So congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a view of a neat new drone. The FQ 777 f8 monster drone. Now what is the monster drone and well, if you look at it, you say well, it's another one of those floating drones. Da, it is it folds that, like so the front arms go like so in the back arms, be very careful folks. The backgrounds go down and up like so they swivel down, so don't try to force them out sideways or you will break it and then, once the opening up, you got to open up the landing legs like so they're for landing legs on this and that's the Unfolded version of the drone. Sada, what is this monster? Drone there's, the monster drone and so yeah looking at it, you'll see right away that it is a brushless motor gently. I believe these are yeah. These are 1406 brushless motors on this to give it more power. More efficiency from the motors, as opposed as opposed to a best motor Drome, but what is really special about is this is one of the lower cost drone that comes with a two axis: stabilized gimbal, u redu, that's, to keep the image a stable, even if the drones Bouncing a bot like so the camera will automatically try to maintain level view, so you don't get a bouncy picture from this particular drone is the idea. Now the camera on this is being advertised as a 4k camera that's not quite correct.

It is not quite 4k, but it's not 1080p, either it's somewhere in between folks yeah. The resolution of this is 2592 od strane 15, 20 pixels, u redu, that's pretty damn high resolution, and it proves it records that at 25 frames per second okay. So this is a lot higher resolution than 1080p, but it's not quite 4k. Either 4k is 3840 od strane 2160 pixels. Sada opet, this is being advertised as 4k. The way they're doing this folks is the software that you use with this particular drum the vs GPS, app automatically interpolates automatically electronically enlarges the photos that are recorded to your phone and records those photos as 3840 od strane 2160 pixel photos so that that's, how they're claiming 4K folks it's not quite accurate, not quite correct, but again, this is not quite a 1080p camera either it's a lot better camera, but it's, not quite a 4k camera and actually, mislim, it's a security camera is what they're putting in here. You know these home style, these home security cameras that you're seeing pop up right and left everywhere. I think they put one in here folks. It comes with a wide angle lens so expect you know wide angle views but also expect to see with that wide I'm going to use a lot of curvature. U redu, so it's not going to be a curvature distortion, particularly at the outer edges of the frame. So that's one of the disadvantages of having wide angle lens.

So you know this particular drone. Even though it's has stabilized Kimmo it's, not really for a professional photography, u redu, but it would work very well for a fpv Cruiser drone, a drone that you want to send out and explore with okay. This would work very well, particularly with that wide angle. Lens you'll be a have a nice wide view of the area that you're flying over, but again it's going to be somewhat of a curved image in the video things about this. It is a GPS drum. naravno, this one has GPS, so this one will automatically return the home and land on command on loss of signal or are no battery, so that you know like most others. This does that also with that GPS system, its GPS GLONASS system, so it also locks on to the Russian satellite systems for very fast lock on of the satellites, very fast acquisition and lock on of the satellites as composed in just the GPS system. Now this also has, if you look on the belly here, a little optical flow sensor. A little camera looks down at the ground. Now this is meant for indoor flying if you're flying indoors, where you're not going to have a good GPS signal. This would automatically look at the ground and maintain the drones position horizontally above the ground by using that optical sensor. Također, looking on the bottom of this particular drone, we notice an SD card slot, so this records the videos and photos both to your phone and tour to this SD card.

Now the advantage of the SD card is that you're not going to see Wi Fi issues that crop up with the videos that are recorded to your phone, like Wi, Fi frame, dropping and the frozen frames. You'Re, not gon na see that with this, this will enable you to also fly out farther than the fpv video feed that you're gon na be able to get from this, because this thing supposedly has a range of about 500 meters fpv video range and after that, You'Re gon na lose that fpv video, but if you want to fly line of sight and go further outbound you can, and this would still will still keep recording, while your the Wi Fi video would be frozen in such a case. Looking also on the bottom, we have two fpv. These are the fpv transmitter antennas, so this is should help improve transmission from this drone to your phone to be able to view that video at extended ranges again a date or 500 metara, along with a 2.4 gigahertz FP, or this is the control antenna for the Receiving the control signals from the controller now with a controller, they say that this has a range out to about one kilometer, so that's, Prilično dobro, but you're, not gon na, be able to see this out of kuan kilometer folks about four hundred five hundred meters. Maximum is what you'll be able to see this then you'd be flying blind, so I don't recommend doing that, but it does have the capability of doing such if you wish and also on the bottom, we have the onoff switch for the drone menu activated by holding At that, like so and hold it until you do the SC's chime in like that, and it is powered up I'm gon na unpowered, yeah so and finally, the battery and the battery is inserted by this little slot.

