tip stalling issues with the X 450 and crashed in fact, I've crashed my it several times. Don'T try to do a heart turn a really hard turn. I get tips tall and, and this would stall and crashing in the ground and because of that I've damaged the servos in this aircraft, I'm waiting for servos to come from bang. Would they sending me a couple of replacement servers that I paid for they're not expensive by the way the service for these are about six dollars, six to seven dollars so, and I think these use the same service. So I thought I don't think that'll be an issue, but let me mention that real quick, if you do get this aircraft and you do crash it immediately turn off those motors. Do an emergency stop and do not.

This is where a by mistake was actually hit. The switch after this is a switch it moves the motors up and not via the servos. I actually hit this after a crash and that damaged the gears inside the servos on this, but my X 450. Dakle, opet, if you crash do not change the position of the servos and be sure to shut off those motors right away, or else you may damage the servos in your aircraft. Let'S go over again what we got here. The let's see what I forgot to mention. U redu, I mentioned that it's can fly in three different configurations. One other thing you can do is actually, while it's flying an airplane mode, its fully stabilized folks. That means it's prevent, prevents the aircraft from rolling or pitching over for a beginner pilots. The idea being you let go of the stick and it'll automatically staple itself stabilize itself and if you're, giving it too much, stick it won't. Let you roll it over or flip it over, like a beginner pilot, might make mistakes and do such an crash. That makes it very easy to fly in stabilized airplane mode. They call that 6g mode. But if you wish to fly aerobatics, Možeš, with this quicks press of a button on the controller and switch it into 3d mode and do loops and rolls it still somewhat. Semi stabilized in that position you know, if you do get into a problem, you can let go of the stick in.

It will try to write itself I'm, not sure how if it will write itself as quickly as a would in 6g mode, fully stabilized mode. But there is some slight stabilization. I noted that when I was flying the explore 50 that when I do loops and rolls if I let go of the stick, would try to slowly write itself. So there is still some stabilization. Even in accra bode acrobatic mode. Let'S go over the controller they. O. I didn't mention this. This also has lights. I forgot to mention the light bars this ones here are covered up with, but you can't see the lights when the battery is inserted. Any idea behind these lights is not for night flying folks. They are door meant to alert you when your battery is getting low. U redu, you don't want to fly these airplanes until the battery's, zero volts or you'll damage the battery. But when you see these lights flashing, it is time to land the aircraft so that's. What they're? There for to keep in mind there, so let's go over what you get in the box and I'll end up with a discussion of the controller. What you get in this box is the instruction manual. The instruction manual I got ta say is much better than the instruction manual for the X 450, which was man. It was terrible, but this one is well written in English, full English, not half English, half Chinese, like the X 450 instruction manual.

Other things you get is a full spare set of propellers and you get a screwdriver for maintenance of the aircraft. You get the aircraft, you get a 11.1 v 1000 milling upper hour battery 3s battery with XT 30 connector, and you get a charger for that battery. It'S, not the best charger in the world, but you do get a charger and you get the controller now let's go over the controller, pravi, brzo, the buttons on it I mentioned this has three different flight modes. This is the control for those flight modes. All the way up is multicopter mode, which means drone mode. You wear flies vertically as the same as a drone, and when you want to switch at the airplane mode, you put it in the center position like so, and when you want to fly in vertical mode like a helicopter, you press it all the way down. Like so, and you can switch between any three of these modes back and forth as you wish in flight okay, you know you can go from vertical mode to multicopter mode or vertical mode to horizontal mode or whatever any one of these. All three of these are selectable, while it's in flight be careful, though don't be too close to the ground when you're swapping around, because some of these do require a little bit of elevation, because it's the aircraft's going to drop just a little bit as it transitions Between it, particularly if you're, who went from aircraft or vertical mode to or actually multicopter boat to, aircraft mode, it takes a little bit of time for this aircraft to pick up, speed enough to fly level and the aircraft will drop just a little bit.

