This is a xm version. They have made some changing with extra bracing in the frame, so it's gon na make it fly even better. If you decide to get it, so mine is the original prototype, as you see here with no bracing, it also has a TPU mount on here that they have a very light version on mine, which I like also a wheelbase of 105 millimeters on this little guide Is a 3s machine we're going to also fly with the runcam nano 2, which is a great choice? 2.1 milimetar, lens TPU canopy is also just crazy. Ultra durable have my mounted dipole in the back, which I love my antenna posts coming out there and my xm talked just underneath the canopy. It doesn't even need anything to hold it down because it stays in there. Nice and snug 400 milliwatts VTX is awesome. Go way out there a little push button on the side for changing bands and channels, and we have a little bit of dampening all the way around top and bottom on this flight controller it's, the cram F 411, a IO with 15 amp BIA heli for money, Scs capacitor all the bells and whistles there, and the USB port is on the very bottom if you're looking for that, XT 30 on the bottom, kao i uvijek, with all these micros and today, I'm using the HQ 65 millimeter T mount props on here. These are the newer ones, don't try to find a link put those down below for you.

These are super smooth sky stars branded motors, and these babies are 1103 8000 kV motors super hopped up little micro motors four bolts on the bottom super skinny arm, and it did take some beating. So the frame is pretty tough: 65 millimeter props stickers and an extra canopy also come in the box, which is pretty nice very, very durable. That TPU stuff is awesome, let's go ahead and turn on the scale and zero it out and see what kind of dry weight we get. That means with no battery except the quad on. There looks like 48 grama, nije loše. Sada, s 3 s, 450 we're gon na get up to 88 grams and with the 3 X, 5 50 50 MB we're gon na get up to 99 grama. Not bad let's do some flying all right, guys let's go ahead and do some flying now. The fpv flight test let's see how the piper does the 105 first off my first power loop there. That was a lot of fun and right away on the sticks. I knew that the tune was pretty loose for freestyle. It also has that sort of Truex characteristic. I don't know if some of you guys are familiar with that. Coming from the H style frames, moving over to the Truex style, design frames really kind of felt a lot looser than the original, like zmr 250 type quads. We were flying on originally starting out on 3s and we went to X frame it kind of changed a lot as far as the nimble side of the quad goes and with something this small around 105 millimeters.

It makes it really really zippy on the sticks. It'S. Just really snappy and tight on the loops, which I love and it's so fast on the 1103 zone 3s that I just I don't even know which direction to fly next it's a lot of fun to fly and since it's such a small footprint, 105 millimeter lets. You kind of squeeze in between things in a small parking lot and kind of have a lot of fun in like a really small space, so that's. Why we're flying in the parking lot today, because there's tons of little trees out here, but I can just zip around and zoom around and kind of play around and really I'm just kind of seeing what this quad can handle down. Low took a couple, hits and survived, which was cool and I've done less and broke frames before so. This one probably looks around 2.5 da 3 millimeter unibody thickness on the bottom of it, but I love the snap and it is really cold today. So my batteries are around the end of the season now and their sagging out a lot, but if you can run something like in the 550 raspon, na 1103 is really like a 550 da 600 milliamp battery that's. What I would suggest going for, I really wouldn't, run 4s on this, because then the es es are 15 amp and you might end up possibly ruining your es es if you run it for us you're, just kind of pushing it a little bit but yeah.

If anybody tries it, pustiti mene znati ako Internet utvrde. I'Ll give it a shot myself. I just didn't want to fry this. On the first day, for you guys there I took another hit in a crash in the bush. This quad took a lot of hits, which I really like for around the hundred dollar range. If you were looking for a little Ripper, that is just a freestyle maniac, it feels like a little miniature like a little miniature five inch. Stvarno, iskreno, I said for years that in the micro community guys started to say: oh man, these micro fly like five inch and I would say no, they don't. ne, they don't, Ne, they don't. Konačno, we're at the point where they actually do feel like a five inch, which is really really cool I'm able to get in here nice and low and tight down to the pavement, which is fun. I really wanted to fly under the van. But I didn't want to smack right into the side of the van with no prop guards now back down here along this side around this little tree back between the tree and the light pole, it's, so quick and so snappy it's tons of fun to fly and Since it is a decent price, that also brings a fun factor up right here: I'm using the stock 65 millimeter props higher up, you can see more jello in the tune down low it's, not really so noticeable.

