Zašto? Pa? Because you deserve to you guysare awesome, but what this is right here. It is time to get excited as big kev would say, or what this is. It is a toothpick from atomic rc that’s right, who’s ever heard of atomic rc, not me before i’m going to link it down below, and let me tell you this is easily the best quad. We have the best toothpick. What i should say. We have flown of 2020, so it’s got insane performance insane value it’s like 130, ili nešto slično 120 dolara, depending on which version you get it is lightweight, and it is absolutely godly how this thing feels in the air. So you fpv is out there. If you are looking at this hobby and think man i want to jump in this, drone is going to be for you if you want a toothpick absolutely this is the number one recommendation for my toothpicks. Moving forward to this thing is crazy and number three: if you are those people who already look i’ve already got a stack of other quads, i want to try the toothpick sort of stuff. Pa, let me tell you even you professional racers out there are going to have an absolute ball with this thing. It is just next level fun. You can tell i’m excited about it. So in this video, what we’re going to be doing, uh we’re going to be putting it through its paces.

Looking the text and the specs and trust me you’re, going to want to see some of this flight footage as well as grumpy trevor’s reactions, and you can hear as soon as you hover this thing. It just sounds it’s like hitting that sweet note. It is absolutely it’s, just gorgeous it’s an absolutely gorgeous drawing, but what is better than a lightweight high performance drone. That is incredible value. Pa, let me tell you the chance to get one for free as well, so uh we have a bit of a giveaway on this video as well uh. We have an extra one of these to give away check the official rules, all that sort of stuff, but i just want to have your opinions in the comments down below. Let me know what you think about this: make sure you watch the video. What do you think about the flight performance, all that sort of stuff grumpy trevor’s impression, because some of you guys out there well uh yeah, you might be winning or one of these bad boys. The official rules are down below, but let’s do it let’s get into it. Why is this the toothpick of 2020, the holy grail as a bit of an overview you can see it is an ultralight race. So this is the. I should give it the official name. The dodo 135 from atomic rc and i believe, they’re working with skyzone as well skyzone, makes amazing stuff so uh.

It kind of stands to reason why their sister company, or why the work that they’ve put into this is really coming through. They have a great pedigree behind them. Let’S, stick it on the scales. Toothpick means ultra light, a tiny little quad like this, but you can still get your full fledge flight experience. Let’S tear this off there we go it is coming in. This is going to be in the roof cam at 82 grama. It can take a 3 or 4s battery it’s a tiny little quad that look it’s not going to carry a gopro it’s, not going to do hd recording it’s not made to do digital. What is it made for? It is just made to have fun to rip around tear the skies, a new one and also not annoy anybody, because this thing is so quiet. It almost sounds like a stealth drone, but when you see the speeds it looks like a bullet starting at the outside in let’s. Go through some of the components then talk about the pros and cons all that sort of stuff. So we’ve got some 316. I should say: 3016 gem fan props on the outside and they really are one of the stars of the show when they’re matched up with these motors underneath, which are photons, Mislim, of their 3500 kV. Uh yeah 3500 kv made to fly on a 3 or a 4s pack for us. If you want to go crazy, three, as if you’re just doing some casual cruising we’re, getting some pretty decent flight times, you’ll see as well towards the middle we’ve just got our f4 flight controller.

It only has, i think and i’ll put some pictures on the screen. As well a bl heli s esc, so i don’t think it’s br, heli32 doesn’t matter. Absolutely not when you see how this thing flies. Your jaw is going to hit the floor, and especially when you see what trevor says about it as well, there is quite a few swear words uh, based on how impressed he is, naravno, you’ve got your f4 flight controller. On top, imate 300 milliwatt vtx you’re, going to be getting some pretty decent range, Uh, tiny little fpv cam at the front. I think is it a cadex uh, a fox ear cam, i should say towards the front and then just a little dipole antenna at the back. Nothing too special there. Underneath you can see it is made up of one unibody frame, little velcro strap uh. It does have some nice little antenna placement tubes, you can sort of uh, not all quads, not all toothpicks uh have little places for your antennas. It’S nice they’ve got this one, and that brings us on to the design, because i like that design of it look, it just works the shape. The refinement everything they’ve done here: To je, not like they’re reinventing the wheel, but this quad. It feels like they’ve reinvented it. So everything on here so yeah that just looks like a little toothpick. Da budem iskren, i was not excited to fly this thing before i put a pack on it.

I was like yeah look it’s just another toothpick quad let’s see how it goes as soon as i hovered it and did that first punch out. I was okay. We are on to something special here. You’Ve got to try this trevor because look it’s, it’s it’s hard to explain just how good this thing feels. It’S got its xt30 on the back. I guess the quality of thing while it’s coming from a company like skyzone. Pa, i guess atomic rc and skyzone. I think they’re doing some work together. Skyzone is some of the best quality goggle manufacturers in the market, and it looks like that quality is transitioning over to their quads as well pros and the cons things that you are gon na like and things you are not gon na, like cons things you’re, not Gon na, like look it’s not made for carrying a gopro um yeah that that is honestly about it. When you look at the performance of this, the things i like let’s, do it that way, the things like what i like about this, the pros you have the most crazy performance you have ever seen. It is super stealthy. All that performance is just making pure thrust out of the motors there’s. No oscillations, no vibrations. The flight characteristics are gorgeous. There is no wasted energy. Turning into acoustics, you can just tell how efficient this thing is going to be you’re getting decent flight times. It is an absolute ripper, it is 120 ili 130 dolara, it’s ultra lightweight.

