Is it an exciting day in the channel today, because i've got some cool technology to talk about look it's the brand new dji pocket too? Now i can't wait to rip this box open and start playing with the gear inside, but before i do, let me explain this clip because it might be a little bit confusing. For starters, i was lucky enough this time to be invited into the nda group for reviewing this product, which means by the time you see this clip i've had it for a couple of weeks, and i know that seems weird because i haven't opened the box. Yet i promise you, i ripped the cellophane off. I was going to open it up and i thought nope. Let me open it up on camera. Tamo. We can experience it together and you can see exactly what's packed in the box, so i'm gon na open it right now, once i'm done with that i'm gon na do a closer look at all the components that come with it and explain exactly what they do And then i'm gon na go outside for maybe four or five days and i'm gon na film, like crazy i'm gon na try out all the different features and functions and then come back at the end of this clip and actually explain the benefits of what this Product brings to the market because i'm, a huge fan of osmo products and they've really changed a lot of things with the pocket 2 over the original osmo pocket.

But again it's going to be weird because the unboxing is happening today, i'm going to play with it. For a couple of days and then i'm going to come back for a conclusion, so the clip probably took me a week and a half to put togetherand i know it's going to seem strange but it's going to all fit together. Trust me so i'm going to get to the unboxing in a second, but before i do i want to talk about the osmo products in general, because i've been a huge fan of that product. I started with the original osmo 2015.. This is with me everywhere. I love this product. I thought dji when you put this thing out there with a beautiful camera, three axis stabilized, Kardanski, handheld solution with the battery included, where i could just fire it up, walk around and get buttery smooth footage. This is this is a home run. Now i use dslrs like crazy, but they're on a tripod and those bigger gimbals are hard to move around. So this to me was the perfect compromise and i loved it so that's 2015. 650 bucks big expensive product, but man i've used it again so much in filmmaking when i'm out in the woods or i'm walking around or i'm doing vlogs. This is the camera to go with well. 2018 comes around osmo pocket. Sada, look at the difference between those there's, no way that you can go from that to that in three years again, this is martian technology.

I don't know how the engineers at dji shrunk. This thing down to fit into a package that size it's got the same image sensor on it. Tako 1, Preko 2.3 senzor inča 1 Preko 2.3 senzor inča. This thing fits in your pocket it's like candy bar size, so when this was released in 2018, i was at the launch event and i was slack joyed when i saw it, i thought: how did you come up with that? It'S, just brilliant, so this has been my constant companion. I still use this, maybe for b roll and other people using it while we're filming, but this thing's with me everywhere, and i actually own two of these and i love them. I use them all the time. So when i got the nda request and by the way the nda stuff is really kind of secret, they don't tell you what it is they just you get this mysterious email and they say: hey rick, we got a product coming to you. Are you interested in reviewing it and i'll say well, yeah what's the product we can't tell you all right. Pa, how do i find out they go? You got ta sign the nda. Dobro, i'll sign the nda. You can't tell anybody. U redu, i won't tell anybody all right: we'll, send you the product so anyway, the product shows up this morning and i woke up. I opened the big box and i thought oh man, i can't, wait to get into this and compare it to what the osmo pocket is and explain the differences between them so i'm going to get to that.

I promise anyway, 300 600 around three hundred dollars. For this guy, when it was released 330 350. – i don't know what the retail price this is going to be, but again shrunk down. Roughly half the price tons of features built in now, they've come out in 2020 with a brand new pocket. 2.. Sada zapamtite: it's, not an osmo pocket too they're, shortening the name so it's a pocket, two that's. What they're gon na be calledand there are two flavors of this they're coming out with a standard version which has the camera and a few accessories with it, and they're gon na have what's called the creators combo, which is the one i have in front of Me that's got all the accessories built into it now i will get into the accessories and explain what they've added. But i love this company so much because they listen to consumers. They listen to the people that buy their products and that's, not an easy thing to do. I'Ve developed a lot of products from inception all the way through release with big companies all across the country and anytime. You put a focus group together and you say: Hej: how do you like our products? What would you change and what would you improve i'm telling you it's impossible to manage those kind of requests because you'll get them from all ends of the spectrum. Some people want it to be invisible, they'll want lasers on it, they'll want it to levitate, so you have to kind of winnow out once it really makes sense, but dji is brilliant at looking at a product and deciding how do we make it better? What do consumers want, and can we build it to the next version? So a lot of the things that i thought should have been in this which again i'm wishing for a lot of stuff, is now in the pocket too and i'll get into all those in a minute once i finish the unboxing, but i love that about the Company, where they're listening to the consumersand they really do want to build a better product, it would have been easy to come out with the pocket 2, with only a couple of changes.

