They are friends with this studio that makes all these different vehicles for Hollywood. So we're, going to the studio, different hangar plays a school, a warehouse and we're gon na see like the Ghostbusters vehicle and like the Tron, fighting them all that stuff. What is the trunk all right? The Tron bike, this guy, like this guy doesn't, know it. I don't know what it is: I'm, sorry that I'm trying out a before us board, it's like this it's like the coolest motorcycle, ever made there's no wheel in the center. There is no, we have no hot enter of any motorcycle turf. ne, I mean if we drive it, a wall of light appears behind you and your enemies crash totally seen that before you're, culturally devoid more than I think, there's supposed to be a wheel, develop a motorcycle. You know what I mean you might so Alex do you do you know what show the Mystery Machine is from features an animal? We really what's this scooby doo, oh alright. Dobro, I recognized it Alex Tina who Optimus Prime, is with Megan Fox. This is a very unique vehicle. Like a one person thing, I have no idea. ne, you don't, you have a seriously, not know what this is wrong. ne, not this annual time machine. You know that guy Doc Brown, you know yeah, I don't know it. Oh back to the future, my name is Jordan, Temkin also known as jet DRL two time world champion I'm, one of ostriches pilots.

So they contacted me one time and they're like hey. We need dudes to fly our drones, we build the fig groans and we need pilots. O, like the the drunken, mastered it that's before your tongue. You can't reference anything with this I'm mark Parker, Parker Brothers, concepts, it's it's me and my brother. Shannon we dream up and build the strange and unusual. Usually they come unto us and they go huh. Can you build this? Can you build that? We look at their design, scope. Pa, that's, je sranje, let's come up with something better and we do we'll come up with a better concept and show it to them. Then they like it. We build it. Jonathan, co, founder of ostrich they're, basically we're an engineering team. You know we design aerospace vehicles or drones. I actually came over to meet mark because I admired what he does because that's kind of what I want to do in the flying side. We collaborate on different projects together and are actually fun to sit with I'm, not gon na fly it like a five inch. Let me fly directly it'll get unstable. If you fly forward accident occurs, you slowly move forward, so you have to just kind of just don't eat it too. Slowly, you've got all of that workings, but Music, Glazba, Glazbeni pljesak, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba. What is this machine, so it is the natural racing drum. This is a racing you know, but it looks like something very different what's this model laughter, so we wanted their aerodynamics than just a flat surface.

You know and it turned out to look either like a computer or a DJ, Ali, da. I think I think this is very inspired by the inspire mm. Hmm, it definitely has that look, but it is still distinct and that it's I mean it's a hexacopter, so this actually opens up oh gosh, the buttons here and that's, where all your batteries go all right. The whole body is just batteries every other xbox. You have. This giant flat surface and then you have a ton of batteries and basically I mean it's, just horrible for aerodynamics right, so what's what's this front so there's. Actually this doesn't seem very strong, its carbon fiber. So this is a carbon fiber tube, da, it's! Zapravo, a solid rod cover fire rod. If I take those off, you feel flex on those really yeah, so that provides like people completely stainless, no wait. This is the ostrich air Kwan. What are these copper things for it's, a secret? Is it for cooling? ne, that is definitely okay. You got the heat sinks linked up and it provides this for extra cooling isn't. It it's came back from from flying in Korea and the the temperature over there was insane. So before we went out there, we already knew that the rear ESDS would get really hot. So you definitely coupled them with the front. You see, so it cooling from the copper piece itself, but it also cools wow that's, really smart, just enough to keep it underneath.

It made a difference. They made a huge difference. There is no way ahead of every other drone that had the exact same specs out there: Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, the other it's. Just that addicted ready, get some boogie on it. Oh boy, oh god, yeah holy crap. I got it what just happened? Bird sending that thing I was full throttle just trying to keep up with him: he's, not a ton of torque and honestly that probably that's not dial yeah, just split it so far, basically and that's the issue that we run into it. This is not a super uncommon thing is for a profit moth because of that issue, wasn't heading towards us, but no, I never was ever gon na have a tractor yeah, no that's a very important consideration when flying a giant round I'm, a professional that's got the Other one up in there, this is actually the first real maiden visit data. This is a real maiden yeah cuz it's been basically just by having flown no pressure, no pressure. Is it the same arm direction? da? U redu? Da, Oh God, I don't like big stuff Music. Whoops, Oh Music, the coolest falling form amazing, 40, 4.2 Volti. Where and you don't need this servo. I was in up the wall that was awesome, diffidence eagle in there. O, I forgot to put a prominent on.