We have a special episode today, we're gon na talk about 18 650s. If you are interested in getting a really long flight time from any type of wing or any type of t, tail detail, glider something that can handle a four s lie on pack. These are 18 650 pre soldered lie on packs and what's. The big deal about lie on packs. Pa, some of you guys have never flown them. Most of you guys are flying lipos and a lot of guys in the long range community. The long range fpv community are building and slaughtering up their own 18. 650 packs. You might have heard about this. You don't own a spot welder but it's nice that Zod it's, finally offering a 4 s 3500 Pack. So this is pretty much going to double your flight time on any of the Zod planes any plane. That is around the 30 inch or larger size can handle this pack. So it depends on your esc and motor setup as well, but most of the Zod planes, like the rebel, the the black ops Talon, the mini Talon, the Nano Talon, the orbit. All those planes will handle this one and it's awesome, because this pack right here can charge on your standard lipo charger. Just like the lipo can it has the same connector balance connector on here. It has xt60 with a nice little TPU edition that I might write here. It has a green side for charged and red for spent, which is nice and they're about the same size.

So this fits in pretty much any of my planes that will handle the 4s 1500 battery and that's my battery of choice for long range. This one will handle a higher voltage throttle input. You have to be careful with your 18 650 packs if you're a race guy or maybe you're racing wings. This is not the pack for you. This is the pack for the the medium to long range, guys that are looking to have the longest flight time say around a 20 minute flight time to 25 minutes max on a lipo 1500, and this is going to get you in upwards of 35 da 40 Minutes flight time, so almost doubling your flight time and around. I think these are around 35 da 40, really nice. But the best thing is that they're pre soldered up and finally available and they're in stock, which is awesome but let's, go ahead. Put these on the scale real quick! I just want to give you a weight difference between the two we'll go ahead and put the sod pack on there first and that one's 214 grams up it's got the TPU connector on there. Let'S take that off still 214. Tako 14 Ne 213 for the lion pack. Now let's put the our line for s 1550 on there, and that is 179. Tako 18 650 s are a little bit heavier it's kind of like going from lipo to nickel cadmium it's it's just a little bit heavier pack.

But if you're doubling your flight time, who cares really? And if you are flying these types of packs, it's important that you go easy on them, just go easy on the throttle and most long range guys when you get up and you get your heading set, which direction you're going to go a lot of times. We'Ll put throttle percentage on the screen and the OSD and we're watching that, and we want to get it as low as we can to just keep the nose of the plane up and a forward trajectory and that's going to get you the longest flight time. Out of pretty much any battery a standard, lipo or rely on packs, but these do charge on my standalone charger. It has a lion option which is great. Most chargers nowadays do have that, and this is. This is a great option. It'S gon na it's gon na double your flight time, which is awesome and not too much heavier. Maybe around 30 grams heavier yeah about 30 grama, heavier than your standard for us, 15, 50, not too bad let's go ahead now and let's go outside and let's do some fly on with these new packs new lion. 4S. 3500 packs. Here we go okay, so the air temperature is about thirty degrees. We'Re gon na go ahead and start the flight test and it wasn't even fully charged all the way up to 16 eights about fifteen nine right there, so we're, even volt.

Less so imagine if I had another volt on this charge, I would have got probably another 10 minutes out of this battery at least putting us up to around the 40 minute plus mark now again it's cold today, 30 minuta, but look at that voltage dramatically drop When I took off and now you'll see it come back upand this is what I'm talking about as far as these lions go, they don't like a high frontal punch because you can sag them and you can damage the battery so on takeoff, you can have You know 50 da 70 throttle and after that, just get back on your cruise throttle amount, but I might go ahead and speed this up and any time you see it speed up during this video I'm not doing any cuts, because I want you to continuously be Able to watch the voltage range and the timer on the bottom right and he's in one of those Fox here, Falkor cameras today, one of my favorites freestyle camera it's, a really nice camera, a nice vivid, bright color. If you like, this I'll try to put a link down below for those, but here we sped up to the 22 minute mark and we're still cruising here. ne. This is an interesting test, because this will give you a good idea of how long you can fly on a tenth of a volt in in a situation with ally on pack.

