Welcome to ours by drone it's that time of the week again, g'day lloyd, Pozdrav, how you doing greg i'm doing spectacular, i've had a great week. I went down and visited cronulla this week with john and also call me dash and also we had um. Oh and i've just had a brain meltdown gary no was it gary. I can't think of his name. U svakom slučaju, we had another of our viewers down there and we went and met with sutherland shire counciloh good, good good. I can think of nothing better to do with my day than to visit with local council members. Exactly i mean who who doesn't like to sit in a bunch of boring old politics? You know uh trying to argue a point that they're going to make up their mind regardless what you say so yeah, but oh hang on stop the presses. Stop the presses press the button for me, please lloyd, press the button there's a chat that's got to go up on the screen. Oh okay, Dobro! Let me get it! Let me get it here. We go whoops, ah too much technology. Šta je to? Ah there? We go yeah, i see it should be popping up any second. Sada 20 super chat from none other than mr ken herron money for vegemite. We need our vegemite yeah with lucky it'll pop up here in a minute or so did you get it? Pa, i thought i did i'll put it up there.

There we go it's there again yep. It came okay, Dobro, thanks ken for the super chat, as always absolutely but let's get back to try. Vegemite he'd he's tried it we've had him yeah some time ago, but we did get him to try it. Oh okay, um so let's quickly talk about sutherlandshire council. They um they originally over a year ago, now put up signage at um, a local beach saying. Drones were prohibited um. We we didn't like that. So much so we went and fought them and went back and forth and back and forth, and they originally said casa told us to do it. Casa said no: we didn't, then they said air services told us to do it. No air services said no. We didn't do that and they said sydney airport told us to do it and no sydney. Airport didn't tell anyone to do that because the only advice sydney airport put out was the standard exclusion zone around the airport, and this is outside that area. Tako, to cut a long story, short i've done, uh freedom of information requests going back and forth and battling with council, and recently they said. Let'S have a meeting at the siding question, so they invited us down and we we met on top of a helipad at the beach in question and they then said: Oh dobro, they see this helipad. This is going to be decommissioned in three months and the reason that the drone ban happened was because we got a report about this helipad saying that you know there's it's, an uncontrolled area and therefore we've got to ban drones for safety reasons right.

The one thing they didn't know is that i had already obtained that report under freedom of information and spoken to the aviation consultancy company, who said no. This report should not be relied upon as evidence to ban or restrict the use of drones in accordance with casa regulations. Ah, so i got there and i challenged them with that and they kind of didn't know how to respond other than to say that when the when the helipad is decommissioned, um the the the drone prohibition signs will probably go down and between now and then, if You apply to go and fly your drone in the area and ask them for permission: they'll probably grant it. I think that's good, but the reason that i want to get the signs down is because of the the stigma that's attached with flying a drone right. So yeah you go fly somewhere and people go. Oh drones are bad, Vidjeti, you're, breaking the law, you're breaking the rules and right exactly yeah. So anyway, that's what's been happening this week for me um, so they've kind of backed down without losing face. If you know what i mean, you know they they could have maybe gone just one step further and uh put, znaš, taken five five minutes to put up a little sticker underneath it says uh, except with you know, permission you know where it says: no drones, Except with permission that's already correct, it does already say that it does already say that, but the problem is they don't tell you how or why or where or who to get permission from, and no one would have any idea.

Tako dobro, there again contact us that would be a nice little sticker too. It wouldn't take long to post anyway, let's uh let's go and get started and we're going to get into the news. As always the ozby drone news is brought to you by air data. Uav is your drone healthy or is it about to surprise you on your next flight don't, wait to find out discover under the hood information and review the early signs of problems before you take off again use the discount code ozbydrone20 to get a 20 popust? There is a link to their website in the description for today's video now before we start just a quick one, we're going to skip just from my producer, the very first news story and go to the second one reason is the first news story is about casa And flying legally in australia, now john um had a conflict at this time and he's going to come in a little bit later and we'll chat to him about that. So we'll go to that story later, oh, and i nearly forgot one other thing today is a global flying week. So anyone who wants to fly go and send us your rtmp data. There are people in the chat that will help you to do that. If you're watching on the ready set drone channel we'll get someone to post that data in there as well and we've already got our first flyer joe, so let's go and get joe up on the screen.

Actually let's do this let's play the first clip and i'll go and get joe on the screen so go and take it away with that video let's just play it. I'Ll read the info later. zapravo, do you want to read the notes from um this one? While i thanks grumps yeah, u redu, listen, this video was taken by a drone and shows several cruise ships at a chipper ship, breaking yard uh, where they are being stripped down for scrap and we we did have some discussion about this and it's cheaper for them to Decommission these ships than to pay the maintenance fee, while they're not being uh being utilized because of coven 19.. So absolutelyand this is something that certainly uhmy mother would be interested in my mother and father they're, big cruise ship fans and uh right yeah. So i like the one with the golf course right there, the putting green on there. I wonder if that's for sale, i might buy it for my presidential ship. Pa, we've got our first flyer up here: let's go and cut over. I think this is joe blaylock. Now joe i'm going to turn down the audio from you, because otherwise we're going to open a hole in space and time, do me a favor, joe and mute your youtube, and that way we won't hear this audio coming back. That would be really good, ali u međuvremenu, go and take off now, while joe's getting ready to take off we're going to go and explain a couple of things about today's show.