You get good fpv reception like there is so many things about this quad that people are going to like you can just take it out of the box. You put your receiver in there. You are off to the races, there’s, a pro version, a standard version and maybe like a pro plus version, i’ll link all them down below. Ali sve u svemu, if you are remotely interested in getting a toothpick, you want to try something that is a little bit of a different size. You want to try a different new quad. You might have a whole bunch of five inches and you think, hey what’s. This three inch business all about this is the quad that you should be buying, and it is not that i say that lightly. We have reviewed a lot of toothpicks and a lot of quads. It has been a long time since i’ve been so impressed by a quad like this, so look that’s the boring bench stuff out of the way let’s go out of the field, you’ll see what i’m rambling about we’ll see, what grumpy trev thinks and most importantly, we’ll Show you some of that fly footage and you can judge for yourself well, you’ve got to remember this is 130 bucks and it is better than any other toothpick on the market, that’s a big call and uh. I think a lot of you are going to be impressed. So look let’s. Do it uh watch this and let me know what you think about the fly characteristics all that sort of stuff in the comments, so you can have a chance to win one, but let’s go.

Do it with grumpy trev in three that sounds bad, but let’s go. Have some fun in three two one radio out here in the field we got gt pulling some faces behind me. I don’t trust him at all gunner’s in the background we’re flying this round, showing you some dvr, stop it trevor. Whatever you are doing. O, you don’t got this right here from atomic rc sky zone sister company or whatever any basically a sky zone. Little drone we’ll cruise around i’m. Going this way, so i don’t have to look at trevor. We’Ll show you some dvr we’ll show you his impressions. Mi ćemo.! Try and break it, have some fun and find out. How does this little ripper go and we’re going to be flying on 4s2? So i’ve got some, hopefully a bit of punch to show you so let’s. Do it have some fun? The birds are singing it’s a glorious day. There is zero, wind and i’m feeling good let’s. Do it in three two one now watching this there is so much. I want to show you why we’re flying this thing around, but unfortunately well i guess i could put some of this footage at the end i’m, not going to make you sit through the four minutes or five minutes word or the flight time is here, but let’s Do it straight away, as i took off it’s like man, this feels like glass let’s, give it a bit of a punch boom, it is on rails, it is disappearing and it only gets better.

So i had no idea it was going to be this good. We started to drop the throat drop, the hammer, push that throttle and remember the size of this quad. This is a tiny little toothpick and it is absolutely screaming around it’s extremely efficient. I mean look at the amps we’re cruising around we’re, getting like 10 amps, Možda 15 amps at a huge punch here and the rest is all gravy. The camera looks good. The range is good, the speed is insane, and this is when i started thinking like man. I can’t believe this quad is a hundred and twenty dollars or 130 dolara. Whatever version that you want to get, it is absolutely crazy. You can see it is covering a ton of ground, and this is the first time i have ever truly felt like man. Ovo je, this is better than some of my five inch brothers quads out there like this is just a ball of quad to rip around really easy to control. The rates are perfect. The osd out of the box, i’ve got to say it’s exactly what i want. I just want to see how long i’ve been flying for and my battery voltage, that is it. I don’t need any extra information on the screen and i think i’m sending trevor here, hey i’m, going to do a punch out and you have to understand when you do it, you blip this little thing. Look how high we are just disappearing up into the sky.

So i’m going to say, look skyzone, atomic rc or whatever you did with this quad. It is an absolute sleeper hit and it is almost a crime that more people haven’t gotten on to just how good this thing is. So in a moment, we’re going to hand it over to grumpy trev as well. You can see i’m just ripping this thing around with more confidence, and i am sure, like we had a lot of flights with this, but i thought the first flight was important, but i am sure that we could do pack after pack after pack on this thing And you would just see it getting quicker and quicker and more confident and more confident. It is not every day you can pick a quad up like this, that just works off the bat. So look, i got to say for the price, the performance that you get. What do you guys think about it because remember we do have one to give away as well, but i got to say this thing is an absolute steal of a quad and a very, very easy recommendation. If you’re looking for a new quad the end of 2020, you want to treat yourself. You want to have look at look just almost swore there that’s how good it is. You just have flight time, four days, powerful days, a very cool quad. The only thing i did notice is the probably the smallest part is. It has so much performance and you get the tiniest bit of prop wash on a heavy dive.

