Here we go Music all right guys. Here we go today's review we're going to talk about this beta fpv x night. Three inch edition now on the channel recently, if you're interested in the five inch version of this under 250 grams 6s x night, amazing ripper go back and look at that video. That was a fun video and this one is another hd edition. But this time we have a 4s configuration on here and a little smaller if you're, looking for something like a little mini three inch ripper, this one's, actually pretty cool. If you already have the dji goggles, Ako ne, you might be able to get this kit and build it up with some of the beta fpv gear on here and do your own build. But we have jim fan 3016 rekvizite. I believe they were, and those are three inch props three inch, tri blade props, looking pretty nice with the motors on board. These are the beta fpv branded 1404 3800 kV motorima. They have four bolts on the bottom. Each end of the arm is also replaceable on this quad. It is a true x design and you can get extra parts and replacement parts for this quad as well on the beta fpv website. I also have this interesting. What looks to be like a crossfire tpu mount in the very front right there, but that's actually not crossfire for a mortal t. This is actually an xm plus up front mount, which i haven't seen before, and i was kind of worried about this setup honestly.

To begin with, because this is a review and it should be some truth told here um when i went in for a crash with this. The good news is that this actually held up, and i was worried that this would just snap right off or have damage to my receiver and in a really few hard crashes, it did survive. So i did some full frontal crashes out in the field with the hard pack clay and it did great. So i think that the motors on here also help to lighten up this quad and give it a little bit longer flight time in the six minute range. You can even get a longer flight time if you choose to run something as large as an 850 milliamp 4s battery, but i i generally tend to stick with this quad. Around 650 is probably the sweet spot. They say to use a 450 for freestyle uh, but you're only gon na get just under three minutes with a 450, so 1404s they're a little bit heavy for 450 um setup, it's gon na you're gon na sag out that battery pretty quick with these motors. We also have the cadex vista on board, with about 20 to probably 45 degrees of tilt there and it's nice, because they do include a tpu camera mount that's, going to go over top of the lens and have a nice lens protector there on the front, which Did its job in my several head on crashes, and i have to say that this canopy is really quite durable.

It did hold up really extremely well. None of the posts broke so that's really good news, because i had two crashes that were so bad that the battery ejected and flew off. So i spent a good 30 minutes actually looking for the quad now on the bottom as well. We also have a strap here that i had to replace the strap did break, so i think the strap could probably be a little bit better from beta fpb. I didn't have any problems with the battery connector back. Here was just the v back connection here with the xt 30. You want to zip tie this off to your frame, to make sure that this doesn't get pulled off and broken off your flight controller and speaking of flight controller. We have an f4 aio on here and this is running betaflight with osd all the bells and whistles you'd want, but it's all on one board right there, which is kind of nice with 12 amp eses, but so far, i'm, really enjoying flying this quad and i'm. Zapravo, really happy that it did survive my flight test, because most of you guys that watch my channel know that i push these quads pretty hard, and sometimes i do go into crash. Let'S go ahead outside now and let me show you some of the flying footage of the x93 inch hd edition and we'll have some fun and we'll push it to its limits. We'Ll see what happens here.

We go Music, tako glazba, tako glazba, tako glazba, tako glazba, Glazba, Glazba, tako glazba, Glazba. All right guys welcome back from that flight test. That was a lot of fun. I think that this quad is very lightweight if you're looking for something under 250 grama, Ovo je cool. This is around the 125 da 29 gram range for this quad. Without the battery uh putting the battery on there, depending on which battery you put on there it's going to get you up around 150 da 160, so still well, underneath that, and since we have a newly upgraded firmware on the cadx vista, this is nice because the Dji digital with 50 megabit on there almost looks as good as something like my insta 360 Idi. You can actually get one of these and probably mount it on top, but i wish beta fpv would kind of give us some kind of mounting option on the top. Here there might be a tpu mount on their website that you can buy. That would convert it to fit. Maybe something like the insta 360 go on top, which would be nice so i'd like to see maybe a few different canopy designs here coming from beta fpv. That would be pretty cool for most of you guys wanting some type of sort of action camera mount on top of this quad. It would have no problem carrying an insta 360 go so that's an option i'd like to see and i'd also like to see.

Maybe an increase in the v2 version of this, maybe a little higher esc, Možda 20 amp escs always makes me a little bit nervous to run 4s on a 12 amp configuration, but it looks like this quad is, is handling it and that's what they do suggest You can also fly it on 3s, if you're a beginner start there and then move your way up, but fun quad. It is priced uh. Let me double check their website for you around 289 dolara, so it is quite a bit cheaper than some of the other hd quads out there at the moment. So if you're looking for a cheaper and easier quad to fly starting out, that will still have some awesome acro capability. The x93 inch is a good choice for that. So if you're, looking for your first hd experience or you're just getting an fpv and you're going to go the dji route, this would be a really nice combo with your goggles, so make your orders and you can check out the links down below i'm justin davis, Dečki, thanks again for tuning in to my channel and subscribing. Hopefully you had a good labor day weekend.