The whole idea of today is for viewers on both oz by drone and ready set drone to go and fly. Your drone in your area, in your neighborhood, wherever that is so joe, is now flying i'll see if i can we've still got the audio coming back. I'Ll turn that back on later, but uh joe, if you can hear us um, tell us and talk to us about where you are and if you can turn off the youtube volume that way we won't hear that feedback, oh wow, so this is joe flying where He is now anyone else who wants to fly you're welcome to do that as well. The instructions are in the ozby drone channel if you're watching on ready set drone um i'm i'm trying to post them both so that they'll have the information there. Hvala za taj, lloyd, hey everyone, there we go hi joe, so anyone who does want to come in and fly make sure you turn down the volume on the youtube stream. You won't be able to hear us, but you just narrate the video, as you would like. Tell us where you are where you're flying what country or state you're in would be a good place to start, and this is joe flying live right now in in his neighborhood, where he lives they want to know. Can you fly with the smart controller? I'M? Not sure if they can change the uh rtmp on that or not.

If you can change the rtmp uh, then yeah you should be able to do it with smart controller. So let's just quickly talk about that. This is washington, state, washington, u redu, washington, state, da, there's. No r in washington, i say at washington but i'm from oklahoma, so washington state for those that want things said the right way. Sada. If anyone does want to fly today, and they have a an fpv rig that they can get into a computer with a virtual camera, i'll provide a url that you can use for that as well. It'D be nice to get a few fpv flyers in as well. da, the agent cases at washington, too i've just pasted the rendezvous flying link into the ozby drone chat. You can put that on the other one that would be great, Vidjeti, look at the sky there or is it's breaking up a little bit. Oh that ain't gon na work. Let me try this okay, so a couple of things people have mentioned to me, particularly chris hope mentioned today, that he was getting ready to go fly today and if you're running ios 14, there is a bug, unfortunately, which means you can't, Uređivanje, the url. So if you've flown with us before and you haven't changed it, the good news is, you can do that again. But if you haven't flown before and you don't have a url correctly set, that might be a problem for you. Now i've got yaoi over here and he's.

Getting ready to go and fly with us. Yowie is the gentleman who was down at the beach with us very recently. Now i can see him there, but i've got black screen. Tako, just letting you know that now lloyd are you still there? Oh we've got something very weird happen: i'm, getting this camera coming up from lloyd. If i could get my producer to just disconnect rendezvous and reconnect there, we go there, we go he's back. I had too many tabs open. I hit the wrong accent. I suddenly realized i was going to tab back to it and all of a sudden i couldn't couldn't find the right tab. My bad now i've got yowie here, but he's um got black screen so i'm going to disconnect him and see if he comes back all right. da. Anybody who, who wants to fly fpv, use that uh the rendezvous link that i posted in the uh ready set drone channel and the rendezvous link that greg set at the ozby drone channel yeah yeah we're, just letting you know again. I'Ve got a black screen. I don't have any video from you, so if you could try and get that sorted out, u redu, while he's flying there, let me see if anyone else is getting ready to fly. Not at this stage you did mention the problem with the ios 14. da. So if you're using ios, 14 and dji go where you go and edit the the rtmp url ooh, what have we got going on proximity let's check, getting ready to land yeah? Hmm? Oh there he is yeah there's joe blaylock, ain't technology.

Wonderful, the fact that he's going and there we go okay we'll go back to our studio for the moment. Hvala ti, joe for flying with us now, i'm waiting i'm. Having a look over here, yowie p51. Also um gary over there reconnect, unfortunately i'm getting a black screen from you at the moment today. So i'm not going to be able to put you up on screen, hopefully that'll clear itself out as we go through the day. Let'S get back to the story, Iako. The story is if you're running ios 14 and you use dji go instructions. You'Ve got to edit the url and when you click the button, dji go crashes. Now i had a chat with chris hope earlier today and let me get the message that chris sent through to me. He actually pasted the official response from dji, which has disappeared off my phone. Pa, that's, not good that's, not good, it was there. I promise it was there. Oh hang on we've got two chris hopes that's. Zašto? O, neither of them really two chris hope user accounts. Look ultimately dji said: it's an it's, a bug related to ios, 14 and mid october, is kind of when they're going to put out a bug fix for it. So we've just got to wait for dji nothing. We can do about it, no work around. Nažalost, if you are a geek, Međutim, you could try and use itunes on a windows, machine or other methods on a mac to edit the configuration of dji go for, but that's really geeky, stuff, yeah and definitely beyond yes, but the url in before the update yeah.

