It represents an inner tube that I would go on. You know I had a driver for my jet ski you. Where did he go yeah? I knew I'd find a use for you one day. No boating season is here and I'm thinking like wrong scale, but pretty decent. Now I just need a tow rope and then, after a few minutes of figuring things out, he's got some straps he's got a pull bar there that he's holding on to I don't want to pull above the wheel or above the inflatable, because it'll pull him over. Instead, what I'll do is I'll pull from below, which will still give me quite a bit of pull but it'll. Also kind of lift him up in the waves is what I'm thinking I've never done this before and I'm hoping for the best, but the Thrasher jet boat does not have a prop on the back. Instead, it is a jet propulsion system, so I don't have to worry about this line. Getting tangledand I thought what can I dothat we haven't seen before with the Thrasher or an RC boat, and I have never seen someone on an inner tube behind giving it a bit of a try in the in the water, so let's try it on The canal first and see if that even works out now, is this going to work? Ne vjerujem da, but is it worth my time absolutely I've been thinking about this for about two years, I've had this inner tube for a long time, look at the cloud in the distance pretty gloomy day to go tubing, but this water is nice and calm.

The canal is full course down there, the dam, but I think well, this focus on seeing if this even works to begin with, are you ready dude? I may never see you again. sretno, dude tubing! Is there anything better to do in the spring time now with no rudder, the jet boat actually has to turn the jet and have thrust, and in order to turn the boat, oh, Bože moj, it's pulling them come on turn faster, just being real gentle on the Throttle right now, just watching him right so funny. Are you kidding me? I don't think anyone's ever seen an RC guy on an inner tube before well he's, not an RC guy. Da, but still what happens if we go a little faster okay, so it drags him. If I go too fast and wants to drag him, but can I get him up on a plane? I wonder nope. It creates too much draw so we may have to like it's too much drag we may have to. If it's more than just pleasure, cruising yeah, it starts to okay. We should almost like put a cover underneath the bottom of the inner tube, so it doesn't like have all that water come out up through his legs I'm gon na tape, the bottom and then try it again. Did you have fun on your adventure? You'Re getting pulled the wrong way by the way. U redu, so a few minutes later, I've gone back to the shop covered.

The whole bottom just left a hole for the string to come through, and I think that'll help lessen the resistance because the water won't be coming up over him anymore. If that was real, real dude back there, he would have need some scuba diving gear already. Just to breathe I'm also going to shorten my line up about nine inches, just so it's, not so long and so much of a drag on the boat. Okay round. Two good luck: dude lead away from anything yeah that's. What the hobby is all about for me. Just having fun huh I'm floating towards the shore let's see how, if this works any better, just trying to straight now shorter lead. O, čovječe, I'm, putting on throttle a little bit I'm, not having him go way up in the air and I'm, not having the boat work so hard right now, let's try go a little quicker okay, so it still wants to kind of float up a little bit When I pull like that, so maybe I'm gon na have to pull above just to kind of see and we'll see if it flops some forward hey. I know all the engineers that are watching right now, we're going to be leaving me comments in the comment section telling me how I could do this proper if I don't get it today, I love reading all the comments. They always help me out dude. I would buy this if it was a combo offered by a company.

Ok raining a little harder now, but I am not giving up. He is strapped in. I think that's going to want to flip him forward, but it really depends on how much resistance we get on the water round. Three: u redu, he's redeployed floating away with the current. This will be the first time we get to see over the tire and it's pulling him backwards. It seems to have caught him I'll, bring it back, yeah that's, going to cause it to dip down because of how it's in the water right now is round. For any, better still wants to turn him okay, so oh now it's caught under his arm, dang it he's going for a dip now. I would be deeply concerned right now if it was a real person, u redu, so to mitigate the problem of it. Wrapping around him and wanting to pull him backwards, I've now tied it just a small slip, knot to the inner to the inner air nipple from hell on YouTube anymore, the air, the air attachment, and that should help pull him forward. He won't be perfectly Center, but it will be forward. Let'S. Try that out. Does it pull forward. It does troubleshooting at its finest. My friends look at this. Oh mylanta. It is working. Look at this as Sun came out as well faster yeah. You almost waited. I actually had it going there for a second hilarious now, naravno, one of the problems.

naravno, the inner tube is going to get water into it, it's going to want to do exactly that. It'S gon na want to drag it down. Now that it's got some water in it Music, it wants to start pulling the tube up in the air Scott if you're watching right now, Bro, who would have thought the designer of Thrasher right now. O, that would be tubing like this wow, so cool always bringing game to the RC hobby woohoo. U redu, now I know this isn't the end all be all answer, but I did adjust the prop or the thruster. I should say to see if we could get it to handle a little bit better and it is more responsive now. Oh I'm, loving what I'm, seeing just trying to get a nice calm shot here for you without too much excitement and I think just because it's slightly off center, it might cause an issue. But look at that it's working. I thought about this all winter long, because I have had this inner tube for my quarter: skala, loader or fiscale loader for a long time, the extra tire I just never threw it away, and I thought I could probably use it as an inner tube one day For a boat and there it is Music move the knots slightly to the right hand, side it's, pulling more, even but still he's kind of leaning back to the left hand side. Oh he's hopping.

Oh you went under always under. I guess the next step would be the dam, but I don't think it's stable enough yet for the dam obviously there's a lot of whitewater there, this boat, you know it has to make it up the dam under its own power and then dragging a giant inner Tube, I don't think would be possible, even though I'm still going to try it one day. Maybe you guys can give me ideas on how to make this more stable. I still want it to look kind of scale right.