Here you lift that up a bit and pry the bottom out with your thumb, nails and that brings out the battery. Now I got the two battery version. I believe this is available with multiple batteries. So if you're considering and purchasing this and wish to fly more than one flight with one battery, I recommend buying the multiple Burt. You know the bundled version with additional batteries, the reason being it's going to be hard these days to purchase additional batteries for this drone. After you purchase it, okay and the reason being is safety issues with shipping lipo batteries across the ocean. A lot of companies just don't want to do it because of safety issues. So the way the company is getting around it is they're bundling offer bundles versions of this drone with one two or I think you might even have three batteries that you can purchase and have bundled with us. Ali, naravno, that adds cost to the price of the drone let's see. Whatever I mentioned about. This drone will mention the SD card. Recording let's talk about the battery since we're talking about right. Now it is a 3s 11 point, one volt battery 2500 milijun na sat, it's expected to give you 25 minuta leta, and that is usually in hover, realistic flight time I'm going to expect to see around 18 minuta. We'Ll see you know with aggressive flying, which requires more power, especially if I put it into high speed.

This thing is supposedly able to go up to, znaš, leaves 11 meters per second that's, pretty darn fast well to see if they actually can do that. Other things you get was the package is the battery charger for this 3s battery notice, it's a wall charger or USB charger that you're going to need to plug into a phone wall charger, do not try to charge this battery with your laptop and will take forever Laptops USB ports, just don't, have the power I put to charge these types of batteries, you're going to want a good phone charger: u redu, good phone wall charger, maybe about two amps folks, don't, try it with a one amp or point 5, ampere or you'll, be waiting Forever to charge this battery, so just keep that in mind. Other chargers you get with this is this u.s. yeah micro, USB port charger, to je, for charging the controller which I'll go into shortly. Other things you get in the package is an instruction manual it's. Zapravo, a well written instruction manual, unfortunately it's very, very tiny print. I have to use a magnifying glass with my old eyes to actually read this particular manual and other things you get a package is a four spare props total full set of sprayer props, a screwdriver for maintenance on the drone and little circular, sticky pads that you Put underneath these landing gear on this, and also here too, they keep the camera up above the ground that's the idea of the landing skids in the landing pad, so the camera doesn't bump on the ground so actually always make sure you open these up.

Ljudi, you don't want to have this gimbal resting on the ground, while it's opened up and let's talk about the controller since we're at the controller. Now this is the controller you get. It is very well labeled all the buttons on it or well labeled. These particular antennas are appear to be fake antennas. You see that a lot with muster most toy be level drones or most drones under two three hundred hours. These are usually fake, and that is the same with this particular controller, but the buttons on it let's talk about first we'll, start off with the power button to turn this controller on it took me a while to figure out you don't, just press it because it'll Automatically turn itself off again, if you just press that button. But to get this to turn on, you have to do a quick press and then a long press until you hear a beep, so quick press and then a long press. Until you hear a beep and now it's on so quick press, long press and you turn it off the same way and it has a little LCD screenI'm, not sure if that's coming in folks, but the LCD screen provides telemetry information of reception power from the Drone number of satellites you're receiving distance of the drone height of the drone, whether you're, recording or not and I'm trying to look with my old eyes here: yeah the height and distance and mention the satellites and one cool thing about this.

It has a little compass rose in the center to show you which direction that the drone is is flying. ok, the direction of flight. Now this will would come in handy if you do fly out of fpv range of the the phone or the fpv video. If you lose that fpv video you can use, this compass rose to turn the drone around and bring it back toward you. If you know you're going north, if you're flying north just fly south, and this drone should come back toward you and also at the same time, i would watch for the distance on this distant Salama tree information here and make sure those numbers are decreasing. As the drone is flying back toward you other buttons you get on this, this is the return to home button. You press that and hold it and the drone will enter in to return to home mail for command return to home. It does have headless mode. You activate by pressing this button here and you can turn off the GPS if you're flying indoors. You can turn off the GPS by holding this button down this headless mode button down for six seconds and that will turn off the GPS, and then the drone would start using that optical flow sensor to maintain a position over the ground. Now the optical flow sensor only works up to about 10 noge 20 feet and, above that the drone is going to drift.

