now holy stone. Was nice nice enough to send this out for me to take a look at so i can show you guys it’s ages, 14 and up so uh let’s get that box open. So once you crack the box open, you are greeted with this awesome and i mean awesome case right here. It comes with the handle and what i like about it is it doesn’t have one of those straps. You know i cannot stand straps, i just don’t like them, never did. Whenever i get them. I take them off and throw them in the garbage, but i don’t need to worry about, but with this one because it don’t have it voila and there it is right. There it comes with two batteries and there’s, one of them here’s the controller here’s, the quadcopter. They put it in these little bags here, here’s a little charge, cable about the controller. Then here you got all that stuff! You got this cable. I think you use a little caution thing for the battery and they give you two chargers: spare props. They give you one metal, they give you two spare props and those prop guards. Piše, do not charge in the carrying case don’t charge the battery near fire, where everybody knows that, but they’re reiterating that, for you here’s the manual manual’s laid out pretty good and it has the qr code in there for the app which i am going to Show you here in a second and there it is right there and the app is called hs, which stands for holy stone: GPS, v5 right there.

It is so you see that here’s one of the batteries i’ll take this one out and they are it’s upside down. Even i can’t read upside down right: 7.6, 1, 300 milliamp hour right there. You get two of them here’s. The transmitter oops opens like that here’s the little antenna right here in the back there’s an up close on the transmitter. You got your power button here, your joystick, your camera, Ja sam., not sure what that is, but we will get it figured out when we take out the flight which we are gon na do in this video, then you’ve got your return to home, take off land and Headless mode right there, so yeah look good here’s. The quadcopter itself flip this open real, quick there’s one battery when it comes it’s inserted in here, but it has a little battery guard right there that keeps the pins from touching. So it won’t, you know short out or run the battery down at all, but we are going to remove that for right. Sada, there’s the micro sd card slot. I put a micro sd card in there already. It goes in with the label facing up and it is one of them spring loaded ones, so you have to push it into here and snap there’s, your optical flow sensor, there’s your gimbal, your camera. I think it’s motorized, and that might be what that is right. There up and down on that that would be my guess: here’s the props there’s, the on and off switch yeah.

Dobro izgleda, Izgleda dobro, so what i’m going to do is we’re going to take a look at the app real quick. So we are going to turn it on right here. Let me weigh it up for you just so. You can see if it’s, underneath the limit, or you got to put your number on it. My guess is it’s going to be under the limit. Let me stand off to the side here. Let me put it to where you can see the number hold on a minute here hold on okay over there. You can see it so you’re. Looking at 151, 154. Ja sam., Žao mi je, 154 grama, so you’re safe, you’re safe. We can shut that off yeah, so let’s just turn it on real quick. Let me show you how to bind up the wi fi and all that, so there you go turn that on bind it up like that. I think the level calibration is down and to the right there. It goes. You see that happening right. There we’ll go to the wi fi there’s, the wi fi name, it’s called holy stone, fpv 5g we’ll click on that it says. Please connect your wi fi. I did that we’ll go to prepare now the calibration i’m not going to do that. hoću, when i get outside so we’re, going to go to next on that and then it’s going to have the magnetic calibration, which we’ll do outside also the other one.

I did already with the you know, pulling the sticks down into the right we’re gon na skip that okay, so there’s the camera, and there i go. Oh those flowers are going that i always show how about. If i show this is move there. O, it it’s doing something. Oh it took a picture by itself. ja ne, i don’t know why it did that, but it did see. If it does that again, maybe it recognizes a face or something who knows, but anyway it did. It took a picture all by itself, that’s pretty cool and then in here you’ve got some of your flight modes, but you can’t do them in here. Follow me and circle mode and all that stuff we’ll try that when we get outside so we’re all good with that right there. But what i am going to do is i’m, going to take it off right here in the house to see if it’s, stable, so it’s a very short little area right here, but at least you’ll be able to hear what it sounds like right inside the house. So i’m gon na take it off right there. You know it’s, always a risky proposition doing something like this in the house. U redu, u redu, u redu, you know you’re always taking a risk of a crash, but you know what i’ll do it for you guys man, u redu, To je, all for you, it’s all about you don’t mind my hair. I need a haircut.

I mean really bad. I think marcus got his, but i didn’t get mine yet okay to actuate the props. Here you go down and in Music Music. Now it does have two rates you press in on that the right stick to get to the second rate, actually it’s pretty stable. znaš: it’s got the optical flow, going it’s, not walking around that much so it’s holding pretty good it’s feeling its way through yeah, so that did uh. That was spectacular for a little indoor hover, at least it didn’t. You know a lot of these gps drones, whether the gps is uh is on or not man they’ll take off in the house and go you know all over the place. I believe i’ve done. It trust me, u redu, so that one uh held pretty firm. So why don’t we take it out, Uh, take it outside and fly it i’m here with the holy stone and the first thing i’m gon na do is i’m. Just gon na fly it around a little bit with the um, with the wi fi off. ne, no wi fi, no gps. None of that stuff. You know just little messing around stuff, just to see how it flies see how stable it is. Ja sam., not shooting any video yet or anything like that, Tako, Music um. It just has this lag. I mean when it’s hovering right there it’s fine right right. There it’s, perfect Music, it just bounces around all the all the time, Sjajna osoba.