Oh joe blaylock said he put the url in before the update so that's why it worked for him if it's already in there, you can go fly today, yeah yeah, by the way, quick little point: um anyone who's watching a little bit later today, we're going to Have some fun with um a stump the yank competition, so lloyd's got some questions for us and we're going to ask the questions we're going to do it in chat. You need to be in the ozby drone chat to do that. One and when we have those questions, we're going to give away a copy of no limit drones. So if you're, a dji flyer and you'd like to get a copy of no limit, drones make sure you're ready to answer a few of those questions. So that will be some fun coming up. Yeah and i'll try not to use the same ones i've used in the past, because regular watchers are probably already figured out. Half of them or they've looked them up themselves, da, so that ship graveyard interesting let's move on to our next story. For the moment, we've got a record breaking cartographer. This budding cartographer is quick to remind everyone curious about drones that you, don't have to have the best equipment or the fanciest drone let's have a look at the story, so what we're seeing here is a 12 godinu dana star. Here we go and i hope the guinness world records title for the youngest drone cartographer wow, so that's pretty cool at 12 godina.

Can you explain to me i'm, not an american, obviously but what's the laws about children and flying drones? How old can you be? I think if they're under 16, they have to be with an adult. So i think if i remember right and some of the guys in the chat, especially part 107 people could probably uh answer that better than me, but i think under 16. They have to be in the company at one point: they made it unlawful for anyone under 16, but i think they've gone back and kind of pulled that back and yeah. This guy is pretty good for one of them. Mappy maker thing people's, like you, were describing earlier yeah, but it's cool um. You know getting a hobby where you can actually use drone equipment to go and survey an area and do orthomorphic photo stitching of all of those images. Put them together to help share that information back to the rest of the world to the rest of the community. It'S really cool now the full video link for this is in the description, go and click that, if you want to hear more but we'll go back to the studio for now and stop that video, but that's really cool now, have you ever done any? Have you ever done any orthomorphic photo stitching, i can't even pronounce or ortho, i can't even say the word. How could i do it? ne, i haven't. So anyone who wants to try it there's a piece of software pix4d and you can try it out.

It'S, a free piece of software install it on your um, your laptop do a mission and you can put that together and it looks really really cool. You can build up a big photo of a of an area now let's have a quick check, see who we've got coming in oh and the guys said to get their license. Dio 107. They have to be 16., but as a hobbyist there isn't an uh there's, not a an age limit. U redu, as a hobbyist, no age limit, so yeah you can go and become a cartographer and uh go flying if you're, even if you're at 16 11 correct. You can be a if you've got a son or daughter that's 11 godina. They can be a world record holder, so that would be cool let's move on to our next story. Sada – and that is this one: in times of covert tv show the masked singer had a contestant deliver a clue by drone. Oh my gosh look there. It is wow it's, our clue. Dropping drone, that's, pretty awesome, so look it's only a short clip but i'm. Just so amazed by that they couldn't even fly the drone decent, at least they could have got us a decent drone pilot for that just play that again, because you had a bit of a pendulum effect happening there. Let'S play just watch yeah watch what was happening there. Oh my gosh there, it it's is clue.

Dropping drone that's, pretty awesome. Yeah i'd, like her to freeze frame that right there on that. One judge, because that was the best part of the whole show. Nažalost, peter try and freeze frame it go back. Where are we going that one uh? No no nope nope next? Sljedeći, not not yet keep going right. There that's the one best part of that whole show okay, let's move on sorry. I couldn't help myself look let's. Just quickly talk about the logistics of what they did, what they did right, what they did wrong number one. Da, the drone was technically indoors and therefore not using airspace. That'S regulated right, but i did, if i recall i can't rememberwas kasser or the faa. That was um planning on regulating or trying to regulate flying indoors. Was that the faa, or was that over here uh? I think it was over there because i haven't heard it uh. I i haven't heard anything about it, but it wouldn't. Surprise me: if the fa excuse me if the faa didn't didn't, try it themselves. This is a kobud show isn't it yeah anyways um, but the point is, regardless of the ability to regulate indoors you're, flying a drone close to people and just play that one more time did. We have prop guards on that. I don't believe so. Oh my gosh. Tamo, it is hard to see it does have prop guards, so at least that's that's, at least that's one thing: now they obviously the pendulum effect, so that makes it harder to control.

Put the two together and you've got a drone indoors near people and you've got the pendulum effect of something swinging down below. To, makes it harder to control it's, something that i don't know that i would have done. I wouldn't have necessarily recommended doing that flight, but having said that, it's it's, interesting and it's unusual, u redu, now let's have a look back over here, i'm. Just going to do a quick check. We'Ve got joe still there as the only person who's tried to get in there and our other one rendezvous we're waiting on yaoi p51 now he's been trying to get in, but unfortunately, we've had a black screen with him. We'Ve got no one else waiting. Do you want to post the instructions again lloyd and in the meantime, let me see if i can, in the meantime, we'll get to our next story, which is this one now this one oztech drones is a drone operator in queensland and they're, offering some farm drone Spraying services but there's something a little bit different they'll, be one of the first to launch swarm operations specialized in spray drones. So we do a lot of for a lot of the biggest growers around this area. We do different spray applications in hard to reach areas. Wet areas um just crops that they don't want to damage their crop. We started with the little drones, but now yeah we've really taken off with the bigger ones, so yeah we're flat out with them now so we're starting to get into um the swarm operations as well.