You know about 5 da 10 noge, so keep that in mind. Don'T be too close to the ground. When you swap this now talking about this, this does have altitude hold in it. It will try to maintain position in the air if you keep the stick Center position like so this is both motor copter mode, vertical mode and also even in airplane mode. If you keep the stick toward the center position like so, the aircraft will try to maintain altitude. If you give it a little more above center position, it will climb and a little bit below it will descend. So keep that in mind either. This is your yaw. This is your pitch. This is your roll. This controller is both mode one or mode 2. ok, it's default mode 2. When you get it, but you can switch to mode 1 by holding this button down here and then pressing the on switch. It'Ll switch the mode 1 and then your gon na need to go and there's a little screws behind here, you're going to need to adjust these so that you can get a center position here and turn off the spring release for the right. Stick. So it'll come down and be a regular throttle here, because right now the right stick is centered position or spring raise the center position. But the left stick isn't a lot, because the way I got it set up is for remote too, but that's how you do it through these little screws in the back you fiddle with that other buttons.

On this particular controller I mentioned this is when you're in airplane mode and this when you're an airplane mode. You can turn off the stabilization by pressing this button here or turn off the angle restriction, so you can do loops and rolls again it's. I think it's still stabilized semi stabilized, but you can turn that off and on by pressing this button here and if you really get in a big problem, you know you either let go of the stick and will try to write itself. But if you're close to the ground, I recommend doing a quick press that button go back into 6g mode and old quickly, write itself to position. We do have trim buttons for yaw Pitt or yaw throttle pitch and roll and buttons down here. This is your rates button between ho and high and low rate. You press this and the aircraft will fly faster, particularly in multi copter mode, pressing that I don't know if it'll adjust the speed of the aircraft in airplane mode, but it should increase the yaw rate andor, the pitch rate and the roll rate and the R rate. When an airplane mode, so you can make quicker, turns faster, shorter diameter terms you can this button here is for starting and stopping the motors, unlocking the motors. You could do either press this button and then give a throttle takeoff or you can just bring both sticks down and out, and that will also start the motors, and then you give a throttle to take to the air.

If you press this button and this button simultaneously that's emergency stop, that is good to know. Ljudi, in case you do crashes like I said you want to turn those motors off right away. This button also is meant for a future release of the camera version of this aircraft, which I forgot to mention. This does have a pod on the front of it beneath in the belly that they're planning for a future release of an fpv version of this. Now keep in mind notice this I can't move that camera more if it's pointed downward about thirty degrees, twenty to thirty degrees at full up and as such, this is going to be mostly looking at the ground when you're. So this would be not a good idea for fpv flying trying to depend on this camera for fpv. If you really want to fly this FBE fpv, i strongly recommend that you just put out all on one camera in the nose. Ovo, let me know a cheap. All in one camera and fly this true fpv with a true camera, a true fpv camera there. U redu, then I covered all the sticks on or all the buttons on this. I believe I have one other thing: brzo, oh by the way before we go out and go fly the battery that in this way its position. Let me show you the difference between this and the X 450 inside here next for 50, head velcro.

Now you put inside here to strap your battery in and you attach the other hooks on your battery and then the loops loop velcro goes on the belly here, and the idea being is that you do not want this battery flapping around in flight. U redu, especially doing hard, maneuvers or hard turns, and the reason being you know, this again is gyro stabilized and if you have a battery flopping around inside there Bunton, you know bouncing around inside that will confuse the gyros, u redu, the accelerometers and the gyros and giving it Bad input and actually can lead to a crash. If you keep your battery loosely in there, znaš, especially you know, doing hard turns you're, probably going to crash this aircraft unintentionally, because the gyros will get confused and not know what the aircraft's doing and Mike ended up in a crash. So I now this jjrc m02 did not come with Velcro. U redu. I'M. So surprised me! ok! zapravo, what I had to doand what I did do is put my own velcro on the battery and also a wedge some foam in here to prevent the battery from flopping right or left. I think that would be. I would recommend that for everybody to do who this particular aircrafteven you know they didn't, provide you with the velcro, but that doesn't stop you from making sure your that your battery is very secure inside here now, let's talk about one other thing before we close It back up again notice how I got the battery all forward here, which brings up the center of gravity you know, for you know, this is probably going to position this center of gravity forward, where it should be.