So again, it's mainly meant for indoor flying. I would not recommend using it. Outdoors use the GPS wind outdoors, other buttons. We have the camera button, which you press here and that will take a photo with a drone and record both to the SD card and onto your phone and remember the video that's or the picture. That'S recorded on to your phone is an HD resolution and the picture that's recorded on the SD card is the original resolution of that that oddball resolution 2592 o 50 20 pixels. You can start and stop the video camera by pressing this button here and additionally, you have automatic takeoff automatic landing you activate by pressing this button here, but you first need to start the motors by bringing both sticks down and out before pressing that or will not Activate and additionally, you can adjust the rate of the drone, how fast it's, flying by pressing or moving the scroll wheel here faster. You move push it to the right and slower you move it to the left and it will pitch less pitch to slow down. I na kraju, you can adjust the camera angle of the lens on the camera up or down by moving this scroll wheel. It will heal pure sorry and that will raise and lower the camera. I think that's about it is. Is the camera holder or your phone holder on the top here, but other than that? o da? I forgot to mention you can't, open these up too, to improve the grip of on the controller.

The little grip panels come down like so, and I did mention this. Has a built in battery: you do not need to provide your own batteries you, but you do need to charge the battery through this microUSB port right here now. This drone uses the vs GPS, app available, Google Play and iTunes to do fpv, video and also for events like modes of follow me circle me and waypoints. Međutim, this is now this way I need to discuss this. This particular drone requires the use, if you're, using that app you're going to require using the 802.11 AC Wi Fi with this particular drum now, not everybody's phone has 802.11 AC Wi Fi. So before you purchase this drone, I strongly stress and the importance of you first checking that your phone actually has 802.11 AC Wi Fi capability. If you don't and your phone does not have 802.11 AC and you buy this and you get it, you will be very disappointed when you open up the vs GPS app or try to connect your phone to this drone and find out that your phone does not See the signal from this drone and you will not be able to use the vs GPS app you, you still won't, be able to fly it line of sight flying though, because it does record the SD card and you can activate and stop the video recording on The controller, but you will not see fpv video and you will not be able to use the advanced flight modes that the vs GPS app offers again of.

Follow me circle me and white points capability, so that is the fq 7fq. 777 f8 drone let's. Take it out in the field to see how it flies, so I hope you enjoyed this flight all right, quite comfortable. I went back again. I forgot one other thing here very important: what out? What additional item that this comes with? Is this very, very nice carrying case folks for carrying case as little switches you open it up like so and shows that you can hold the drone and controller and the spare battery and all its accessories within this provided carrying case really nice carrying case for this Particular drawing in fact, I'm going to use it today so now, let's take it out into the field and see how it flies so enjoy this flight. dobro jutro, quadcopter 101. We are at at one of my favorite flying fields for the flight of F, q77. F8. U redu, to turn this on, we need to press and hold this button here. Until we hear those yes, C's chime up and their lights light up, the lights are lit, then you put it on a flat level surface and then you turn on the controller again by a quick press and then a long press. Until you hear a beep okay, the controller is now connected, so we should be connected to the drone there now we're connected to the drone. Sada. The first thing we need to do folks is a compass calibration and to do such you move this stick up into the right and this stick down onto the left and hold them there till you hear that beep, okay and then you pick up the drone and With the camera pointed forward, you do a figure 8 in the sky until you hear a beep you're that beep we're done that's the compass calibration.

So again you just go like that. Keeping the nose pointed forward as you're doing this figure 8 in this guy that's. How you do the compass calibration so next, I need to connect my drones, Wi Fi, to the signal that's coming from the drone, and I do that in the Wi Fi settings of my phone so hold on folks and once we're connected I'll get to get the App going ok, folks, this is the V s, GPS, app available in Google Play in iTunes, and if you notice in the upper right corner there, the satellite insignia, you notice, imamo 15 satellites so far. I just turned this drone on and we got 15 Sateliti. So again, that's the GPS GLONASS system. It works very well, ok to get into the air first off I'm, going to start the video camera by pressing the video camera button, and it shows what we're recording in the app and also we get a insignia and the LCD screen make sure you get both Insignias to verify that you are recording, indeed recording now to takeoff we're, going to start the motors and then I'm going to hit the automatic takeoff button start the motors you're, bringing both sticks down and out like so and then press the automatic takeoff button now. Zapravo, I think I got to hold it yep, Oh until it takes to the air. Let me open up the handles to okay handles are open.