So we can fly five drones at once, pretty much full time doing or many different farms probably range from you know: corn, sweet potatoes, the orchards and stuff like this to even seeding and stuff, so everything's automated, so that it makes it more accurate so that we Know exactly how much chemical we're putting on so we can reduce the chemical rate and also we're not spreading any chemical where it doesn't need to go so yeah it's. All automated we plan we map out the area find where the field is and all the affected areas that we need to spray, and then the drone just goes and sprays those areas or seeds them because it has a cedar on it as well. So all we do is just mark it on the on the map that we've already taken on the um on the app um and then the drone just goes out and sprays that tree. So we can just mark the tree that we want to spray or the crop that we want to spray. If it's, znaš 10 hectares or 100 hectares sort of thing that we want treated in that area, we can spray all that yeah. Pa, a lot of the stuff we do. They haven't been able to reach those areas. Whether it's been you know the rain's coming and the crops too wet to get on, or they have a disease that they don't want to spread throughout the crop.

With their tractor with their ground rig. We can come in and apply the same sort of chemical or with a lesser rate. We can apply that and not spread the disease through the through the crop, whereas a normal gram rig would definitely is cost effective for them and they're reducing their chemical usage too. Tako, okay and then that's interesting, because i i was not aware of swarm operations being permitted yet under casa, so i'm going to have to do some additional digging to to find out under what part of the rules that that's been permitted. Last i heard it's one operator, one drone that'll be a good one for john by the way, just a reminder, john our regular co host. He um he had a previous engagement at this time. Nadam se da, he'll be joining a little bit later on the show see how we go with that one: yeah uh, u redu, let's, move to our next story. Sada ovaj, i just got no words: moths, aren't known as beasts of burden, but a new super lightweight sensor that they can carry on their backs, might change that a team of researchers at the university of washington developed a sensor that weighs just 98 milligrams. One tenth of the weight of a jelly bean and it can survive a six story fall. These sensors are designed to last three years and collect wirelessly and transmit environmental data like temperature or humidity, Sada, obviously they're using a drone for these in some of the shots that you see there, but then just for the i don't know why they did this, but They'Ve gone and put them on the back of a moth who i mean what is well, i mean i guess, they're trying to show that i mean the moth then flies and drops the sensor well right.

Pa, i think it's, so they use there's. I don't know what is the purpose i mean couldn't. They just use a small drone to drop it that's all it's about is dropping. I think the research was to prove that it's so light that even a moth can carry it but had way too much money and way too much time on their hands to uh uh it's the whole mad scientist thingi guess yeah okay, so i guess the I guess the thing to be aware of is this is sensor data that means, if we have malls in our house they could be potential spies. I just trying to put a different spin on it. You know well, that idea will never take off okay, yeah we've. Already gone to flame yeah with that, i think don't go into the light with that. I think we might go and have a little bit of fun and we're going to do. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls it's time to play, stop the game that's right. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the fun part of the show where we normally stump our guests and our guest today was going to be lots of people flying, but due to the wonders of dji and ios, no one's flying but we're still going to play stump. The yank now, instead of doing this as a game with our on screen guest playing the game, you're gon na play in the chat.

Now you do have to be in the ozby drone chat now lloyd. You can paste that link to the pop out chat. One more time you can still watch the show on ready set drone, but you need to participate in the ozby drone chat. U redu, yeah give me a second here to get that link so remember. I shut out a whole bunch of stuff and yeah yeah yeah yeah. I don't know another one, so i'm, a little slow today. Where'D it go there. It is all right uh. What do you mean slow today? Ladies and gentlemen, boys just kill that yeah did it again right, da. Dobro. I got too many windows opened up that's. My problem uh, i think this is yeah based all right that's, the pop out chat for the ozby drone. So if you guys want to type in that and still watch it on the uh ready set drone channel just pop that open, and then you can answer the questions in that link. U redu, now here's what we're giving away we're giving a copy of the no limit drones software. This software will enable you to disable the no fly zones and the height and altitude and speed and braking limits, i, in fact everything that you would want to potentially tweak on your drone there's all of the settings that you can change and tweak and modify in There now this software normally sells for how much does it it's um 35 euros or equivalent in your local currency? So it's, znaš, it's a decent price we'll give away yeah.