U redu, let's hold this up actually and see. Sada, my center of gravity is right about here. It might be a little bit far forward, but it shouldn't affect the aircraft other than will probably make the aircraft fly a lot faster than it normally would, and since I have two batteries, I'm gon na actually try to do two flights. Danas, one was the battery place forward to see what the flight performance is with the battery forward and one with a battery moved back to see if that'll changed the flight performance of the aircraft I'm gon na do both of these today and each one of these Batteries should give me at least well over ten minutes of flight time, so this should be a lot of fun to fly today. So I think I've mentioned everything here about this particular aircraft. Let'S, take it out into the field and see how it flies. So I hope you enjoyed this flight good morning quite comfortable in here, and we are at it one of my favorite flying fields, a lot of open space out here for this particular aircraft. I'M. Not sure you really need the open space, but you know why not? You know I got the space I'm gon na use it okay. So to start this up, let's start this up. First things: prvi, we need to turn on the battery for this particular aircraft. First and turn it on you plug in the battery the 1630 connector such make sure red red black black stuff, the wires in make sure the wires running all the way and then I'm gon na put the canopy back on like such wind's.

Coming from that direction, some are pointing off in that direction. Put it around make sure the throttle is down and we're going to be an M mode, make sure that's an M mode throttle down then turn on the transmitter and to bind it. You got to do an up or down what C lights are flashing right now, we're not bound yet, but up or down on the throttle. And now the transmitter is connected to the drone. So we should be ready to fly so the first thing: first let's uh. Pa, take off in quadcopter mode let's, try! This unlock switch this time to unlock the motors we'll get done, and then you give it throttle and it's got to go up past halfway before it actually takes off. So you bet half throttle right now: it's not doing anything yet until get above half halfway point and then fix to the ear. Then you move it back to the middle position somewhere near the middle position and it maintains its altitude a bit higher right by eye level showing it rotating it and again it flies exactly as a helicopter or a quadcopter quadcopter. I'M. Sorry very simple: to fly. If you've flown quad copters before with altitude holdand they up to over again, you just put it in the center position and it maintains its position. Let'S bring it by me and we'll yacht up a bit higher. U redu, we'll go up a bit higher and then we'll switch to vertical.

Just show you the vertical just for a bit here and vertical mode right now: there's the vertical mode roaring toward the wind and, opet, a fly sort of like a quadcopter again, even in this vertical mode, let's forget down a little closer, pushing it forward. The wind is coming from that direction, so I would have to knife it in there I'm just going to rotate it around. Show you in vertical position going back to horizontal quadcopter mode, bringing it down and let's go try some high speed flying in quadcopter mode with bag turns it actually goes pretty fast and quadcopter. Voters. If you notice a lot faster than X 450 would go this. One moves Music: it really moves faster than the next 450 in quite copter mode. Did you see that now we'll go up higher and we're gon na switch to airplane mode, Wow actually I'm in self stabilized? This is uh seems to be 3d mode because I could do a loop let's see if I could do a loop again. ne, Ne, no it's, it's still stabilized, so we wouldn't. Let me do a loop, but it has a lot of power in it. We'Re gon na come back down again now that's flying around and stabilize their plane mode. First cielos flies very fast with that battery up front like I do avid right now trying to turn it going up now, I'm gon na come around and we're going to turn off.

We'Re gon na go to the 3d mode 3d mode, Oh propellers, so that 3d boat is not stabilized yet and stopping the loaders good morning, quite copter 101, here with the flight of the jjrc m02. Now this is not going to be my first flight with this particular aircraft. I flew it here the other day by the Turner train again, but I crashed it folks I was doing aerobatics. I went the 3d mode. I was close to the ground lost control. It happens, I hit the ground and broke both of the props, so I had to go back and replace the props, so this will actually be the second flight of this aircraft. Now it's a bit breezy today, so it's gon na be a little more challenging than the other day. But one thing I noticed when I was flying this the other day is that this was flying very fast folks, and originally I had this battery all the way forward in the battery bay. What I've done since then, just try to slow it down is I've moved the battery back to move the center of gravity back a bit on the spar. You can see the it has: a carbon spar, carbon fibre spar right about here, I'm it's, still a little bit nose heavy, even with that battery moved back a bit but I'm, hoping that it's going to slow it down a bit and also one other thing. I did I forgot to mention is that I calibrated the gyros okay, I pitched the nose up a bit at home, put it on a flat, actually a board and lifted the nose up a few inches there and the way to calibrate the gyros is to connect The drone to the controller and then put it on the flat level surface or whatever you elevation.