Sada, let me get into the view of the camera. Look at that white screen view that's about waist level. Ljudi, look at this sewed, my whole body. Now let me sync up the cameras like so I always do this and then say how do you like my shirt today, folks, u redu, very nice and bright, you should be able to see me while we're flag, now I'm checking you am I seeing any propellers on My LCD screen I'mnot so, I think I'm good there for the camera, without seeing propellers first, it was check, is see what type of FTE range we can get with this. So I want to go up to the bots 30 40 meters or something like that. Zapravo, let me put my glasses on so I could see the drone as we go out bond stability and then going up and out yeah way. We go 23 metara, 31 meters going up and out and altitude 15. I want to go up to about 30 metara. U redu, Pa, I plop it right. There checking stability at that distance. Tamo, 93 meters still stable. Turning to the left a bit and heading out bond ain't going up higher again, I said I want to go up to about 30 meters for maximum fpv range. We still got fpv seen reflections off that airplane, so that drones, so we should be able to see it further than normal. Danas, with his Sun behind my back here, 27 28, 29, 30 meters and hunts by fpv, video still get an fpv still heading out bond 250 meters and coming up to 93 metara, that's 300 metara.

How we doing I lost signal 300 metara i dalje ide gore, Iako, going out. We are at 341 metara, let's see. If I can regain the signal going up a bit higher there. I got the signal back going up a bit higher let's. Take it up to about 40 metara, see if that helps. U redu. 38 33 meter should be good. Let'S go out a little bit further. I seem to have lost fpv or no. ne, I still got it still. Good let's go up higher in 386 metara, see if we can actually get 500 metara 412 meters up. Must it again 44 meters up, but I am gon na fly it out to about 500 meters as long as I can see a little dot in the sky. Pa, that signal back again, it's very in a minute, no very intermittent, Iako 492 meters and we do yeah. So you can't get up about 500 meters in distance 520 Sada. Let me go a little further and take it out to 530 and from that point there let's see if I can rotate and regain signal: u redu, I'm, pointing south right now, I'm gon na try to fly back folks by the way using the air now it's, pointing The opposite direction: Bilo je, it was taking off and when it took off I'm pushing forward right now and seeing if the need – da, it is decreasing in range 535 metara. 533. So you can use this compass rose to bring it back to so.

Keep that in mind folks make a note of the direction it was pointed when you took off and then press that compass rose and it should, znaš, go the opposite direction. I should come back let's. Do a dramatic return to home now pressing the automatic to return dome: u redu, 570 metara 513, 507 it's coming back fast 592. It zipping back to me and battery power is 66, which is still pretty good coming back, but I have not regained FPV. So unfortunately, it looks like when those deals were not gon na get FBE back again. If you fly out a range you're, not gon na get FB me back until it comes back and lands. U većini slučajeva, I see it's coming back like a banshee, though it's zipping back way up there coming up overhead now, we're 40 meters up or so high 47 meters up so it's got a descent from way up. Tamo 47 meters coming down coming down descending, so that that's another thing to keep in mind. Ljudi, if you set it up high, it could take a while to come back down again cuz it's descending slowly and the idea is it's trying to avoid entering into vortex ring state where the propeller should go into it's prop wash and they lose lift. In the crashes that's, why it's coming that slow so avoid that, but it's descending nice and slow well that's coming down what's a little that gimble? O, I can't tell if I don't have that PD.

I can't see what the view is the GIMP on sorry hoping they regain the FPV said no but looks like I am going to need to reboot the app to do such well that's a slow descent. Is it keep that in mind if you flying this flying this and you sent it up high, it could take a while to come back down again and lvc her and return to home, something that point that gimbal back up again and not too bad, not too Bad I'm foot and a half or so from two feet from its takeoff position very good, so let's see about me regaining the Kinect. Now let me turn off that return to home. Prvi, off by pressing that button there and let's see if I can regain the signal by rebooting the app so hold on folks. U redu, I just let the the aircraft sit on the pad for about another minute, and then it regained the signal automatically, but let's get it back in the air. Next thing I want to do is show you the photos that this takes so so starting the motors and this time I'll. Do it a manual takeoff by giving it throttle and I'll get into the picture right about? There say one click we'll do another one another photo and finally, one more photo suck in the gut that's enough of that: okay starting a video camera one more time linking it up to the quadcopter nurse sticking up the cameras and this time I'm gon na go Up to higher and I'm gon na walk out of BOTS, oh, I don't know right about here.