So when you’re pulling out of a heavy dive, then you might get. I guess half a second of a little flutter, but that is it and is only noticeable because the rest of the flight experience is absolutely gorgeous and you’ll hear it. I really want you to listen as well when trevor’s flying around listen to the audio of this quarter. Listen, how quiet it is! You can just see that it is absolutely tuned to perfection. So a very, very easy recommendation from me let’s hand it over to grumpy trev as well let’s see what he thinks about the dodo 135 and i’m. Probably gon na have to bleep a few swear words out, because i think um from memory he’s pretty impressed. So let’s cut to trevor see what he thinks in three two one boop radio gt now tell me what did that look like in the uh in the air flying that around the the dodo one three five. Pa, i got ta tell you. It was pretty hard to see because it’s so small, and it was quick, very quick that well no, and it was quiet like this thing it just hummed. It was just gone. It was really really nice, so um it’s about 120 bucks well or 130 ja ću.. Let you know you know if it’s 120 bucks after a flight i’ll, let you know what it’s worth all right, but uh. I was pretty impressed so far. U redu, ready to put a pack on it.

We’Ve got a 4s 450 on there fits quite nicely. I got about three around three minutes flight time. I think germany take that one. o da, the um canopy, oh yeah, looks like hard plastic that could be interesting, but um nice little build. I love those little ones. Can you tell Music look at that pocket rocket? Let’S plug it in and see what happens all right, i’ll plug this in. Oh god, i’ll pick the radio up. Žao mi je, Dobro, no worries i’ve left it on for you. You are you’re back all right. Let’S start this dvr. Let me actually point well nice camera. It looks like a really good day out there. It is a good day. Glazba, look it’s gone that’s about 100 feet in the air mate Music, oh yeah, jesus, nice very pointygoes where you wanted to go Music. The lens might be a bit dirty on this. Actually she’s quiet in it, it does have a certain sound to it where it sounds like there’s. ne, no wasted energy! ne! Exactly that it’s just tuned pitch perfect i’ll get used to dr uh flying this thing, riding driving right here, all right performance. How is it performing when you drop the throttle or how is it on the stick? Jesus glides, previše, Hej, To je, impressive, oh look, To je! This thing is out of control. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? No it’s! Really nice it’s look it’s.

It just flows. This thing it’s, brzo, easy to fly. What do you think the rates are like? Zapravo, so if you go up and do a barrel roll um, how do they feel? Pa, you know if you’re coming into this, does it feel well? Is it too high, too low nice, no that’s, really nice. Look the cover’s good! Who would you recommend to get this wait? Would you recommend people to get this yeah? How much was it uh? 120. Bucks. Oh look honestly. I think for 120 dolara, this thing’s a gift. Pa, i could fly this all day. sviđa mi se. He only bought two batteries too didn’t you. jesam. I better enjoy this one then and yeah. I use one of them. To je., pretty nice isn’t. It it’s. Stvarno. This slight, i tell you uh. This is probably one of the best small ones i’ve flown for a long time. Is there anything you don’t like about it? Uh yeah it’s, not mine. No besides that anything, you don’t like about the flight characteristics or the price, or anything like that. ne, you don’t get any spare props. I should say that, oh, the lazy pricks look uh, i got ta tell you. This thing is fun to fly for the money. I really think it’s a gift, beginners experts pros uh. I reckon anyone can fly this. I can it’s really nice and the battery is going forever. You’Re, not taking it easy either.

Ah it’s just i love it like it’s, just so responsive. I think the price is just gift what it is it’s really well tuned. This is straight out of the box yep, but uh. They really need to give you some props with it, because that’s it that’s the only thing, Da, to je., something i complain about uh, because the first thing you’re gon nado you’re gon na hit someone break a prop on this. Why do you say that? Pa, you hit the tree three times like that. You’Ve broken a prop. ne, i have slept the right way. Give it a pop go throttle all the way down. Ići! O! ne! I think you broke it. Stupid uh i’ll go get it Music! Ja sam.! Sure that tree wasn’t there, when i was it, was mate. O, we did bend the prop that’s, just what you’re looking at now. If i had a phone, this first jew would have been really pissed off because yep, i would have been that’s. He would have had to fly this with a bent prop, so at least they don’t shutter, like they used to be look guys um. Who makes this uh skyzone or atomic arsenal sky’s on tommy garcia. You need a spare pair of prop spare set of props. With these. This thing is a bomb get it it’s, well worth it 10 od 10. Ovo je 10 for quality flight everything you want to. I love it all right and value it’s great.

I want one thanks: trev radio, so there it is uh there’s my review of the dodo135, maybe that’s a that’s, a uh isn’t, the dodo like a silly bird or something that could be one con. I don’t really like the name there you go, but the dodo 135 at least i can pronounce it, but everything else. I absolutely love 120 130 dollars for a quad that is ridiculously lightweight, not intrusive at all insane performance and insane value. This quad is probably one of the best toothpicks, if not the best toothpick, we have ever seen by 2019 2020. This quad here is the new king of toothpicks. I think a lot of people could take some lessons from a company that we’ve kind of never really heard of before, but look i’d love to know. What do you guys think and please do let me know, because we’ve got that one to give away to you guys hope you enjoyed the video, give me a thumbs up thumbs down i’d, just love to know what you think about the dodo135 on that subscribe. For more fpv related content, i hope you have a fantastic day or why? Because you deserve it. If you are new to the hobby, seriously check this one out. If you have got other crafts check it out, you’re just going to have an awesome time on that subscribe for more fpv, related content.