You want to set it at to calibrate the gyros and then bring both sticks down into the left like so, and that will set the gyros and set the the aircraft's understanding of what level flight is. So what again, its understanding should now currently be with a little bit of a nose up pitch the idea being to give it increase its angle of attack, and hopefully you slow it down, because this thing was flying like a banshee the other day. So let's fly it again and see how to fly so we're gon na start it back up again. First thing I need to do is plug in the battery and they have a hard time doing this with my glasses on believe it or not, because I need bifocals whoops. U redu, there we go let's put in there and let's close up the lid of the aircraft. You'Re, probably gon na be hearing wind noise today folks because of this wind I'm. Žao mi je, I apologize for that, but let's just see how it flies folks. Tako, turning on the controller, binding it up and down lights are solid, so we should be good to go so now decide but calibrated scarers with a nose a pitch when this goes into hover mode. You know quadcopter boat. It should slide backwards because it's going to be tilted backwards, malo, so keep that in mind make sure we are in hover mode and throttle or most 16 ili ne, and then increasing the throttle sending it to the air yep.

I want the pitch backward okay, so today, let's just fly it around first, in a helicopter mode that wind is blowing. It backward. Try my best to go into that wind, but let's, just let it fly back in the wind. This is the one bring it around me folks forward again going up higher and go into airplane mode. U redu, I want to see how it flies an airplane in stabilized mode. Is it flying slow it's still still goes pretty fast, but yeah it's got a nose up pitch. Konačno, bringing it around trying to bring it closer to you, so you can see it I'm gon na be hesitant to go well let's, just a little throttle. Go up. U redu, trying to see a stabilization system flipped over there, it stalled once it got hit by wind, stud wind gust, but it shouldn't have flipped like that. U redu, going around now again, you know this thing is fast, see what I meant there did it again tip stalled. This thing likes to do tips, dolls, folks to Joe's props. Opet, we'll fly this again. A different area, folks come on quite copter 101 and we are back again with the jjrc m02 for its third flight. U redu. What happened last flight folks is that I was doing very hard turns. U redu, when you do the such turns. You'Re increasing the chance of encountering what's called tip stall, where you lose lift on one wing because isn't making those turns this particular wings flying faster than this wing.

This wings slowing down in the turn and when it slows down it's, getting less airflow over the surfaces of the wing, and there is the possibility, where you reach a point, whether the wing just stops, producing, lift and then just the aircraft will just flip over the. On board stabilization system was, znaš, will correct it if you're high enough in the air. As you see, I encountered actually two different tip stalls of that class flight. If you notice one of them, I was high enough that the stabilization system overcame that stall and right at the aircraft again, but that second turn. I was a little bit close to they're too close to the ground when it flipped it didn't have time to recover and it impacted the ground. I did break the propellers on it again: today's flight I'm, using the propellers off my X 450 as they are. The propeller is just different, different color, the ones the original ones on the m02 are clear. The ones that are on the X 450 are smoked. Their smoke color so keep that in mind. One other thing that I did to improve, or actually two other things that I'm doing today, less than a chance of encountering tip stall is first off I recalibrated the drone to fly flat. U redu, I don't no longer have that slightly upward tilt calibrated into the gyros. I calibrated it again flat on a flat surface. This is going to increase the speed of the drone.

