Today we have a new boot style review. This is a micro brushless, 85 millimeters here this is around 45 grama. Without the battery the dry weight and the total weight is under 60 grama, with two 1s 300 milli amp batteries that come along with the pH 2.0 connectors. You can charge those on the eachine six and one chargers which i've told you guys about before they'll run off of 4s 1300 battery in the field, they're, really nice and I think they're about ten dollars for the price of one of those. But it comes with a nice carbon frame on the bottom. This is different than the anger version. Two that came out a few months ago. This one has a carbon fiber frame on the bottom, and this looks to be about three millimeter, što je lijepo. You also have pretty nice low profile motors on here and they're different again than the anger version. Ima. 8700 kV motors and these are 1202 s with five amp esc s on this little quad know what's different about this quad versus something like the Freestyle. Pa, this one has a very fast flying profile. The tune on here is extremely smooth, but also extremely fast, you're gon na ask me which one's faster, the Emacs freestyle or the wasp 85 X. It would be the wasp 85 X hands down all day long. This one is probably less quick on. The sticks probably has a slower roll rate, but it is also really nicely powered and I'm getting like over four minutes flight time with this power system, which is pretty amazing for 2 inch prop configuration, but they also offered these two s: batteries that are sort of All in one piece of heat shrink, which is kind of nicethe pH 2.

0 connectors there and you can charge these independently on that same six in one charger or you can get the singular batteries if you're thinking about flying in on one s, but also the Camera looks okay, I'm, not gon na, say it's, the greatest camera in the world. It is around the 800 TVL camera. Also in the box, I got an extra canopy, which is cool and you get some extra props as well, and I got this extra TP. You looks like another camera mounted here. Some type of alternate cameraman I'm, not sure how I would go about using this or you know what actually this is. This is not a camera mount guys folks. This is actually for your larger battery. So if you want to mount this on the bottom, so they give you two choices of battery support on the bottom of the quad that's, prilično cool, and I just used this one. You know what I did was actually took. One of these diatone Mini straps and put it around like this through this single style battery case and just flipped it around like that, and then I put two 1s 450s on each side. So I was able to get a much longer flight time out of the 450 s versus the 300s, so it has a good nice light weight to it, and I think that if you're looking for something fast and smooth, the tune is really nice on here and Looks like let me do a price check for you guys.

It looks like a hundred and thirteen dollars on the website, so it's not super expensive for something that is this fast and fun to fly. So I think it's a really really good choice if you're looking for something smooth and fast that's, the main characteristic of this quad so let's go out and do some flight test with it and after that, I'll come back in and we'll give you my final opinion On the wasp 85 X here we go guys Music Music. So what do you guys think so far? The speed and the tune of this quad are actually really good. G Lang did a good job in tuning this quad and getting the vibe out of the camera. I'M in the oscillations from the motor and the two inch props. I also think that the VTX this little tiny, it's it's, probably only a few grams in weight it's a 200 millimeter X on the dipole it's performing pretty good and it's a little bit of an overcast day. So this camera is gon na look better on your typical sunny day and be an 800 TV, oh it's, nije loše. Now going down! This road is where we had a ton of breakup, even with some larger 5 inch quads, and only bit of breakup is right by that really heavy evergreen right there on the right that we passed. It did really well down the road. Zapravo, I've lost completely lost video down that road in flight test passed and I've crashed in the trees because of it, but I still can't believe how fast this quad is.

I forget that I'm flying an 85 millimeter quad out here and it was a pretty calm day. There wasn't a lot of wind to compete with, but I didn't have this flight control to freak out or have a tumble or wash out at any time and with some of the previous reviews, we've had on the channel this year, like beta, F, P, V's 85 X, I was able to get that to tumble a little bit, but this flight controller is hanging in there. This f4 is performing quite well and again, if you want to slow this quad down and fly it indoors in stability mode, you could do that too. I almost hit those metal spikes right there that was close, they're kind of hard to see but close in proximity flying as well. Just give you an example of that it's, a big air flying. I will do some slower flying instability, so if you're a beginner, this would be easy to get into and then have some room to grow. As you got more comfortable with flying in stability mode, we always recommend go to horizon next and then acro mode after that, and this would be a I've said before this would be a good acro trainer say after your first purchase of something like the Emacs tiny Hawk or the tiny hawk 2 or the freestyle, and this one is likely to be more durable than the freestyle tube. By the way the carbon frame on here, it's, pretty beasty, Oko 3 millimeter and it's still pretty lightweight the overall quad way.

So you don't feel a lot of kind of lag in the motor power to weight ratios it's, quite it's, quite good. Here I tried to get down these Rohit Rees like I normally do for you guys and just made one little mistake and had to do the walk of shame, but my overall impression is that the tune is good, it's gon na be highly durable. Također, I have to mention during this flight test. I don't have video of it, but I was trying to power loop. Those little plane stands that were the guys fire up their Nitro planes and it's only a few feet off the ground, but two or three times I slammed right into the 2×4 on the bottom of it and did not break the frame didn't break that top canopy. So I'm gon na have to say two thumbs up for the the tuned on here and the durability factor on this quad and the fact that I can put 450 s on there and get over four minutes flight time on a whoop it's, actually really really good. I think if you were to slow it down a little bit, you could get five minutes flight time. Out of this, quad really have a lot of fun with it, but really nice flying and I enjoyed mostly enjoyed the speed of this quad way faster than any other beta fpv quads. Vrlo, very nice let's go ahead and set it down and do some final thoughts.

Guys all right guys welcome back from the flight test. So what did you guys think about that flight footage? This little guy is super fast right. It is not slow. This is a really fast micro, brushless quad, and I would say that it's it's definitely one of the fastest micros around the 75 millimeter size that I've flown. It is it's way faster than the beta flight 75 X. What they have going here with this power system. Actually happens to be quite beasty er than some of the other 75 X motors that we've seen the 802 or oh three motors they don't hold a candle to these and in a way I think these are more efficient. Getting us over four minutes fly time with these motors, so just a little bit bigger, but also still super low profile and not really super high on the kv scale. So it kept the kb low enough to keep the flight time high, but also enough power to be able to freestyle this little quad. If you want to be a great acro trainer, if you're looking for something after say your your first quad was something like a little Emacs, maleni, hawk or something. This would be a blast to move up to for your next quad. Without going three inch, you can some, you know some of you guys skip right to three inch, but i recommend, starting out with something a little bit smaller, like this it'll, just be a little bit more fun and probably it'll handle more crashes than your typical three Inch quad will they go in with quite a bit of weight and quite a bit of power.

So I think overall, what we have here, I would say one thumbs up out of two I'm, not gon na. You know give this one a full five stars. I think that maybe the canopy could be a little, maybe just a little bit thicker, but I know they were trying to keep the weight down on this camera and this housing setup. I like that they have 200 million here as well. I think that's great, for you guys the video reception didn't seem to be bad at all. I also like that they use bolts on top of these props, because we have no problems with the props flying office, but I think the stock props that it came with are actually pretty good. They are two by two by the way and three bolts on the bottom holding each motor on and they are little tiny, Phillips head bolts on there and I think the power to weight ratioand here is like through the roof. It must be ten to one on here: it's really really fast light and agile, so good tune looks durable as all hell and flies nice. So you can check these guys out in the link below there's various different quad offerings available from J Lang right now. There'S, the wasp 85 X. There is the anger, 75 X version too by the way that's out, and they have the Lightning 120 X that you guys have seen on my channel before.

I did review on that one thanks again for watching guys I'm Justin day do take care of be safe out there and stand in your yard and fly during all this crazy coated stuff going on. čuvaj se.