This is the kind of a beginner introduction to fpv droning in general. This comes with every single thing you need you, don't have to buy anything extra in order to get up and running with fpv goggles with the controller and the little drone all in this package. In one box for a great price right now, while we're having this Cove, To 19 quarantine all this stuff where we ought to stay indoors. This may be the perfect thing for you to get, because you can fly inside your house bump off things. You'Re not gon na hurt anybody and you're gon na kind of train yourself how to fly fpv and it's just a complete package here so anyway, let's get started with the Emax easy pilot Music. If you're wondering what's the price. Where can I get this don't forget to check those links down in the description? I usually put the link within the first two lines to the product in the description so that's, where you can buy that from anyway, let's unbox this so just flipping open the box. Remember everything is in here, so everything you need to fly is going to be included, so we have a little easy pilot. Rtf part CF means ready to fly manual. Here I have a few stickers. We can kind of spruce up our drone with, kao što možete vidjeti, the drone is right there. It doesn't have any stickers on it. So we'll pull this little guy out little Emacs drones already got the battery in there great little fastener on the bottom.

You just slide that thing in and there's the battery we got. It is a high voltage, 450 mAh enlarged writing there, 80 da 160 C. So this is a very high output battery and it has one of those little micro power connectors. I always forget what these are called: a very kind of low pro body style, there's, kamera, just a very small fpv, simple camera there with a little lens cap on it, and there are the propellers. Of course the entire body has like built in propeller guards. Again guys these are just brushed motor, so you're not getting any brushless here, but with that high voltage power, we should get some pretty good punch on this thing, at least for indoor and very very calm outdoor flying. If you are gon na be doing outdoor flying make sure it's a very very calm day, otherwise, with these brushed motor kinds of drones, they are gon na get away from you if you're flying in anything over possibly five mile per hour in this review. What I'll be doing is opening the doors up as long as it's, calm outside and flying through the house up up and down stairs just to show you how fun it can be to train and fly through your house if you're all cooped up at home anyway. There'S our antenna dipole little antenna here for the fpv, and there should also be a little antenna in here, it's, probably somewhere in here, for the actual control.

If you do want to take the top off, you are gon na have to unscrew about six screws here. Really nothing much to the drone, just a very simple drone. These things are known to be very durable. I mean because they're built for indoors you're gon na be bouncing off things like this flipping it over, and these things just will not break with my experiences with these kinds of builds is they're so durable, just because you see they're, just this like plastic, that just Bends and stuff so you're never really gon na break these things. We have a full set of extra propellers. You see those in there on the bottom. You'Re really never gon na have to replace these. Unless you have some really gnarly weird crashes, like you're, hitting so hard that you're bending thisand I mean itcan't happen, but at least they give you four extra little bag here with a screwdriver, we have some extra o rings and some extra screws in there. So if you need to work on it, that's your little tool kit, the only other thing in this top little styrofoam looks like the charger call again. I'Ll have to wait, maybe a half hour for the battery to charge. So you just plug it in you know to any cellphone USB charger or you can even plug it into your computer. And then you plug that other side of the battery right into there.

And you can charge that guy I'm, estimating maybe about five or six minutes of flight time, with these guys, maybe a little longer, because this is a pretty big battery. But we will time that when we do our flight test. U redu, rest of the stuff in here, kao što možete vidjeti, we got a controller and we have some goggles in there fpv goggles isn't that awesome get the whole darn kit. All you need to do is plug it in and fly it and charge your batteries. So there we go so this. Is it nice, looking controller I'm, not sure what the protocol isn't on this I didn't look it up, but as long as it works, naravno, we're gon na see the range testing around my house antenna just kind of plugged up. So it may not be a super long range flier but of course, we're gon na test that we've got two switches on the right. Here we have a 3 way switch and on the Left we have a two rate, two way switch so I'm. Imagining. This is probably armed and disarmed, and this one is likely to be the different flight modes. You can do and it looks like it's saying that easy mode uses a barometer on there. So an altitude sensor, it's so that's cool you don't, have to always be. You know moving your stick up and down like crazy to keep your altitude if you're a beginner, you just put that in one position and I'll actually maintain its height and then you can just control the actual head movement and forward back left and right.