I guess a little bit further and we're gon na try that follow me. So follow me by pressing, follow me Caban and that's what six I'm at let's see. If it follows me, I'm go for a little walk down the road, so yeah it's, not a good, follow me now. The advantage, if you get a drone in and it and follow me, is important to you. I strongly recommend it. You get a drone with stabilized gimbal, otherwise it's gon na look very it's, not gon na look good. The video the follow me. Video is not going to look good at all the reason being the drone bumps around a bit as you're doing follow me as you notice here is I'm looking up at the drone. But if you got that gibble it's gon na stabilize it and what type of following me do we got here that Hudson follow me or is there a that's, a DJ, a stout sliding so that's the follow me harness and notice the droning bounces around a bit As it's regaining and losing there's a GPS signal from my phone, but that camera is remaining steady as I'm doing. The follow me see if I can bring it in a little closer to get. It will stay and follow me I'm doing this come down a little lower, yeah yeah it does. Then I lower the gimbal bit. Da, I can so we can do follow me like this.

Now people want a good follow me drum this one's, not too bad. Although advances notice how it bounces a bit as I'm going to follow me, but that wide angle lens comes in handy here, because it's not pointed directly at me, as you see here, it's pointing a little bit off, the Lua will eventually turn to look at me. We'Ll see yeah, it does it's Derek, so that's the follow me next thing. We got a try, let's turn off follow me and while we still have power here, imamo 42 power. I'M gon na go up a bit higher. Actually let's go to the the pad. Let'S go back we're doing it turn the home and landing what's it doing. I return to home and landing just go up to 30 metara. Obviously it does. It looks like it before he goes over to the pad and why is it going there for returned home? It returns to me, as it referred to me, that's interesting let's turn that off well bring it on let's, bring it then lowering the throttle. I didn't wanted to go up that high, but it appeared it returned to me not to the landing pad, što je zanimljivo, but people look for that. ok, let's do a return. The home from over there let's see if it comes to be here, the landing pad it comes. Where does it go I'm over here, the landing pads were over there about 20 meters away it's turning it's moving.

It returns to me, ok, so that's cool. So what do you do? Return to home with this? Be careful folks, it's not going to be the command return to home returns to where you are at and flies right over your head, let's turn that off now, but that's interesting let's go back down now, folks. So the return to home returns to your phone returns to your location, not to the command returned home. It doesn't return to the point where it took off, which is a bit different than most other drones. Ljudi, most other drones will return to where it took off from this returns to you, but I guess that's. An e comes in handy in case you're on a boat you're flying off of a boat. I guess this would work. ok, that would be pretty cool. Zapravo, if, if you need it to return to you, instead of returning to its takeoff point because if you're at the boat, you could have moved from its position, ok, 37 let's do circle me. While we got power, circle position is where are you on there? It is in the upper right corner by the by the circle, fly let's, pick a distance of about 10 meters and then hitting done, and then a hanging confirm let's see what does it looks like it. Climbs first Music goes up on, it goes and a circles position it was at and it was right about here, I'm guessing so now I got a second battery folks I'm gon na plop, the second battery in here.

If it gets too low to continue doing this, because I want to test some other things that a couple of few other things I want to do, but that second position seems to be working, let's try to do a at least one complete circle, and from that Point I will hit stop okay, where are that again up in the upper right corner stuck and now let's stop now let's bring it over ahead and lower the gimbal. How low can I get that gear, but let's find out? Does it go all the way down? That'S about it right there Music, I guess that's about it. It looks like about 45 degrees down, although I thought it would go. 90 degrees done, but doesn't appear to go any longer than 45 Glazba, pushing a dime to see if it goes down your lower but that's about it. U redu, let's go in the headless boat and this mode is activated which ways your head in this broad direction. Tamo, Očito, so let me turn it the picture pushed forward and up and say the river flows accrete shot. U redu, doesn't want to go up any higher there. We go higher higher it away. No reason that get ball, u redu, which ways up up is this way? U redu, bring it back in, oh, oh, you don't mean I got a chromatic headless mode. Headless mode is deactivated, pushing forward make sure it's coming in. So no. This drone actually is not too bad folks, it's, good fire and fire so far, which ways up on that gamble up game lot.

Now it's done, and then this must be up there. We go it's mislabeled on here, so up is down and down is up on the label on the scroll wheel. So do I got time for 31 forward since laying it on the pad for a second folks cuz. I want to try one other thing here: landing a knot or near the pad at least good enough right there. What I want to do folks is let's. Go into the stop the video one more time, Iako, by the way make sure we've got that video recording and then starting the video one more time, and I am going into the Waypoint selection, which is right by the circle me and selecting waypoints. Now the maps that you get with this okay, I'm waiting for the waypoints to start vs GPS to stop so I'm gon na have to reboot the app so hold on folks. U redu, the app I've restarted the app and everything is fine again, but let's hit that waypoints feature let's see if that waypoints actually opens or if it's gon na crash again it's crashed again. So wait points worked at it when I wasn't connected to the drum, but it seems to crash the app right now, but okay I'm, going to give it one more chance to see if the app is going to crash again hitting some waypoints again and again, it Crashes, so what points feature need some work with vs GPS with this particular drone.