Along with, I moved the center of gravity forward by moving the battery back again to its most forward position. Both of these should it's going to make the aircraft fly faster, but should hopefully lessen the chance of me encountering tip stalls again tip stall crash. I don't want to crash this again because I'm running out of spare propellers, so let's get this in the air again and demonstrate its flying ability. U redu, first thing I need to do is plug in the battery again let's see here battery there red to red black to black, always check that before you plug it in and push it in that cable back in place and closing it up and then I'll bind The controller to it next, u redu, turning the controller on up and down the throttle, and we are bound so we're good to go. U redu, we're gon na start off again in quadcopter, bowed Multi, multi, rotor mode and again to calibrate these gyros, put it on a flat surface and connect it and bring both sticks down to the left I'm. Not going to do that here because I'm, not sure how flat that surface is and they're on the ground there, but let's start the motors and we'll do a take off taking it to the air check instability yeah this relatively stable and a little bit of a Wind coming from the front there now let's fly around in multi rotor mode for a bit, because that shouldn't be a tip stall shouldn't be an issue in multi rotor mode.

This flies very well in Modi rotor mode by the way. Ljudi, if you notice very fast to faster than X 450 of mo'ne rotor mode, Moram reći: okay with that. U redu, let me go to the sticks. Let'S see it's load on okay. Sada, one thing: let's go into higher rate. Second rate high rate let's see. If it increases whew, if it goes faster and motivo yeah it does, it was a lot faster, very fast, Zapravo, a motor rotor mode in high rate, and you could do the harder turns in multi rotor mode, without worrying about tip stop, because the propellers are mostly Keeping it in the air, u redu, let's, bring it back over again. One other thing I would do is a little bit of flying in vertical boat. Let'S, Idi: come back out of low right, go back to low rate, turning the aircraft in the air pushing forward and then selecting. O, Ne. I want to go back to body rotor motor folks. I went the airplane mode and transition very nicely by the way, but I want to go into vertical flying let's, bring it back over again going a little bit forward, turning it and then vertical mode notice. All that propeller on the back, stop spinning in vertical mode. Let'S forget that a little lower let's do it a good job in vertical mode, let's, just rotate it a bit pretty cool. Why it's just like a quadcopter again in vertical mode as within multicopter mode, go back to motor rotor mode, i to možete učiniti, bring it around again coming down a little bit lower and will be flying here verb or horizontal mode shortly in airplane mode.

But I want to be sure I get enough light this time a little throttle. Now again it does have altitude hold folks. You have to put the stick in the center position and more or less it'll hold its position. You go above that's out of position. There Rises and you come below that center position and it goes down lower okay, now let's fly it in airplane mode and go ahead. Airplane mode now, full now it's in for airplane mode, Sada, I'm, not going to do those hard turns any more folks. I don't want to tip stall it again, like I said, the X 450 does the same though. Sada, if you do dude or gentle turns like I'm doing here, it shouldn't be an issue tip stalls. It climbs nicely coming around coming around let's dive down a bit. Get some speed and go right through the Sun. I knew I was gon na. Do that. Do that again, this time, not through the Sun, I'm gon na, come that diving GaN pulling up and go into the left, yeah very quiet folks, when it's flying in airplane mode fly it around a bit stabilized for now, look how steep it can climb and stabilized Mode, though very steep now I want to get it up: visoke, u redu, so yeah I did a tip stall there and did a hard turn. It tip stalled. So again you need need to have some altitude with this. I strongly recommend keeping it up high let's.

Do another hard turn see if it tips taller, yet there we go again tip stall, but it recovered. You'Re gon na need again to keep it up higher than when you're, even when you're flying stabilize folks, because it does have the capability of stalling. To put it right again, keep it up high let's, try that let's do a hard turn and see a tip stall, Dobar, slowing down, slowing down, slowing down, and there we go tip star again, so be careful folks, as I mentioned, going up higher going up higher 3D mode coming out of 3d mode. Turning around you just did a gentle loop there now another thing: when you do loops with this particularly aircraft, you got to do them a real gentle cuz. This thing will do like a flip. If you here see so be careful when you're doing loops with this, you got to do them real slow and give it a little more power. I'M. Not gon na, do any more loops, Iako, because I got to become more familiar with this airplane again. Why do I do that? ok, it's, starting to get a little weak here. Let me go back to the horizontal mode come back over here, it's starting to feel weak. Let me see if those lights are flashing, bringing it over no they're still steady, although, like I said it was feeling a little bit weak a little weak as we're flying it, but they're still steady.