So that's great, so our thumb sticks. I like how they're a little grippy try to get them a little closer to the camera here, and you can see that they have those little knobs. So it is going to grip your thumbs. Pretty good we've got a power button in the middle there, and then we have our trims vertical movement on the stick. So then we have trims here for our lateral movements on the sticks on the very bottom. We'Ve got a little vent or speaker holes and there is a little micro USB jack, so it looks like it has an internal battery anyway. Moving on to the very last thing in the boxand that is going to be our cool little beginner goggle kit here let's unwrap this guy and see what we got cool so it's, one of those just cheap goggle boxes, FPV goggle boxes, kao što možete vidjeti, There'S a fernell lens in there, and it just has a screen in there like an LCD screen with a solid Fornell lens. So this is like the old style, and then we have look at this. We have these adjusters here on the left and the right. This will bring the screen closer or farther from your eyeballs, and I hate to see it guys, but they only gave me one antenna so a little bit of a QC issue. They are going to want to make sure they have all the items in the package because look at that beginners gon na get this and they're going to be kind of devastated that they only got one antenna.

They'Re gon na have to get with the Emacs people and see if they can send them a new antenna. So what I had to do is go get another one from my sky zone's. Luckily I have the same. Ovo su. 5.8 gigahertz antennas and the reason there's two is because this is supposed to be a diversity receiver, where diversity helps you with clarity and longer range. So luckily I do have my skies own antenna, so I'm, just gon na commandeer that for now and put it on the other side, but shame on you max. You guys need to get make sure you get your QC boxing, guys going and make sure everything's in the package, because a new user new to fpv they're, going to be a little bit devastated only getting one antenna anyway. Now that we got that out of the way let's take a little bit of a closer look at the goggles, just a little Emacs and signe there on the front, little brand name, the two antennaports, naravno – and these are your menu buttons. So we have an a labelled button and a moi and F our frequency and ch4 channel. So there are your two buttons: there are four buttons, rather focus they're on both sides just slide that screen. All that does is basically slide. The fernell lens closer or farther. You see how that's sliding in the inside there and that actually works really.

Pa, I remember one of my first goggles was just like this remember it was the quantum goggles from way back. There were foam and you had to build them yourselves, and they worked really well and it's cool to see that they're still doing that kind of stuff. This thing that, Pa, I thought was a charger in the packageis actually a battery and it has a little USB port there, so that's how you charge that little light to show you if it's charged or not it's, just a three point. Seven eight hundred milliamp hour lipo battery pack does have this little tab on the back. Let'S see what this is all about. If we push this in and open it up, oh wow it's, just one lithium, ion 18 650 battery check that out so probably a Samsung or something if you forget the way, which I just did, of how to put it in negative or positive. Just shows you right there, so you want to put it in like that: that's the negative side and that's the positive side, so pretty interesting. What a great idea just putting one little three point: seven volt battery in there and having the ability just to charge it with the microUSB that there to give you in the pack and the way this goes guys is you're. Just taking this end and popping it right in here that's it and look it already powers up right.

When you put the battery pack in there, we go we've got our power up course. Nothing'S gon na be in there until we get the drone on three strap head, strap here with adjustability on both sides and nice adjustable velcro in the middle, and look at this on the very back, a great little pouch for your battery that's, just fantastic all. You do is pop that in just like this okay, and so when you put it on your head, you have all in one system there what a great deal it's, not gon na burn out anything but before you fly you're gon na want to put these antennas On so I'm, just gon na put them on now, just screw them in like finger tight. Not you never want to put these in too too tight, but just you know a little bit finger tight there and there we go that's how you should mount them up and you are ready to fly with your goggles pretty self explanatory. But this end goes into your computer or, naravno, phone charging little plug in, and this guy is gon na go right in there like that. You'Re gon na have to use this for both the controller and this one at a time. So that might take you a while. I always keep mine from my like older phones and devices, so I have a bunch of these laying around but you're going to need two of these.

If you want to charge these both at the same time before we fly, I just want to make sure that this battery is right in the center here of the holder and so that this thing can be plugged in and also I should mention for this flight. I'M going to be using my eaching goggles fishing goggles here have the same kind of antenna configuration on there. Nažalost, this I forgot to mention, but these goggles it comes with don't, have any way to record the fpv, so that's one thing, they're missing would have been great if they put a little mini DVR in there. So at least you could record your flight and your screen, but as this is there's no way to really record your flight, unless you have another pair of goggles or a DVR that's tuned to the same channel so I'm, just gon na run. These put them up on the couch here behind me and kind of mimic, the goggles I'm wearing, and so at least I can have some fpv footage for you in the video so to get rolling. The first thing we do is we turn on the controller by holding in this power button. Make sure these two toggles are all the way down and forward that was actually armed, so I just disarmed it then we'll go ahead and plug in the drone. Just like this and we're gon na see some blinking on the top of it.