Now this is really amazing. I I sit there and watch this voltage. The entire time. I'M flying 14, one 14 and we're at 22 minutes right there now. What'S amazing, is that I was able to squeeze it up past 30 minutes and still remain at like 14 v 141, even and had barely been used like a percentage of a fold. It'S, nevjerojatna, and if you have a little bit of a headwind, if you can, znaš, reduce your throttle and just glide a little bit. You can save even more time guys that have gliders that can handle 4s battery. I know you could get an hour and a half with one of these packs being able to get up there and maybe ride some thermals during the warmer months and it's, starting to heat up or getting some more thermals out here. But on this particular day, not a full about a full charged battery and extremely cold conditions, a really actually a really great day for flight test visually, because we're not worried about some overcast conditions but cold day lie on testing is a good test and we'll test. These batteries coming up further in the summer, so we can get some hot condition testing for you guys, but I would suggest just getting one of these packs to start with honestly and and give it a try, because you don't have to change any settings on your Plane to be able to fly these just plug them in and go fly them.

Tako, look at that we're at 14, 0 and now we've gone another couple minutes it's, giving me that low battery warning but I'm still able to and I'm gon na keep pushing this battery guys let's go ahead and speed it up one more time: we're at twenty. Four right here and I'm gon na speed it up all the way up to thirty minute mark and now look I'm at fourteen two is still what is going on what is going on with that 14 da 14 one didn't. We just fly for another eight minutes and we barely even moved a percentage of a volt that's. The most amazing thing about the lie on batteries, guys that gets me really excited. I just keep looking at that voltage tonight. I barely drop a bolt. The other thing you have to know about lions is that when you do get to that bottom percentage of your your voltage range before you damage the battery, make sure that you're you're in close to home, because the lion will tank and die on you. If you push it too far, just like a lipo will so don't be a couple miles out at 13.8, volts and and I'm pushing this battery extra hard for you guys today, even though it's it's my own personal pack now, and I think, we're gon na probably Come in and set down right about the 32 minute mark but being under a volt on the full charge, I'm, absolutely positive that we could have squeezed well over 35 minutes not close to 40 minutes even on a day when it's, kao što je 30 degrees out so again.

Like doubling my flight time from my standard 4s lipo, which is super awesome, and I do have a large glider that runs on 4s, the albatross and I'm testing as well for you guys as an 8 foot wingspan we're gon na try out some lions on that And see if that big motor, that lion can handle that big motor I'll be testing it all my side planes for you guys but I'm happy with the results. I think that we we kicked butt today on 30 degrees and we're at 32 minuta leta, even under a volt charged that's awesome. So I worked the money in my opinion. I think I'm gon na buy a couple more of these because I'm really really happy with the results of this. This is a great test, guys let's go back to the studio, Dobro, guys welcome back from the flight test. Now that flight test was probably some of the coldest conditions all year, it was around 30 degrees on the day that I tested these lion packs and if you know anything about batteries, you know that a cold day you get less flight time. A dramatic reduction in voltage, your voltage, will seriously just sag and drop to the floor on you and that's one bummer about flying in the winter. On days where you you have maybe snowy conditions or anything under like 40 degrees starts to really get a time reduction on your flights with any type of pack, whether it's going to be lion or lipo.

So I think I'm gon na have a great experience with these this year, especially in the warmer months I'm gon na get a pretty nice long flight time. I think I can top 45 minutes with one of these packs with one of the zod planes, and I think my orbit is probably going to be the best bet. So if you're, looking for the perfect medium range plane just send out there with some crossfire and get a nice 45 minute flight time with one of these packs, the orbit is the one to get I'm gon na put some links down below for these batteries and, As well as a charger that will try, if you're just brand newand you need everything, you need some batteries to charge her, and I also put my top five favorite 2020 sod planes down there, the best performing ones for me and the best flying ones, because There'S a there's a few out there, they don't fly so great, but I'm gon na share that with you guys, and hopefully you enjoyed the testing and the results of really cold days, flying with the Zod lion pack. 4S. Konačno, pre made lion packs. 18. 6. 6. 15 minutes what I've been waiting for so take care guys be safe and stay at home. If you are in a populated area of course, don't get the Corona guys be careful out there, I'm Justin Davis keep flying guys.