This doesn't look like Texas, hey Ken. What are you doing on my channel? I guess stealing your drone hey! How about this welcome to ready set your own thanks ken Herron here today from ken herons channel, which, if you haven't, checked it out, you definitely should, and today we are going to do some experiments with the DJI spark, as well as the phantom 4 pro and A big 20 foot balloon it's like a kite balloon thing: a solar kite yeah, so stay tuned, let's check it out Music, Dobro, so we straightened out the whole Ready Set drone. Kent Heron thing it's awesome to be here in Tennessee. My buddy Ken Haran right here is going to show us something that looks pretty amazing. What is that Ken it's? A solar balloon, it's, essentially a garbage bag that they sell for 20 profit all right, so it's same principle: you just you just fill it up with air and then the Sun beats down on it, it's colored black, so it absorbs the heat and that becomes buoyant And it will fly nice, so good science, we kind of thing: Oh total science, so we're going to take it up in the air just for fun and we are going to try to track it with a drone. Maybe try to shoot it down with the drone. Maybe use our circles around you put the Hellfire missiles on you know: I've got the mini there, the heck fires, missiles, the heck fires, da, ah heck see the aw shucks we'll put it on there, so yeah we use those on it, but yeah let's set it Up and let's see how Co does this'll be a minute you might want to fast forward.

Here'S the fun part you ready, it's when you frolic let go of it. I got it Wow, although I've never seen a grown man frolic like that before, but you know I'm going to look up the definition of frolic and it's just gon na have your picture next to it. Da, as we've just learned, it's very important to tie a knot in the end to hold air like a big leech: Glazba, Glazba, Glazbeni pljesak, Glazba, ti, Glazba, Glazbeni pljesak, ti, Glazba, there's the damage. The spark did to it. Definitely sad piloting. I started to go under then I decided to back up and then I kept going so it looks like IO. Can a giant wiener inflatable space Wiener? ne, I was trying to get that child of you going under it yeah, and I heardand I thought oh no is that me and then it was them yeah yeah. I think it was better than it was the spark. Zapravo, bark is more rugged in that situation. It is and it's also a smaller mass and it didn't get all tangled up it just kind of fell, and no second, I think I think there's a propeller in here I'll get it for home don't ever climb in plastic, like this killed me if you're watching Yeah it's in here somewhere Kelly Tara's, already talking about being hot, and now I can't wait to family sweating. When he comes out of here. Think it's in here man I'll keep looking Music.

I got to get back to Texas how you doing there champ. That was fun. Let'S.