U redu, so maybe it’ll be better when the other stuff’s hooked up wow mani just don’tget that at all: u redu, so let’s land it and put the app on and do all that happy stuff and let’s see how that works out. Let’S i’m going to change the battery out, put the app on and the wi fi, and all that good stuff and we’ll see how that rolls. I am doing that. U redu, tako da je, saying please, please please but i’m doing it. U redu, Molim te! Oh okay! So it finally recognized it after spinning it 300 puta, u redu, so it did it good. Lord, u redu, let’s all right, u redu, Ja sam., not saying anything, okay says: gps mode. Dobro, let me check the lag which it has. They all do. U redu, let me start the video up. U redu, we’ll, see right put it in the high rate and take off. I don’t know if the video is recording or not, but i remember, i think those back lights are supposed to flash if it is Music. So let me oh this thing: let me try the video button again: u redu, so it’s flashing. Now so it’s recording here’s the only problem, i don’t know what that guy’s doing out there. He comes out and sweeps the parking lot and i think the guys i hate to say anything derogatory about people, but i mean this guy’s something seriously wrong with this dude man he’s some guy, like my age, he comes out here in these roller blades and sweeps The parking lot with a broomand i don’t know it just let’sget back to let’s get back to this thing.

naravno, this isn’t much better than him. I can tell you that whoa whoa okay, so this thing is, we know what the deal is. That’S right, this is gon na, be okay; u redu. This is okay. As long as you don’t fly it just let it sit there. U redu, it’ll, take some nice clear video for you, Music start moving it around and it does the same thing as the other ones. Ja sam.. Sorry holy stone, i don’t know why you wanted to rebrand this thing. What possessed you to do this Music? I mean those other ones came out eight nine months ago and you’ve seen that they weren’t any dang good. So why would you wan na i don’t get it man, maybe i’m stupid right, maybe i’m, a dumbo Music. The video actually looks very clear, actually way more clear than the uh sema version than this then now i’m. Zapravo, the way this thing can get away from you me being at this office park i’m, actually pretty afraid to fly this thing anywhere of consequence. U redu, because i don’t want this thing taken off on me and running into this this guy over here we can sleep in the parking lot. Yeah you better chill out dude Music. I think he’s gon na do an ice skating simulation here and he’s gon na he’s. Getting all the rocks out of the way, so he doesn’t trip on his uh skates that’s. What i believe is getting ready to happen here, so you’re gon na see it.

This is a dual show. You got the holy stone and you got this guy Music holy stone holy side. Let me see this orbit thing. If it’ll work – Glazba – u redu, hopefully it don’t go into the tree, and if it does, then you know it’s over it’s working, actually it’s doing pretty good. On the orbit, so i wonder if uh i can lower it while it’s doing the orbit sure can um you can just leave and it’ll just fly. U redu, so i’m not doing anything. I don’t even i’m, not even holding the joint stick. So the orbit works great. You know the orbit’s fine, so that works great great stuff. They call it circle fly, but i call it orbit so that works great. I think it worked good on the other ones too so it’s, just when you’re trying to steer the quadcopter it just ah it’s. So frustrating man, you know i really appreciate holy stone and these companies sending these products out. I really do believe it or not, because somebody always winds up enjoying them, because i never keep any of them. I always give them away and pay the shipping. When i give them away, but they need to quit putting this gps crap on these toy quadcopters, they need to just stop just damn. Stop it yeah. Believe me. He wants to come all the way over here with that goofy broom. I’Ll. Take that thing and yeah, you know what i’m talking about.

I don’t have to say it right. To je., a family show here: u redu, Glazba: this is a family, pokazati, Glazba, all right so battery’s about halfway down. I don’t know what the flight time is. Dan. Da budem iskren, i don’t really care look how jerky that thing is when you want to turn it when you want to try to steer it, i mean you know what that looks like it. Just hit me right out of the blue. It just hit me. It looks like the house on the wizard of oz when it’s taken off from the tornado and it’s going it’s going to oz, okay that’s what this that’s. What that quad looks like when it’s spinning around, like that it’s like it’s, caught in a tornado and it’s off, to see the wizard Music? Oh okay, i’m done with this thing. U redu, let me let me kill the video real quick. Imam. Ta save the video i’ll put it in there. I don’t know if i’ll put it at the end. I’Ll, probably just leave the screen recording in the corner, the headcam and then i’ll put the the sd card, video on the end of the video, so yeah i’m, going to give this thing a huge thumbs down, i mean i can’t i get. I can’t give anything a more thumbs down than this okay. This is a thumbs down as it gets when you fly these really nice quadcopters, these djis and hotels, and all this other crap, and then you roll into something like this.

It makes it very difficult to have any patience. U redu, because you get very frustrated with this stuff when you shouldn’t have to, because actually this thing here would probably be decent if they would have just got rid of the gps, got rid of the optical flow sensor and just made this thing just a stock flying Quadcopter, it probably would have been good with the you could yeah you can leave the camera on there. You don’t have to have wi fi to have a camera. You know you don’t have to have an app. You can just have a camera just hit a button and it comes on, znaš, starts recording while you’re flying around line of sight. You know you don’t have to have wi fi and gps and all this crap on these things. You know it’ll work without it believe me anyway.