All you need to do is get the best fastest answers to these questions. Sada, the first one, how many questions have you got lloyd, Uh? I think i'm gon na do uh. Pa, i'll do three: u redu, so here's? What we're gon na do the first two questions? Everyone can participate. Everyone can answer after the first two questions. Only those people who are the first to answer those first two questions can answer the subsequent ones. U redu, so you've got to be in for the first two questions: u redu, let's go what's the best one uh it's, the term manchester okay, i'm gon na and i've got to have both these opened up here. So give me manchester: is it a uh sheets? Is it a place uh in uh in well in australia, or is it what a guy does when he beats on his chest manchester? U redu, now let's have a look at the chat there. Thunderbird sick has put um 42, which is the answer to all life's questions, naravno, but we're not going to let that one go my pi drink greg. I was configured and ready to fly, but the reply back from no reply back from you so shut everything down battery being wasted. Oh mate, i was um. I was busy doing all of this stuff over here. So apologies. I didn't see it before well. Uncle bob says united city, a city in england, chestnut thunderbird, six thunderbird. Six is the first person to okay answer that question correctly that's one for t bird.

Da, it is cheats, it's, not a city in england you got ta remember this is stunt the yanks with aussies slang, so thunderbolt aussie swings yeah yeah. This is all i was saying: u redu, uh let's see what's the other one uh okay, u redu, Uh. Two up now is that australians version of 7up is it uh, two mates that are drunk or is it a gambling game played on anzac day, u redu, two up two up: is it australian's version of seven up? Is it two mates that are drunk or is it a gambling uh game played on anzac day? U redu, watching the chat e0 said a which is his answer. We got two drivers: gambling, brent nunley you're, the first person to answer that question. We'Ve got one for t bird and one for brent nunley, so they will answer uh. They will answer the uh. The next question, and basically the first of them to answer correctly, is going to win today. U redu, Sada, we might have a tie breaker if they both answer. U isto vrijeme, yeah we'll see how this one here, because it always has some uh let's, see some of these. I can't use guys they're, just not appropriate for a daytime show: okay yeah. There are a few things in aussie slang that would be nsfw, ali u svakom slučaju, pravo, Uh, u redu, goon! Is it the best invention ever produced by mankind? Is it a guy that works for a mobster, you know in australia? Is it your ugly sister in law? Let me let me go a little further.

The best invention of mankind would be a box of wine or your ugly sister in law, or a guy who works for a mobster or thunderbirds. U redu, my pi dream let's have a look he's, sending us some data, now let's get back to that and it's just a dress, worn by my bride. Some of the answers are good. Even with the yeah uh won that night, so uh he won the uh uh yeah t bird um make sure you chat to us in uh our software a little bit later and we'll definitely get that up for you, we'll get that license for you later yeah. Sada, i'm, just going to pause for a minute, yeah yeah, so i am seeing right now connecting fps 0.0 here so here's. The deal if you're seeing connecting it is not connected so go and check the spelling of the url, make sure there's no space at the beginning or at the end of that, okay make sure it's just 100. That url, as you saw we've, already had someone come up earlier and he was working just fine if you're using an android phone that will work fine if you're using an ios phone. We just found out today that there's a bug in ios in the current version, where you cannot edit that url, so unfortunately, we just found about that today already have one for no limits give to the other guy. So thunderbird is asking us to give to the other person brent lanley, you've you've won a copy of no limit drones.

So congratulations on that yeah. Just contact us through email get we'll, get your information and he'll. Send it to you. U redu, in the meantime, let's do another quick news story: um we're still waiting for my pi dream to come up, it's, not physically reaching here at the momentand i know he did ask me to test it with him, and i said yesterday: look we do this. Every month, and it just works, so it'll be fine, but then, as fate would have it, his connection is the one that's not coming up so anyway. Let'S face that url for everybody. In the meantime, the department of the interior in the us is directing government purchases of drones to use blue suas, ili, in other words drones made in america. Dji has been trying to counter the u.s security concerns for some time. Prvi, it introduced special government edition of some of it drones in june 2019. This video that we're going to watch was released, describing how these editions differ dji's position. The issue is not about privacy or data security, it's about trade protectionism, let's watch the clip drone technology has evolved rapidly over the past decade. What was once a niche consumer hobby has become a trusted technology and an essential advantage for commercial and government entities around the world. Dji has developed a new hardware and software solution that allows government agencies to confidently use drone technology, while keeping in accordance with stringent i.

t and data security requirements. Let'S just pause. The video can i get you to press pause there. Producer we've got my pi dream literally right. Now there we go. I might mute that we got a fair bit he's apologizing for the fogging of his lens, but it's really humid there yeah. Tako, just a quick little introduction, my pi dream another fellow youtuber um he's in the philippines uh. Očito, the philippines is a hot location, a hot climate. I wanted to get his vision up on screen, while it's um before he runs out of battery there. His name is james tanner yeah, now let's see how the audio is going see if it's cleaned up now the audio is not so good. So what we'll do we'll watch the vision and i'll i'll do a little bit of an explanation of um james and his channel. He he's migrated to the philippines he's, an american citizen he's gone over there and built a house he's married to a lovely filipino lady. As am i actually a very lovely filipino lady who's also, my producer does a very good job doesn't. She really did good, so james has gone and built um his house over there and on his channel he does a regular um production showing the building process of his house from beginning to end. You actually get to watch the construction process. He'S also done some videos flying over ta'al volcano, which is a local volcano over there and that's of interest because um it erupted um.