Sada, before you fly, you're, probably going to want to do like a level calibration if it's kind of pulling to one side or the other when there's no wind, you're gon na want to do this. So what you do is you make sure this is pushed forward? Disarmed and then you're gon na want to toggle this like six times until you see that light go on solid or turn off so let's. Do that real, brzo, see that see how the lights on solid? So that means it's, calibrating don't, move it for its level and you're ready to go so once you arm it, you see how the lights off right now, once you arm it and disarm you're ready to go see how it's blinking waiting waiting for you to arm It so once your arm is gon na blink, fast and you're ready to take off. I do have the goggles on and it looks great. I do have a signal, strength on the top left battery on the top right and it says what frequency you're on 5740. So that's good to know for other goggles that want to latch on, but here we go so we're gon na arm and we're, just gon na start flying in beginner mode. Zapamtite. This is all the way down to the front, and I think this one is basically when you're flying it's going to be where your right stick is controlling the yaw and the forward and back movement.

So it's kind of like a one stick and then the left stick is just gon na, be your height, so let's try that first remember this is altitude hold mode, so let's try. It is pushing up there. We go so it launches. Like super quick and you see how I can't turn left and right with that stick, so I have to use my right. Stick. You see so we'll just fly around the house, really quick in this mode I'm, getting a little frustrated because I keep wanting to drive with my left: stick yah so that's mode. One now remember this is a super beginner drone, so you might want to try this first and see how it is so just forward and then turning left and right with your right stick and then putting in a little bit of up and down with the left. Stick see that going down I'm going to sit. This is weird for me, I'm gon na switch right into intermediate mode, which should give us yeah there. We go see how our yo is in there now and let's. Just quickly go upstairs real, quick and then we'll go outside wow. I have to push it all the way up, because this is like an altitude hold right, very interesting, so it's it's gon na be hard to adjust your altitude, but at least it's holding it see how it's holding it there, which is good, see up to push All the way to the extents to go up and down so have to pull way down and it's just coming down very slowly there.

We go hey guys how you doing just playing around the house: u redu. Pa, Sada, I'm gon na switch in the expert mode and we're gon na go outside so flip. This stick all the way up and we don't have any more altitude hold. So let's go out of the house. Whoa let's get control of our stick here and this is still self leveling guys. I thought maybe it was going to give us an acro, but it doesn't so going around the backside of the house. I still have great control. Awesome let's! Try to come in that back door here if we can whoa come on, get it together. Oh okay, we crashed hey that's what's gon na happen on your first few flights. With this thing, so I'm gon na disarm real quick by pressing this down, Idi, get it and let's try to go through the house again. U redu, here we go we're back still recording everything, and I really want to do just a quick calibration again. Whenever you crash, you should probably do this. U redu, so we're disarming and then we're just hitting that mode switch six times to the light stays on solid when it starts to blink we're ready to fly so I'm going to start right off in expert mode arm. It and let's fly so I'm gon na go straight out that way and let's try to go the other way around the house. You can take off a little slower when you're in this mode.

Here we go whoa yeah, it's flying good it's, just the altitude you're gon na really have to let get used to it, with your thumb right. So let's fly out here, I'm. Turning with my left thumb and there's, really no wind at all, so you can see how gray is flying outside I'll have that video up and my other goggles, I have to say that these goggles are doing great and the control is fantastic out here. All the way around the house check this out let's even go up over. Of course we can't do any flips and stuff, but I have full control great control here, fantastičan, u redu. I thought the control might be a little hard but I'm sitting in my living room. I have the controller way down low and it's. Still picking up the goggles are doing fine I'm, not sure how it's looking in the eating goggles but I'm, not getting any like really bad break up in these goggles. All the way around my house, let's try, fly back in the front door, whoo we're on the back side of the head we're in there we're in the hair in the neck, all right so disarmed again, let's. Try that one more time. I think the battery. I felt it getting a little low. I will have the timing on that again. Let'S do the calibration, since we kind of crashed that's. All you got to do a bunch of switching and let's just try and tell see what happens.