I also experimented with some props. I tried to prop down a little bit, sometimes that will help reduce some of the jello. If you have a little bit of jitter vibes in the tune at high throttle, you can prop down to like 2.5 palac, and I use some 2306 as well to test those out. They didn't quite work out as quite as well. So I went back to the HQ 65 milimetar. The new versions of the HQ 65 milimetar. Try prop nice little speed, prop super nice, thin cord, then tapered tip really smooth flying prop and I'll. I'Ll show you those at the end of the video here. I have them on the quad if you didn't notice in the first part of the video looking pretty good here, though just making some runs around the parking lot. So you guys can kind of see like what the speed looks like with this quad. It is pretty Sippy now out to the trees for a little bit of freestyle fun. I wanted to try out a nice solid power loop with this quad and see if it can handle its up over these trees and tight in back around through the bottom let's. Go for one more nope, coming up a little bit late on that one back over the trees. For a little snap there, a little bit of a dive it handles dives back down to the ground like a champ. It doesn't bog out at the bottom of the dive, which is really cool and it's just so maneuverable, look at that.

It whips snaps, underneath the trees back down underneath the trees it's crazy. This quad is insane if you want to learn freestyle start here with something like the piper. This little guy can pretty much do anything you can throw at it. Look at that perfect power loop. That was awesome power all the way around and back under the tree. Nice little y'all snap, there really snappy on the aw, također, which I love really responsive, fly control, and this is the first time I've flown the cram at four, so I'm, pretty impressed with the cram f4. I can usually tune these things a little bit better, but this is pretty much what you get out of the box back up there for a boost coming back down. I really really really enjoyed flying the piper and I have to say this is probably one of the quads recently that surprised me, because sometimes with Sky starts, I don't expect the world. It is a more budget. China, brand and it's definitely not up on par with like something like gap, RC gear, but they're they're pushing their stuff higher and higher all the time. As far as the quality goes look at that no problem and I'm running 25 mil away here, you guys can crank it all the way up to 400, Ako želite, but the run cam nanotube was the right choice and adding the new frame race in The front in the back just a little more rigidity: it's, just gon na give you a little stronger, quad and it's gon na fly a little bit better than mine.

It won't have as much vibe to it, but this is looking pretty good. Really a nice release from sky stars, I haven't flown a lot of there micros back room for one last power: loop, awesome I'm at the very bottom of this battery. This battery is like wanting to land right now, and then they got a minute and a half out of that one, but if you guys decide to let's get back in the studio now, if you decide to run this quad run it on something like a 3s 550 milliamp to 600 milli amp, because the 1103 s they want a little more milliamp in the battery. If you run a 450 on a cold day, you're gon na get like a minute and a half just going crazy with it. If you're just cruising two minutes, if you're running the 550 ili 600 milliamp you're gon na, get it like three and a half minutes cruising, you could probably get four minutes out of this quad and I was running it kind of hard. So I really like that the top of the quad feels rigid and the newer one is gon na be even more rigid, because this one has holes carved out of the bottom to lighten it up a little bit. I like the dipole in the back. That was a really nice addition and the rigidity of this one's not bad, but I think they decided to make that last minute change and add some braces in it, so it doesn't flex quite as much as mine, so the new version, the v2 version that I'm Gon na put the link down below will be even better than this one, and this one is a winner.

This one is actually one of the best scoring sky star squad that I've had on the channel in ages, so good job sky stars and thanks for adding the new bracing on the new frame. I think this is probably about 4.5 od 5 very nice quad, guys I'm Justin Davis.