What month was it was it i can't remember now january january i was gon na, say, january or february. The first part of the year yeah, so he's got a neighbor that's now about to go and commence a building process, and he said he was going to go and have a look over both his house, his garden and potentially his neighbor. But as you can see, it's quite quite humid out there today, wow yeah, the philippines is that's the southern hemisphere same as you so they're coming into uh. What summer they don't have summer autumn summer, yeah they've got they've, got wet and very wet yeah that's that's. True they're going into their winter and their winter. What would the average temperature be? Their winter is 16 ili 17 degrees celsius. Joe blaylock wanted to know. If he was on arco, drone solutions. Last week he may have been because art aren't uh yeah he was he was on yeah's channel last weekend. Absolutely last week, yeah yeah i've met him on uh. First time i met him was on arch place uh. He came in as a guest on uh art's place. This show i do on sundays with art, and can you do me a favor to any of our viewers there? Can you can one of you look up his channel it's called mypi dream post the link in both my channel and also in ready, set drone he's one of those channels that everyone here should subscribe to.

Um it's he's got some really amazing great content, yeah he's. He he does there. It is he's a good storyteller, yeah i've been subscribed to him, for i don't know how long i've been doing art show, but ever since then i think uh. I have because i think he was a first guest when i started uh co hosting with arch place now i'm. Just going to point out one interesting point: um the vision, even though he's got a lens that's a little bit fogged up today, the internet capability from the philippines. As soon as i say that at glitches i was going to say, the internet capability of the philippines exceeds that of australia. They have fibre going to the home for for their residents over there and we've still got antiquated technology in australia. So we've got the third world internet and the third world country has got the first world internet it's, Uh, frustrating yeah. I can understand now yeah they're in my term, okay yeah, when james has landed we'll, get him to uh we'll, send the rendezvous link that you're, using lloyd to him right and we'll, get him to come in and pop in and say hello. Let me paste that to him in an email now see if he's about yeah may or may not work. I think he was wanting to know if he was on and uh yes he's. Definitely on yeah that that uh fog, there just looks pretty awesome in those uh gary greeley, said he's watching from maine his pitch black darkness there, so yeah it's it's at seven in the morning in the philippines, u redu, da, australia uses tin cups and dreams, tin cups, Yeah yeah well yeah.

It may as well be a dream. You'Ve got a dream of internet yeah, hey it's, nbn it's, the best you can get no bloody network yeah. Pa, as i always say, znaš, you can't expect anybody. You know you get the best crashes in the world from nbn, so we definitely have a lot of fog there. Pa, not so much fog, it's, humidity, there's humidity, which is um affecting the camera there. So yeah we'll stick with him until he lands, ali u međuvremenu, let's just have a quick chat about the blue suas topic. Now dji's position was that the issue is not about privacy or data security, it's about trade, protectionism, agree or disagree. Question to both you lloyd and to the channel, is it now about trade protectionism or is it about data security and why well here in the states, i think it's i mean and that's who they're addressing i'm going to say it's a little bit of both because Dji still has to report to the chinese government. They'Re still, you know owned in part by the chinese government because it's a communist nationand they can say all they want, but until the u.s government goes through and tests each one of these drones. They don't know which ones might be sending something back and not not trying to be a conspiracy theorist, but you know it is what it is. This is a giant. This is a communist government, they're not known for truthfulness, and so i think it's a little bit of that and then uh yeah tinto says about political position and in some way it is that too, because the chinese have stole so much from each from all of Our countries uh, znaš, and it is it's politics, it's money and cyber security, and i think it comes down to it's a little both as we see that beautiful shot of the house there wow i wish um.

I wish it was not such a humid day. Danas, it's early in the morning over there and we needed to be early, so we can get some american flyers in but uh right. That makes it very early over there in the philippines beautiful house, so you've got to watch his channel because he does. He does stuff does his shows from inside his house. Sometimes you know different parts of it and he's got a beautiful house. You know it's, just just a gorgeous house. Villa felice is the name of his house that he's given it it is a gorgeous home yeah. Um here's what i'm going to say back to this issue, though the whole talking back to china when dji first was pinged about this and the the right the security researchers were looking at this. I was one of those researchers and i reverse engineered and captured and intercepted the traffic that was going from dji go out right and i made a video on it and there was just so much chatter out there and it wasn't just going to dji. It was going to other companies as well, and that was the problem. U redu, thank you james, for that it was absolutely wonderful. James i've sent a link to your inbox. If you want to come here and come and say hello on screen, that'd be all so welcome, but just finishing on this issue, um dji go was sending data to all sorts of companies that's a fact, but did they do it intentionally or willingly or incompetently they Didn'T, do it intentionally, i don't believe um.