Dakle, opet, the idea of this aircraft is it's, an airplane that you, you would bring. If you don't have a lot of place to take off the land, your airplane, you know you just got a backyard, you sent it out, send it up high and then transition to airplane mode. If you wish to fly an airplane mode, you've got to keep it up high above your houses and trees in your area, there's a guy I want to go chasing after. If I can he's gone away already, he knows what I was planning to do. Let'S back up again, let's go back into vertical mode. Vertical boat school flying is our jack Music. Even a little Yaya left, yeah hey! You got ta, keep it in front of me here, going back to horizontal, Ali, da. It is a cool airplane, really capable it's. Just you know I don't know about it being for beginners, though folks and the reason being you can tip stall it and you're gon na you know you're this crashworthy. It seems to hold up to those crashes that I've done so far. I'Ve done several several crashes. Three, Vjerujem., but those break props. This is my last set of spare props. Folks and again I stole this one off of my ex 450. Well back to airplane mode. There you go again airplane mode. Coming back around gentle turns again, you set it up high and then just fly around your neighborhood.

If you're allowed to do that, there's an airplane or speed go up a bit higher. Do some rolls and then coming back out of 3d mode that's about all you're gon na see me do this today. I don't want to crash it again because, like I said this is my last propeller, but I am gon na keep it up high enough in airplane mode. So I don't lose that last propeller. Pa, you can see it just barely it's what it wants to tip stall again, I could see it when I do these hard turns these slow art turns okay, we'll bring it around we'll, go back to to horizontal mode, a little more throttle and horizontal, and it Gets real loud when it's in horizontal mode coming down lower, I don't want to crash this anymore. U redu, those lights are still solid, so we still got more flight time out of this, bring it down up close again. It is a new year plane, no being able to do this again. This is just like the X 450, except a little bit different design in the wing. Let me get a thumbnail. I hope that's coming through up a little bit higher for that sub nail pushing forward a bit ooh doc staple flyer. Come down a little. Are you support? Thumbnails, get a fly backwards, da, opet, see how that tilts forward and back folks. While we see those rotors still tempore it and then back and going out again well yeah, this flies even in multicopter mode, it's easiest to fly in multi, copter mode.

Like this, why is like an airplane? Pa, it's, a body copter mode it's, just that those motors are pitched about 45 degrees right now and it's less likely to encounter tip stall when your multi copter mode, bringing it down again. Checking the lights lights are still solid, she's coming down, then I put it back the center position and it maintains its altitude. Then I'm, going up again: oh that's stickers coming loose on the bottom. There it's okay it's, just a piece of tape, going back up, put them back in the airplane mode after I get it up high enough always give yourself a little altitude before you go to airplane mode, see cuz! You don't know what you know it might take. It might drop a bit and again, if you're, making a hard turn like I'm doing there, you might encounter that tip saw again again. Let'S, do a tip stall again demonstrate it again, hard turn hard turn hard turn there. It goes had a tip stall go around, so you make those hard turns and you go too slow. This will still. This will tip stall and again the gyros old Connor it. But it it takes a little bit of elevation to do that. So you better keep it up about this altitude here, but I don't know I'm gon na get something about 30 40 meters up about that altitude. If you're gon na fly in airplane mode, you want to be about thirty meters.

Up with this don't be too close to the ground, or else you'll be running through propellers like I was okay. Well back there, Pozdrav, cop, your mode, quite cup, your mode reason man. I got ta keep checking those batteries. Cuz we've been flying. Oh wow and they're blinking, so that's the flight like time on this and it's landing itself, so that's the flight time. It was descending while I'm doing that. So that is the m02 from jjrc hold it up for its final thumbnails final discussion, opet: it's it's, a neat airplane umm. I don't know about this being for beginners, though folks, because of the tip stall issue, the possibility of entering tip stall you're gon na crash. It a lot if you're a beginner trying to do turns. If you do fly this always you know, keep giving it an altitude about 30 meters up when you're flying in an airplane mode. Don'T fly close to the ground because of the tips tall issue, so I hoped you enjoyed this flight, this quadcopter 101 setting up high quadcopter 101 here again, hey if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe To my channel it's, real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click the build button right next to the subscribe button. That way you get notified when I release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot out so give it a try.