GD-006 Diamond DA62 RC Airplane Flight Test Review
This inexpensive easy to fly beginner's model of the Diamond DA-62 is extremely aerodynamic and quiet in flight. Ga pronaći ovdje

Good looking flying model of the Diamond DA-62 light aircraft.
Comes with transmitter.
– 2 channel gyro stabilized. Very easy to fly. Great learn to fly RC plane.
Very quiet in flight. You can't hear it until you're close enough to touch it.
– Njegova 3.7 V 300mah battery (whiite Losi connector) is very common and inexpensive. You should be able to easily find replacement batteries to keep you flying.
Although it's a DIY, it's very easy to build in about 30 minuta.
It's cheap.

Glue is required for assembly. But it's melt resistant EPP foam, I just used simple contact cement for assembly (most glues should work with EPP ).
Be careful with the throttle. Too much throttle will send the nose up high leading to stalls.

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