Eachine E61 Fun Toy Drone for Kids 🎉🚁

This is a small indoor toy drone that is straightforward to fly and could possibly be one for the children. Try the Eachine E61 right here – http://bit.ly/2B5HW0Z Assist assist


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  1. Looks nice starting drone, version without camera would be good buy.

  2. Good for people getting in to the hobby

  3. Though I have a "fairly comprehensive" collection of toys this one isn't going to be on a future purchase list. Flies OK but, opet, the camera angle is rubbish and fixed. There's been some progression (though not much) with the outdoor WiFi camera toys, the indoor ones haven't improved much since the Cheerson micros

  4. nije loše, Albert. Uopće nije loše! 😊
    The camera could be better, but since there's a version without itRight? 😉

  5. Love alllllllll your drones soooo much! Everyday you show us a new drone and that's what I love about this channel 😎

  6. How does this compare with the Syma X20 in terms of flying feel and quality?

  7. Izbirljiv ponovo ispitivanje 👍

  8. Strašan pregled. This could have been a great quad. What I fail to understand is that in the past five years (in my experience) very few toy manufacturers have come to the realization that the camera needs to be able to be adjusted up equally as much as down or at least to some degree of uptilt to be useful in most situations that involve forward flight. Why even bother putting a camera on it with this limitation? Your better off getting the version without the camera and save your money. Eachine should know better by now

  9. I’m sorry but do you have a cologne collection in the living room? Or are those spirits? Lijep video!

  10. That drone is also available with no camera and 3 batteries for $21. A great gift for the grandkids. They don't need a camera or a phone for that matter. Hvala za ocjenu, 👍💖🤓

  11. Have to mod AIO on it. Great review Albert thanks 👍

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