What this is is a system of transponders and a ground station that enable you to play different games of tag that are automatically scored tracked. What you're supposed to do is put these things like on an arm strap and then you run around and tag each other. You can play like zombie tag, that's kind of their flagship game. U redu, that's right. You have to get pretty dang closer to work, we're going to shake it up and we're, going to put them on drones and see if we can actually get the system to work flying around because that'd be way cooler i'm, so excited all of a sudden. O, my gosh, this is beautiful. We got a whole bunch of people out here today because we think the more drones we can get in the air the better. So we got paul all the way from indianapolis. We got one of the best local rippers to orlando erod yo and we got bubby here from california, one of my favorite pilots and we got some more people coming. So we should have a nice cloud of quads all running around trying to zombify each other. So we've got the antennas for the ground station system we can put in the players as soon as you put in the player name like it's gon na show up on here and we'll, be flying around in the warehouse down below so we've got this perfectly positioned To be kind of home base round one, oh one of my motors is stuck on the ducks humans going to the warehouse what's going on who can't take off, i can't, take off just add throttle just like i'm upside down.

ne, it won't let, but you guys are horrible at being prepared for things. Can i wait for me to find out if somebody's flipped down in the back, like i heard somebody fall, but i don't know if they're upside down, then i didn't want to jump in the middle. So we need a radio yeah. O, i got radios, you got radios, da, Sjajna osoba, Glazba, looking good, Dobro, Glazbeni pljesak, i'm on the ground, Glazba; i'm. Putting someone! O! I lost him, damn it Music! O, i see you bubby! O, ne, ne, ne,, that's, erotic, darn! It i'm hunting down on people Music down. Your butt Music paul's strategy works really well, you just got ta camp out behind them. Read the screen. I'M. Still a human come by Music! O, oh lazy! Zašto? Why wait Applause yeah? ne, my strategy evolved in this one. I was chasing down tyler and i just went up. I followed him until he kind of like leveled off and i went boom knocked him out of the air and then landed next to him, tagged him, but it took off again yeah yeah, i i'm just going for the sitting ducks. But when you can hunt someone and get them in the air, yeah it's a very satisfying feeling when you get them and you see their screen light up and everything yeah let's get a damage report. What'D you bring somebody around, oh man. I do like that. I can very distinctively tell that which one's mine, because you both because you've got the unicorn shape and the light colored duck.

It could be like ten percent, better yeah but it's real for first time doing something like this yeah like when i was the zombie. I was trying to get behind people to see their screen to see if they were a zombie or not not just try to get behind them and like follow behind them, and i could see if it was green or red. I wonder, if is it worth it to like? Add some sort of marker to like know to make it more easier to see who's a zombie you're, just gon na have to be good. I like ideal in an ideal world like we'd wire up some like addressable leds and like when you tag, you would just split the switch so crazy man, if we're doing it let's do it. We'Ve played a couple of rounds now and it's a really good time. Anytime, you get this many drones in the air flying together, it's a lot of fun, but as far as how successful the rounds are going it's a little questionable oftentimes, the two zombies end up chasing each other for no reason. So what we're gon na do? We'Re gon na hook these drones up with some addressable leds we're gon na connect these leds to a signal output of our flight controller and that's, going to give us the ability to change the led color with the flip of a switch if you're human you're going To be one color, if you're a zombie you're going to be another color that's, going to solve two issues, it's going to make it easier to spot the other players and it's gon na make it clear what player is a human? What player is a zombie hi? I'M bill the human switch down hi Applause.

Welcome to my neighborhood uh i've got um this new car wash it's, really Music gon na work together, we're gon na coordinate our efforts and we're not gon na try to take each other well yeah cause. We actually know why, should you see the red three start, the game? Two one go green. I see you agree. Oh look at that. I can see the zombies. This is so cool it's way better with that. Oh my gosh. U redu, you have that one i'll find another green. O, moj Bože! Oh i see the zombie zombie Music, da, Glazba, oh yeah! So take someone! Da, oh that's! So cool i'm over here one of the ghosts, one of the zombies Music on top. That was so much better. It was a lot better. Oh my gosh, that was worth it. O, it was worth the big thanks to ztag for reaching out to us and sending us this system to check out. It was really unique. A lot. A lot of fun link in the description to their website links to all these people's channels in the description, including bailey, including bailey, does she have a channel yet to make one whenever you make a youtube channel or an instagram for jeff's dog bailey? O, you want more come here, thanks for hanging out, guys hit the subscribe button and the like button.