Right and people would have said. U redu, it's the pocket too let's, buy that one it's not it's a different camera in so many different ways. So some of the top line specs just to tick them off a little bit. They'Ve increased the sensor size so that's, one over 2.3 senzor inča. You now have a one over 1.7 senzor inča: 64. Megapixel pictures 4k footage you've got zoom capabilities on it, so you can i'm laughing because i can't get over this. You can zoom 4x on video and 8x on pictures. It has a wide angle, not a wide angle but 93 vidno polje stupnja, which is important because with this guy, the field of view was a little bit skinnier, which meant you had to keep it pretty far away from you. So you didn't look like this big scary, looking guy, so you had it on a stick with this one with a 93 vidno polje stupnja, it's going to be perfect for doing vlogs in addition to that, they built in all kinds of other features like, for Example, they've got a hybrid autofocus one of the challenges with this guy was it wasn't real, quick on the autofocus, so it was moving around a lot. It would have issues with focusing they fixed that and through some of the firmware, but this one's got a brand new version of that auto, focusing built into it. Another thing they changed, which a lot of people asked about was the microphones on this were good, but they weren't great.

This has a completely different microphone system and it's got intelligence inside that allows you to manage the microphones in a lot of different ways. Na primjer, it's got four microphones on it. You can listen to the front mic, you can listen to the front and back mic. You can do a surround. Sound mic. It'S even got the ability to zoom with the mic. Tako, if i'm zooming i'm laughing because it's amazing, if you zoom in on somebody the audio, follows you to that person so that's another feature built into it all right. In addition to that, the one problem i had with this guy was it's small and it's, delicate right, it's, not an action camera but it's. A stabilized gimbal, which i like better by the way than the electronic image stabilization on the action cameras. But the challenge with it was, if you drop this, this little lens on the front would hit the ground and crack and i actually dropped one had to send it out for repair, so the new one they thought about that and they said well. How can we make it a little bit more durable it's got this ability to sense the drop so it's drop aware the software inside of it is looking at the internal sensors, and it knows that it's in free fall. It knows that you've dropped it and it's heading for the ground. It'Ll actually spin, the camera around to protect it. So you don't crack the camera so that's something they're thinking about it.

Didn'T have to be in there, but they put it in there because it helps the consumer. Another thing they've got is the brand new active track. 3.0 now that's been available on the um mavic air 2 and on their new osmo mobile 4.. The om4 has got the active track technology, which is incredibly accurate, so it's going to you, draw a box around somebody it's going to follow that person all over the place. They'Ve made it so accurate that it's smaller now it can actually follow a belt buckle. It'S that small, so you're not going to lose it. You can put it up in a tripod dance around. All you want i'll show that to you, you can dance around all you want. You can't, lose it i'll, even try. Some of my ninja moves to see. If i can lose it all right, the last thing i want to mention is they built in another feature, called fast wake, and not that this took a long time to boot up so here's the boot time. Let me push the button. Uh. Oh push the button again rick. Of course i didn't charge it there. You go 10 seconds about 10 seconds now that doesn't seem like a long time, but when you're filming spontaneity is everything. So if the dog's, making that perfect position or you've got that beautiful sunset and you want to capture that shot of your kids, you don't want to wait 10 ili 15 seconds for it to boot.

