You'Ll touch yourself like you're done. O, moj Bože, hey what's up everybody! Welcome back to this pilot deploying field here in sunny San Diego we've got Vani. We got Newark and we're about to do the hot wing racing challenge, that's right, hot wings and claws together in perfect harmony. These are not hot wings, though they are everything hot fire. Wings like they just brought them out of the car with a gas mask on, I don't want to do the same where I don't know why I don't know why I'm here I don't it's your chance for redemption for your previous race challenge. I snuck it. It sits down he's wearing a mask like yeah 3.1 miles yeah, you can make it you'll be fine. Oh my gosh, I can smell it. I can smell a sonic. I could smell the flavor. I can legitimize. O, Bože moj, that's a lot of rockets for each racer over here guys, u redu, I've seen hot wing videos like on YouTube before one day, I've, always like so it's like how do you communicate to them like? What is that like? How bad is this cuz? Sve? I could say is that from right here, it's, like tickling, my nostrils, I just say on camera real quick, I already don't like wings, To, as is, I ride truthfullydon't I'm, very picky when it comes to the chicken wings, especially when it comes to sauce, and This is an unhealthy amount of sauce.

Like I don't understand so we're gon na run three laps of the course actually let's say four laps first lap is gon na, be your control. You'Re gon na go without having eaten anything. U redu, you're gon na land, you're gon na eat the first wing then do a lap lands eat. Do a lap land eat. Do a lot first to finish that for club with a chance to drink some milk, you know we got the dough. ne! ne! You can't have that yeah. I think that you should be able to come back here, drink milk and then you have to leave you're gon na. Take that time. You have to take that at that time. The milk will be all the way over here. So if he really wants to get milk he's gon na have to abandon his, he get walk like that's. A time penalty. He'S gon na have to walk all the way over here to get his milk I'm gon na try and get that first lap down as fast as I can. I'M gon na eat the wings as quick as I can take off I'm gon na try and not have to come back and drink milk until like the very very end. But if he gets really bad, then I'll gauge where everyone else is at and then I'll come back here and run and drink some milk and then get back. But the key is just gon na be to do what I always do and that's fly fast I'm.

Going into this just totally blind, I think I could fly and not crash that's gon na be important and then yeah I'm gon na try to just stick it out for like the minute that we have two minute two minutes without eating or drinking milk, because that's A big time waste we had the queen of 3d and self proclaimed hot wing champion: u redu, I'm, going to be these TRL pilots at my game and just to pick one of you guys to win something which we giveaway. Last time we did a race here we get where one is always French to do. Some motors do some motors anyone. Anyone to comment is entered to win and the winner of this race is gon na pick. One of you guys to get a brand new set of hypetrain motors your choice, which one so now's a great time to leave a comment predict who do you think is going to win the hot wing race challenge. Do this. I really really don't want to do this. I think we should do a thing where, even if you get enough, you softy all your wings yeah, yes all right! So if you DNF crash out there be soft to eat all the wings, but he's speaking go treecko and apparently doesn't help Music. Now I came in for the first load here we go. ne. He is down first lap in all three confessed: oh it's, hot, Oh Music, down down for the second second wing dude that overs fast guys, car Wow Cruz in there get in.

So he is so fast at eating. O, my gosh Music he's coming. He went for the milk, oh, this is your chance. This is your chance here. You guys have attended meeting good here. It is what a little gate let's go. Oh God, Stacy it's on par with, like the hottest like Thai food I've ever had that's good yeah. Ja, like the wings, the flavor is strong. We still talk. I honestly thought they're gon na be a little spicier. We got some more, you won't know we're, really good wings. Did you finish? No D took second, despite the fact that you didn't have journal mode. Šta se dogodilo, what happened why I came in for landing and as I hit the ground, the quad flopped over and then, as I took off again, drew self righted me and put it upright and then it caught on the edge and then flipped over it. But you had multiple difficulties: earn your wings pit stops and yet you still be then over yeah that's, pretty impressive yeah. I feel bad for the kid he's literally dying over there. Wait then over did you didn't even finish your last wing? So if you did enough crash out there did you stop to eat all the way I can't feel guilty. I mean you like that fun we like to try other things. You know I like people pushing their limits, but I don't know getting a really neat. Jedan. Would it make you feel better if I ate one? ne, I don't want anyone to endure that Wow.

I don't want anyone to endure that that's the mark of enemy I'm. Not sad. I will say that it tastes bad. It was just the the burning sensation. Are you doing this? Why are you eating that it's kind of a good sport yeah? Well it wasn't until about a minute in that it started to really kick in. It was like the end of the line yeah. It was the end of my second lap when I just went oh here. It comes. O, Bože moj. O, moj Bože, oh this is this. Is the hottest thing I've ever eaten? ne, is this the hottest thing you've ever eaten no it's, not even a hot bitch. Worse than this, oh yeah that's really not bad. This is a hot that is so hot guys, I'm aware of hot wing YouTube videos like I know, it's a thing but, like I don't, really watched like with this. This is what you do you guys just make yourself miserable or Cameron. People like that people gon na watch this yeah did you like this they're, like they're gon na subscribe. I personally don't get it leave this poor guy, getting better I'm getting better. ne, I loved it. U redu, I don't get it. I can't say that I understand why we did this. Did you have fun man over? O, znaš, I will say the mistake I made was on fire yeah, the first two laps and then I had two wings and I made the mistake of going for the moat, because once I started drinking this, it was a hundred times worse.

O, I should have I mean I was already ahead of these guys. He just finished it and then went for it because it gave me a five seconds dump. I was like a bailing on eating my wings like this half my flat, but I went in. Do I eat my wings so fast I mean oh, it took me all like three seconds, goggles off wing mouth glove off done, not even mad! Thank you guys for watching this episode of hot racing laps.