TRUT POMOĆ – Best Tablet to use with DJI Phantom or Inspire

Looking for a pill to make use of together with your DJI Phantom or Encourage? This video covers some factors you need to contemplate.

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  1. Lijepo vid. Dobar informacije. Like the sun shade hack. Hvala, čovječe

  2. What tablet I buy iPad mini 2 iPad mini 3 or iPad mini 4 I have phantom 4 Pro

  3. Izbirljiv ponovo ispitivanje. Well done and just the type of info I was looking for. I'm working on upping my game and the phone is just no longer cutting it. haha

  4. That’s what I did I got the imini4 love the in screen controls it’s perfect I don’t fly with any other Device i bought a sun shade for it I have The cellular version too

  5. Best tablet is crystal sky; 3rd party apps are now supported. iPad Pro would be a second option if you prefer not to have the brightest screen available.

  6. Bought a used Phantom 3 Pro, had a hellacious time connecting it to my Samsung TAB S2, Had to plug and unplug the cable repeatedly, some times remove the app then reinstall, really no reliable rhyme or reason of when the app would work or not(and yes a tried a lot of different usb cables) short story: picked up a cheap (around $80) 8 inch android tablet (nuvision solo 8), and it works with out a hiccup. In straight sunlight it's not too good even with a sunshade, but usually I stand under some shade and it works pretty good

  7. Thanks Captain Done I enjoy you chat and your recommendations. Ja sam na 70 year old Buzzard.

  8. Dobar video. Only problem I ever find with all of the devices is the screen brightness 🙁

  9. I got a question, I got the Phantom 4, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab A6 and for some reason my display on my tablet does not show up, like the live view for it, I hooked it up to my phone and it works just fine, but on my tablet it does not, it can take pictures off that tablet and shows up perfectly, but its just I cant see the live view from it….

    Any ideas on what one can do to maybe make it work?? I have tried reinstalling the app many times and still a no go……

    Hvala ti…

  10. Hey SteveI really like your videos, so today I went to your history to see your first videos. I was surprised to see they only go back about 2.5 godine (as of September 2018). This seems to be the first one where you are on camera and talking. You've come a long way in a short time. You are so much more comfortable in front of the camera now. Your stuff is always great. Thanks for your efforts. Hoping to maybe meet you at SpinUp in December.

  11. i am having a problem with a iphone 6 plus using the go app with a phantom 3 4k . it worked perfect on a iphone 5s . i think its due to the fact the 5s has v 9.2 (13c75) on it and the 6 plus has v 8.1.2 (12b440) on it . it has something to do with the ios version .

  12. I don't like apple products however IOS works best with dji drones. If you run Litchi then you have to go IOS as android does not work well with djigo and litchi both installed. You can install one or the other but not both in most cases. I only use Ipad mini 2 units and they work with all my drones with djigo and litchi.

  13. Hey Captain, I know this is a 2 year old video but, I am brand new to drones. Tako, I think I understand this, I need a tablet that is NOT just WIFI. It needs to be able to have cell service but, cell service is not required. ??

  14. After taking to T-Mobile instead of flying with a Ipad Mini 4 WIFI &Mobilni, I have decided to go with the new IPhoneXR since I am getting a $350 dollar rebate off the original price of $799.00 since I have been a member for longer then 15 godine…The phone comes out to be around $350.00 w/ 64gb of ram. Također, It has a 6.1''display screen vs the I-pad mini 4 that has a 7.9 palac
    display! The million dollar question is has anyone used the new IPhone XR with there Mavic drones and how well does it work with Dji go Pro app???

  15. @Captain Drone. Do you ever have problems with your Ipad overheating to such a point that it shuts down? Mine did yesterday during a flight and I had to connect my Galaxy S7 to finish the flight. Klicati

  16. I use my ipad air 2 and it is full of apps, about one gb left, my DJI APP works perfectly all the time, better than an iPad mini by far, bigger display looks better.

  17. question pls. if ur tablet has GPS but data how can u see the map when ur flying ur drone outside.

  18. Is there a stick on gps tracking divice i can stick on my drone in the market so when i get my drone i want to make sure i can find it.

  19. Is it not fun to chase the tech though.

  20. Bok, there is a nexus 7 and a nexus 7 II witch one do you use . is it a model ME370T?

  21. Lijep Video. Are you saying I need to buy data for my tab, or is the GPS function within the tablet? I'm trying not to hook up with a data plan to save bucks.

  22. Cpt DroneAny recommendations on best tablet (outside of the NVidia Shield) which includes an HDMI out port for use with FPV Goggles, and is DJI Go4 friendly??

  23. Ćao kapetan trut, I've been using an iPad mini 3 but after firmware updates for my P4 and Mavic Pro it seems out dated now, I am purchasing a new iPad 6th Generation Wi-Fi Cellular version, do you think this will work with my DJI drones?ThanksSteveP55

  24. Since this postingdo you have any thoughts on a decent Android Tablet for drone use?

  25. Matt black cardboard would've been better.

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