This is an insane little micro heli, that is full collective pitch and it will go from mile to wild what's cool about it is that you can fly it as a beginner. Dare i say a beginner, it does come with a controller that you can get with a ready to fly bundle. You can also bind it up with your futaba radio or spectrum or any other radio out there that you know how to program for a helicopter. It does have a built in flight controller with all the different flight modes on here. Beginner stability, all the way up to full agility mode. So you can do full 3d with this little heli and it is quite insane and what's going to be fun about this review is you're going to get to see me just about stuff it several several times in this flight demo. So let's go ahead and get the m2 up in the air and i'll show you what it could do on the 3s 650 miliamp baterija. Evo nas glazba. U redu, guys there are three colors orange purple and yellow i have the orange one. You also have the option to get the m2 transmitter it's, not the greatest, but it is mode two and mode one optional, and it has a decent case which has tons of accessories, and the m2 itself looks really really good. Now it also has a bind option on the side of the flight controller.

You can press that bind button, turn on the transmitter, you'll hear it beep and it has spectrum and s bus receiver options as well, što je super cool, so you don't have to fly it on that radio. You can use any radio, you like let's, go ahead and get this heli up in the air and i'm starting off in the beginner stability mode. But you can hear the motor on there really wind up. It is really wound up on 3s and you know i would almost like to see what this heli was like on. 4S it'd be totally insane, but i am a average sport flying mild 3d flight pilot. I wouldn't say that i'm super super amazing or anything, but i'm gon na try some some mild aerobatics with this heli, but starting off in beginner mode is a lot of fun. It does also have an idle up mode. Na lijevoj ruci, side of the transmitterand you can put it into idle up, which means that you can fly inverted and do all that crazy stuff. If you go full 3d mode. But to start with we're going to play around with just some forward flight and a lot of times when you're learning how to fly heli, they always tell you to do the hover basics. They want you to hover tail in side two and then nose and hover, and if you learn that in the full unstabilized mode, you're going to be a much better 3d heli pilot.

But it does have some nice boost. I'M. Loving. The fact that this heli is it's like the 3d heli that i wanted 10 godina. I wish they had something this nice. That long ago we had the t rex 150, that everybody was flying back then, and blade came out with a few. They were pretty uh, pretty fragile if you ever flew any of the blade helis. You know that the parts are cheap but wow. I almost stuffed it right. There that's all that's my almost crash number one and i'm flying in the higher rate mode now, and i just wanted to see if it would do a nice big loop for us and be super careful in that sort of uh high rate mode on this transmitter. It doesn't go, it doesn't go into full 3d. Normally i can just sit there and do flips in one spot, but this really has some pretty mild rates on here. So if you want to dial it up, you're going to need something like a a futaba or a spectrum transmitter, but man check out the pitch bumps on here. That'S. Looking pretty good and i kind of knew what i was getting into with this review and there's a big aileron loop right there coming back down to about 10 feet off the ground, that's how high those rates are set on this transmitter so i'm, not going to Be doing any crazy tick tocks, although i may try one here in uh in a minute or two just for fun, and i really wanted to fly.

It inverted, but i'm gon na have to have some major altitude to be able to get this heli to flip upside down and right there i like hit the kill switch. So we did a quick, auto rotation into the ground, but i should be able to take back off it had dandelion caught up in the tail motor and that tail motor is pretty good um. If you are a more advanced pilot, you can do some pretty amazing things. It holds better than some of the other brushless tail motors i've, seen on smaller helis. They tend to blow out and end up having your helicopter spin around in circles now i'm gon na try to do that. Tick, tock, coming up here, um in just a second and and i'm just lining up for it now playing around with the tail and i'm. Just gon na go ahead and and pull it back here and see if i can get into one um, it does feel pretty loose, but i feel like it needs. It definitely needs more throw in that high rate mode on the transmitter and there i go into that tick, tock and bam. The classic spin out so went into a spin out and yeah. Sada, we're gon na see how the durability test did. As far as a straight down crash into the ground i'm, just going to look it over tail boom looks good, got one little bent rotor back there and the r.

Zapravo, the tail rotor seems to be the prop back. There seems to be pretty good. It just bent, i was really hoping that they gave me an extra tail rotor in the box. You only get one which is kind of a bummer, but everything looks good on here. That'S that's awesome so check for durability, test let's go ahead and get it back up in the air i'm just going to go ahead and take off again out of the grass here. I recommend taking off the pavement if you're a beginner try to take off with the pavement now i'm in that super high idle up mode, and you can see it's even it's, even crazier now so, if you're somebody that really is good at 3d, you can do All kinds of stuff, with this little heli it'll, do funnels tick tocks every 3d heli move that i can think of this little heli will do, but again it can get away from you pretty quick, because it is a smaller heli and outside of stability mode. I know that i will put this heli in from time to time, and the good thing is that the landing gear it actually has a little bit of give to it and when it crashed earlier, it bent out to one side other heli gear that's. The first thing that breaks on the heliso i was lucky today because i had a pretty good smackdown with it and the landing gear didn't break, što je nevjerojatno.

But i like the power combo on here too. The motor seems to be really really good Music, but it flies like a larger heli as well. It flies like something like a 300 class heli. It really has a nice stable feel to it. The flight controller is actually pretty good. I wouldn't say it's as good, as you know, some of the the beast series, flight controllers or the icon flight controller, but it's nicethat you also have a bail option on this heli. So if you're flying 3d and you flip the mode switch back to stability. If you think you're gon na crash earlier, i didn't have, i i didn't, have the the time or the quick thinking to switch into stability mode when i was falling earlier out of that tick, tock and that's something you're going to have to work on Music. Think about that bail switch, it will save you, but we had some pretty good uh near misses there today, with this heli, almost smacking down into the ground several times again. I have no no business flying this heli in full raid mode in and there i go again very, Vrlo, very close to crashing again you just have to play around with this helium and man. You have to really keep your eyes on it because it will come back and smack you, but for beginners again guys it. Ovo, maybe might be something for, like your second heli, rekao bih, um quite fast and nimble for somebody who's new, even though it has stability mode.

It can be quite deceiving because you're going to get interested to flip into those other modes, and just you have to be 100 ready for Music that. But it makes me feel like a better pilot with those really mild modes on this transmitter flipping down into the higher rate modes and again they have it softened up on this little mild, like a quick, auto rotation there and love the way. Heli'S look spinning down. One of my favorite things awesome. I had a lot of fun with it i'm happy that i didn't destroy it, because i honestly thought i was going to put this one in for you guys and really do a serious, serious durability test, but it's always good when you take home a 3d heli. Still in one piece at the end of the day, that makes you feel good same thing with airplanes and quads, but thanks again for watching my channel guys, please do subscribe. This has been the omp hobby, m2 and i'm, going to give it definitely two thumbs up for the design and the performance of this heli. You can check it out in the link below guys.