I don't think they did it willingly. I think it was a case of they used third party libraries to do certain things in their application, but they didn't check to see what else was coming on board right when they did that. So they said okay we're going to enable this library. So you can link into qq for social media stuff and share your link onto their platform, but as soon as you do that it was doing all of this other stuff as well automatically, and that was the problem, so i don't think they intentionally did that. But that's the history of where all of this came from. What have they done since then? Is the the latest version of um what's, the new app for the newer drones, not dji go4, the other one um? O, i don't know because i don't have that one uh. You know the one that i mean anyway, the yeah like the new, the the new mavic air 2 uses it, Mislim, and so in that app they've now got a um, an offline or privacy mode. Where it just goes dark. You can still fly the drone. You can still control the drone, everything works, but any communications off it just doesn't happen. So that's good, that's, good right now. The other thing that they did do previously. They had government editions of some of their older drones. Let'S continue watching that video that we were playing a few moments ago and we'll finish hearing about that let's unpause, that it actually allows us to tell our clients that all of their telemetry data, meaning where the drone is flying, is stored securely and not shared with Anyone but them to government clients, data security is everything they care greatly about.

The data that's captured on the drone itself, where it is downloaded where it's to be managed and stored in developing a new solution for government use. The drone itself does not require activation with dji in a ship with custom firmware. This firmware prevents inadvertent or malicious data breaches by ensuring drones and their remote controllers will not pair with off the shelf components. A custom dji pilot flight control app has also been modified to permanently enable local data mode. This feature ensures data security by preventing any connection from the app to dji servers. Having government edition will allow us more control over that process, so avoiding automatic firmware updates that can potentially impact. Our operational schedule is important. It'S also important to government customers allowing the government to test their own firmware and navigate. That directly is important because i think it fits into their overall protocol and compliance have their i.t security department screen the software before it goes on to the fleets. Once people start utilizing the technology, they want to infuse it as a whole into their organization. The ability to collect so we get the idea. This is you know. Essentially, this is an older video where they create a government edition. Let'S start go back to the studio i'm just reading some information here that the sorry guy uh, the the app that you're wanting to know about was the fly app or the dji pilot app on the uh, some of the bigger commercial drones but yeah that's that's.

The name of the two we're trying to think of the name of the fly app is the newest. Dji fly yeah. U redu, in the meantime, i'm. Just quickly. Reading the memo here, the new department of um. What was the department of interior finally acknowledges that the grounding of its drone fleet was never about national security, but rather than thinly veiled economic protectionism? This is words from dji. Five manufacturers were just handed an unfair advantage in the marketplace, as they can build their drones with chinese parts, while other companies cannot. The blue drone companies also charge three to five times more than comparable dji platform, meaning u.s taxpayers are footing the bill for expensive military grade. Drone technology from defense contractors for non military activities such as prescribed burns, wildlife conservation and geological geological surveying. So those are the words from dji um, so here's here's. My take, Mislim, dji screwed up in the past right that left the door open for what's happened since then. Nažalost, it is what it is, and the only way they're going to get back is if they they work out, a way that they can uncouple some of the bits of their software and let the military go and put in the communications layer their own little library. In into the phone and the drone put in their own external communications layer as soon as they do that the problem goes away, yeah and it's in there again it's just the argument between who's in charge, uh dji or the government entity.

That is going to be using this product and you know it's. znaš, like i said a lot of it has to do with politics between china and the united states right now and so but yeah if they just released, released it and allowed the government to build their own software into these drones. I don't think there'd be a problem. Yeah absolutely well. At this point, i'm going to press a magic button and we're going to say hello to james tanner, Pozdrav, james, oops, can't, hear you and it's there we go. Are you there? I can sort of hear you. No lord can't hear you either james, so try another microphone, input in rendezvous or turn your mic volume up. Ako možete, how about that there we go that's, it beautiful, Hej, dobro jutro, um a little bit slow. This morning i apologize. You have an early show. I got ta tell you and uh it's it's tough for me to get everything set up and get the the priority was to get your drone shot. So hopefully i was able to get your drone shot uh but it's my first cup of coffee in the morning. So uh i'm. Actually i think it's isn't it illegal uh to fly without your first cup of coffee. In the morning i don't know some kind of etiquette or some kind of rules or protocol here, but uh it was local. So we have a lot of fun.

Hej, how are you guys doing uh lloyd, good to see you this morning greg thanks for inviting me on the ship, though yeah look, it's lovely, to have you here. Let'S let's, just pause and um. Tell me about uh what you were filming, because we didn't get audio from you at the time we had some static coming through, so just describe what we what we had to look at when you were flying okay. Pa, i would i will, but again i have to apologize it. It rained all night. You saw the the effects and it doesn't it's, not just the effects on the camera on the drone here, i'm gon na i'm gon na show you. I think i can point it to, can you see and let me see if i can get it yeah, can you see the little the white dot? It looks like a little like a very that's, humidity, that's, humidity and there's. A lens cover. The the dj. I'M. I'M, not an expert on all this drone stuff, like you guys but there's a lens cover that's on here and what happens is it's not airtight for some reason and the humidity builds up on the inside of the line. So if you take a little wipe and you try to do the outside it does it does no good, but you know you can unscrew that don't, you um, i haven't screwed it in the past. Can you fly with it without that cover on there? You can that's that that actual um it's, not a lens cover it's uh i'm, trying to remember it's, is it it's a type of filter but a very basic ir filter? I think from memory okay, i can't remember but yeah it's, it's, a filter and in fact, i'll tell you what lloyd you just have a chat to him for a minute.