Folks it's I had this work with other drugs, but it seems to have an issue with this particular drone or maybe with my particular phone, so we're gon na stop doing wait. Molim te. What I want to do next is actually see this is supposed to be a fast flyer. Let'S see how it flies in higher rates. So let me start the app again. The app is are actually still running in the background hitting start: ok, I'm starting the video video who's recording is started and this time let's go into higher rate once we get into the air so starting the motors diamond up motor to start manual takeoffand we Are recording, let me stick up the cameras. U redu, yeah let's go to higher rates of that's; hmm let's. Try that and see how it slides in the second rate, but third rate, this is his highest speed. That'S up higher. This is high speed, folks, that's, okay it's, not super fast, though I don't know about it being 11 meters per second it's, and it slides quite a bit in the heart turns it's will go back to beginner beginner rate and let's just go down the road. What are we at 30 Sada, the vs GPS app is not the most accurate in regards to battery power. You know report a battery part that's coming back from the drone. Let me look: u redu, receiver power is low, it says so. We are getting low I'm guessing we're at 30 battery power on both so I'm.

Not gon na go too far out that's about the max range I'm gon na fly, but we're fly around until it does something pushing forward until it either drops from the sky or lands but I'm going to keep it close. U redu, there, I think that's a little battery. Ah there we go so that's. What does here comes this low battery return to home? U redu, there was no geofence for the low battery return. ne, I don't think there was I'm gon na try to fly it a little more we'll see if we can fly in close, because a lot of these drones have a geofence that won't, let you fly further than 20 ili 30 meters away let's see. If I can still fly, I want to come down lower to. I don't want to be that high case. It does drop from the sky. No there's no geofence on this. Tako, keep that in mind to folks I'm, going to higher rate to this is a little bit too slow for me. Coming back and we'll bring it in and I'm going to call it quits here, because I'm, not sure. If this system doesn't have a geofence, I'm, not sure if it's going to drop or what, but both my phone and the app saying we are low battery, actually the app says: what does the app say? Twenty six percent battery okay we'll fly it around twenty six percent battery until it gets super low but notice the lights are flashing.

I'M, not sure I want to fly it any further. The lights are flashing, piše, it's low, the LCD screen says this thing has barely any power left in it at all. Although the app says we are at 26 percent so I'm going to stop the video recording one more time here make this show both stop, and I want to do a couple more photos, because this is a nice bright shirt I'm wearing today. Ljudi, but give you my thoughts on this. Okay start the motor up a camera up again and I'm gon na do the thoughts while it's flying here. U redu, both over recording so coming down, lower and closer, actually you're right about there and, like you know, everything seemed to work except white points that doesn't surprise me. White points is always an issue with these third party apps that they use with these particular drugs. Like PS GPS, sometimes they work sometimes it up in this case it didn't it crashed my phone. It could be my phone fault, I don't know since I'm, trying I'm using Bob is in at the same time other than that, though yeah the stability looks good we'll see what the camera looks like in post production. Here when I download the video and upload this YouTube video, but oh no, everything seemed to work. Fine exit except the waypoints stabilities, okay got wouldn't, hitting it right now, it's bouncing around a bit the wind that's, the altimeter working with it.

But if you're looking for a stabilized drone, the follow me worked well, the only thing this doesn't have. It doesn't have a obstacle one, and so she used to follow me. Keep that mind you got to make sure it stays clear of trees and other obstructions. U redu, there's the actual low battery return to home. Oh you know that's it. That is its true flight time, so that is the flight of the FQ 777 f8 it's. Zapravo, a nice room, I'm more as well. Yeah kind of like it we'll see how well it's video is, Iako, in post production I got a feeling there might be a little bit of gel. Oh there might be. A lot of this jela will find that, Jer, whenever you see these long lens barrels on these cameras, they tend to jitter around a bit, especially from vibrations from the motors we'll, Vidjeti. If that actually happens, Iako, so I hope you enjoyed this flight let's get the Sun in my face. It'S good, just light. This quadcopter 101 sign me up hi, quadcopter 101, here again hey! If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that Bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when I release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.