Drone fans Rick here again from drone valley, welcome back to day seven in our 12 days of drone Valley Christmas, and if we get a prize for you today now I know this isn't a drone, but if you're a nerd like me, let's, be honest. If you're watching this channel you're a total nerd, so be happy with that, you appreciate cool technology now I'll get into this in a second, but before I do, when does Christmas come before Thanksgiving in the dictionary on the seventh day of Christmas, drone Valley gave to Me a brand new dashcam for my car that's right we're, giving away a tanker Rove, see one Pro, which is an incredibly cool device. It will record two K high definition, video to the internal micro SD card. Sada, if you've never used a product like this before it couldn't be simpler, you basically stick the camera to your windshield. You plug it into your 12 volt power out and your car and you're ready to go. It has a wide angle lens on the front, so it will record a really wide field of view and it's got a G sensor built in that knows when your car is moving, so it'll sit there, nice and quiet until you start moving the car and then It starts recording the footage in front of you it's the perfect thing to have with you when you're on vacation cuz. How many times have you leaned over to your wife and said, honey? Look at that beautiful landscape over there? Pa, now you can record it to the camera or maybe you live in the Pacific, Northwest and you've looked out the window and said: hey is that Sasquatch, Dobro, I'm gon na get a lot of heat for that one, but anyway it's a cool little device and Once you've recorded that video, you pop out the micro SD card, take it home and you can edit the footage and send it off the family and friends and tell them all about your vacation.

It'S. Također, smart enough that when your car is powered off, the G cents are still active. So if somebody comes along and bumps your car it'll start recording the footage in front of your car. So you can see what that narrow, well what's up. So it's a really cool thing for security as well. Everything you need to use. This is included with the kit, so the cameras in there the Chargers in there, the cables in there they even include a 32 gigabyte memory card, so you're all ready to go. You pop it out of the box, install you'll, be up and running less than five minutes now the contest couldn't be simpler down below there's a link just hit the link, and you enter your email address. After seven days, we'll pick a winner out of the random emails that we get and we'll send this to you. No Chargers, no strings attached; there's, no shipping charges. I don't care where in the world you live again, I like to say no shenanigans, we'll just ship. It to you and you'll be happy to use it and it's a fantastic product. I use one myself and I have in the car all the time and I just love the footage that I get off this camera, so that's pretty much it for today we can't thank you enough for the support on this channel. I know I say it every time, but it's really important. You guys understand how much it means to us to have people subscribe to the channel comment on our videos interact with us around drones and all the other high tech stuff we review on the channel.

I just love putting these clips together and this time of year. I just love giving back so I'm having a great time. I hope you guys are as well. I'Ve had a little eggnog today, I hope that's showing or not, but that's pretty much it for today.