Let me get something okay and here he leaves me and leaves us in the hot seat. So a that's okay, he left he left. So we can do what we want now that's right, we're we're, going to take over right now, it's been a while, since i've uh chatted with you, it has been yeah, i miss being able to be part. Part of you guys at the show here, uh i but but i am in the background. Sometimes i i watch you guys. The only two drone shows i watch right now until i kind of figure out everybody that's part of these drone shows right. You guys, and i watch art i go on art art is one of my art is one of my favorite favorite, guys and yeah every everybody that i communicate with either on the vlog or on the channel. Oh there's, some you some filters there so yeah! These are my nd filters, or at least one of my packs of nd filters, and generally i go and take that one off by default and throw on whatever's appropriate unless it's an overcast day without much light. So yeah you can definitely unscrew it. You can definitely use a lens cleaning cloth to clean that off and no problem. Pa, i looked i went on lozada here. Our lasada is equivalent to the amazon.com, but at a much lower level, it doesn't have a sophistication right, yet that amazon has and i've looked at the uv filters and what's happening that the the life cycle of dji's uh phantom systems are kind of going away and They'Re going, you know to the the mavic and all the right, they're, really new technologies, up it's it's becoming harder and harder to get the ones.

The lens covers that go for these right here and they're, always out of stock or something like that, especially during the pandemic. Everything has been out of stock over here, but let me let me get back to your original question. I got i kind of do this. I kind of go off on crazy tangents every now and then your original question was asking me: what did everybody see when when i was flying so i basically flew just from the backyard and uh you know, i – and i thank you for um getting the word Out there about the channel uh, hopefully some of your viewers can come in and see some of the stuff that we're doing around here, uh but we're in the middle of a pool bill project so that's we took off from the backyard. So i did a quick fly around the pool. You can see. What'S going on and that's a daily we'll we'll probably have uh 30 da 45 episodes per day for when they do the work you'll see the whole evolution of our pool built. Then i did a 360 around the house that i normally do if the the lens wasn't quite so foggy and something it's actually really beautiful. Maybe the haze haziness inside made a kind of cool effect. I don't know, and they actually did the next thing that i did was. We have two mountain ranges on both sides of us. We have mount malaria, which was the big mountain range that you saw.

I mean it's not as big as the mountains that you see over at art's place up around when he's up in denver, but they're they're, nice side, the nice sized mountains here and then on the opposite side of us. You saw mount moloch. I know my wife's going to tell me you didn't pronounce that right but it's, something it sounds something like that uh that was good to me and and right next to us, i kind of flew you over uh. We have a cattle farm right next to us and uh so that's. What i did i just did you. The local loca tried to give you the two views of the two to the areas. Now uh a point. I heard you talk about our volcano publication that we did in january. It was january when uh tile volcano erupted, and it was a massive eruption, not on the on the context that it blew the whole side of the volcano out, but the amount of ash and damage that did mainly from from the volcano ash. That was going up and how many days it did that because it believe it or not, there was more damage from that volcano from to isle to the north, going to um manila all the way to the west yeah yeah than it was to us and we're 21 kilometers from the center of the volcano, so the prevailing winds dropped so much ash and did so much damage to northern.

We were really lucky because had the winds been blowing over here, we literally would have had two to three inches of of ash on our roof and the ash is just like cement and actually they add, that's an additive to their cement mixes over here. It'S. Very very heavy, and you can imagine what two inches, especially on roofs around here, that are more flexible and they did and they did and we showed we visited the locals like in limery in that area over by town, and we showed all the roofs that were Caved in on a lot of those structures over there, but that's that's what i uh i wanted to get just the local area, yeah and uh. Just one more thing. I just wanted to share with people as well in the um aftermath of that volcano. Both of our channels did some some good community building stuff. You were doing stuff through rotary, da, um and uh. You went to some of the relief centers and helping out there. We go the rotary, the rotary we did uh and that that's a big organization uh. That is also supported by rotary international, so we had funds coming in from all over and we did a distribution to evacuation centers that were right there at the volcano, and i also set up a gofundme where we collected. O, it was something like 200 000 pesos. It was quite it was quite, i had to shut it off because the money was coming in so quickly and uh, and that was dedicated to our local community, because our local barangay right here outside of our subdivision right here, we we took in many many of The evacuees locally right here, because we're far enough, we were just outside that zone of i don't know what they call the zone of fire zone of death, whatever it was, and what we did is ness and i, with the funds that we got from wonderful people, Like you guys, Uh, we went out ourselves, we controlled all the assets we went out.

We bought the medicine we bought, the we went to the grocery stores. We bought the groceries and we hand delivered it both to the the bronchi hall, which is the the the official it's like their little government right there we worked with them, plus we went with them to each one of the houses and distributed families. So we played, we played a big part uh, and hopefully we made some kind of uh positive effect for that yeah and just sharing for those who may not have um been around watching our channel. At that time.