I'M, not really seeing a good battery indicator. That'S kind of unfortunate on the drone, so we're, just gon na, have to feel it. Let'S fly through the kitchen a little bit. This is what this thing's meant for. It'Ll fly up to your kitchen right, excuse the mess guys but whoa, and this thing is gon nabe able to bang around a lot right cause. It'S meant for this fly out the back door, but man what a great um stay at home. Let'S fly under this thing. I hope my battery's not super dead, yet trampoline, no problem underneath that oh yeah, u redu, so I'm full throttle up and we are dead. I'M gon na have to go, get that and that's our battery life we'll have that up on the screen. So you guys can see that so there we have it guys. The Emax easy pilot, I got ta, say it's for less than a hundred bucks. It might be a good choice, you'll see that the flight time is kind of, and they only give you one battery and that's. Probably my only con with this. This is geared towards beginners, so I'm, not gon na knock. You too much for not having a mode where you can flip and stuff that might have been nice if there was one mode like the third mode. That was had the ability to maybe do some rolls and flips, but for a beginner that's, not really too important.

You just want to make sure you get a feel for how you know these things are flying and how it is with the fpv. The charger is fine. It does take a long time to charge, though I think it took like 45 minutes to charge and if you're only getting. I think it felt like about five to six minutes of flight time. We'Ll have that pop up here again, so you know exactly how long we were flying for in the air that's gon na really be like you know, you only can fly for six minutes and then you've got to wait like another 45 minuta. For this thing to charge, it's kind of a downer so definitely order some extra of these batteries, but it would have been nice for them to at least give you. Maybe two I mean gosh it's only got to cost them like another dollar, two more to buy these at cost and and put them in the pack and then maybe a multi charger. If they do give you multiple batteries, there's there's cheap little USB multi chargers too. Another thing is if they could have really just given you some kind of like really rudimentary DVR in here, where you could just slap like a memory card in these, and at least have some kind of video recording again it's, probably just a few bucks to have Just a really cheap DVR that can record the screen, you're seeing that might be fun for people to get started.

So those are my two main complaints DVR in here and a couple more batteries. But you know that all comes with the cost altitude hold throughout the movement of the stick like in this area and then only when you went all the way to the top or all the way to the bottom is when it really did its low altitude change. But it really held altitude well right in the middle of the stick. Tamo, zatim, naravno, when you went up to expert mode they're calling it it basically takes out all it does. Is it takes out the altitude hold mode and I think it tilted a little more forward when you press forward? So if you go a little bit faster is what it felt like to me and then you're really gon na have to get used to that altitude. Finesse because it's pretty finicky, you could see me kind of dropping down a little too fast and hitting the ground time's, so that that's, where you really want to learn how to control your thumb, because that has no altitude hold and once you can master all that Function then, it's time to get basically more advanced little fpv drone let's talk about the range on these things, so the goggle rains on the fpv excellent for what this is meant to do even a little better, because i in some goggles, if i fly through my House that's, going through the TV, a few mirrors, the electronics of the house up over the house, and these things did very very well.

I'Ve had the video of the other goggles up. So you can see that, but it's gon na be very similar to what these goggles can do, because I have the same antenna setup so no complaints there. The only thing is you can't fit a pair of glasses on when you have these on your head. If you do have to wear glasses for like driving or everyday use, you're probably gon na, have to put some contacts on to really get a clear picture. I can see pretty good, but I need glasses for driving and it was just a little blurry to me because I couldn't slide the lens any closer to my eyes for focusing a little better. So maybe contacts try that, as far as control range, excellent didn't drop out once when I went all the way around my house and over my house and that's all you need to do with this little thing. You don't want to be going super far away because you might lose it in your neighbor's yard or something one more thing. There was no notification of battery low or anything like that, so you really only could just fly it until it did just fall on the ground and there was no more power left to keep flying and it doesn't seem to be damaging this battery I've flown that Just a couple times, I did a practice run before the video, and even though I just exhausted the battery till it couldn't fly anymore, it doesn't seem to be puffing or anything so at least they're, probably having a voltage cutoff on board, where it's not going to Damage your battery, if you can't, try to continue to fly when it's low and it just wants to drop so at least you don't have to worry about that, all in all guys a fun little drone to get started.

With aside from a couple of the cons like, I was saying, it's a great little starter and you're gon na have fun with it, and it's meant to do exactly what it's meant to do is just to be a total all in one package to start you And get used to and see if you like, and you can do fpv flying it's gon na take a lot of practice has taken me years to get as good as I am and I'm. Not even that good. I may be an intermediate flyer on the occasional flights so anyway, I hope you enjoyed the review and I'll see you in the next one. Don'T forget all the stuff. I review here is down on the links in the description, so you can check out how much it costs on the product website and also check out my other videos and subscribe to my channel.