Up so it's got a fast awake feature which basically wakes it up in a second, so you can pull it out, hit the button and it's ready to go it's starting to film, so spontaneity is built into it as well, not to mention all the extra accessories They'Ve got they've built in a new base that enables wi fi, so you can connect up to it over wi, fi and controller from your phone they've actually built in a wireless microphone setup where you've got a little mic. You can clip on your lapel here and it connects up to that base and you've got a wireless microphone. So they've really again thought of everything they could do to make this a better product and i'm going to spend a lot of time in subsequent clips. I can't pack it all into this one: clipper it'll be four hours worth of content but i'm going to do this. One clip where it's going to give you the unboxing, which i promise i'm going to get to in a second and then i'm, going to move on to a closer look. Go on film with her for a couple of days, come back and give me my first impressions of the product, so stay tuned and we'll get into the unboxing next all right! Let me get this stuff out of the way. U redu, let's get started with the unboxing because i can't wait another minute to get inside this box.

Sada, kao što sam spomenuo, the pocket two is being offered in two different versions: the standard version which includes the pocket two and a few accessories or the creator combo, which is the one i have in front of me, which includes the pocket two and a whole lot More accessories now the cameras are the same between the two. The only difference is this has a lot more accessories with it. Sada, when i open it up, i'll show you all the accessories and, in the next section, i'll take a closer look and explain what they do. My suspicion is most of the accessories that come in the combo package. Are things you're going to want so it's? Probably a better value to go with this than go with the standard package and add those accessories later but again i don't have pricing on either one of them, but in the past that's kind of how it worked, but enough talk let's get into the box. So i haven't opened this yet i pulled the cellophane off and i'm telling you the restraint i showed today. We'Re not ripping this box open earlier it's, just amazing, Dobro, so let's get the box open! O, čovječe, i just love new technology all right, so the box is open, looks like we've got an accessory box off to the left here. I'Ll put that aside and here's the pocket too, look at that nestled in a nice little bag there.

Let me set that aside, we'll open that next let's open the accessory box and see what's inside here. This is like christmas, cam early, Dobro, so there's the box, oh there's, a bunch of small stuff in there. Let me open the other end because there's obviously stuff down there, i can't get out all right, so looks like a bunch of cables, Dobro, that's it for the box it's empty. Let me get rid of that all right. Tako, for starters, there's, a charging, Kabel, hey that's, pretty cool it's, a usba on one end and it looks like two usbc's on the other end. So my suspicion is one charger. You can charge the pocket to and probably that wi fi module off the same charger. So really really smart move there. So i like that, an awful lot. Oh wrist, strap that's interesting because the last one didn't have the ability to tie a wrist strap on it. So we'll have to see where that goes. Uh, oh, a windscreen, Dobro. So this is like a dead cat. This is a dead cat for the mic, so that's going to be interesting. I have to play with that. I got the silica, let me get rid of that and then there's a bunch of small stuff here. Let me rip some of these open and see what's in here, so that one is that's, a phone adapter that slides in the front just like in the last version that allows you to connect your phone up to it, so that is a that's, an apple connector.

This one is a usbc connector, a couple more bags here. So let me open this one be gentle with it, because it looks fragile all right, and that is a looks like a wide angle lens, so that takes it from the 93 degree field of view up to 110 vidno polje stupnja. I don't know what this last one is. Let me rip that open be gentle again, rick don't break it. You'Re excited boo there. It goes all right, let's see oh that's, the mini joystick. O, this is this is genius, so these slide on the front of the pocket too, and they connect to your phone if you're using it without your phone. You can slide this on and it's a tiny little joystick so i'm sure that this and there's a button on there so i'm sure that this can control where that camera's looking and probably start and stop recording but again i'm going to go through all the stuff. In detail, i so want to open that up, but there's more stuff in the box, Dobro. So let me shake this out. This looks like a big pack of manuals here, so i know this is not something that people like to do but read the manuals because there's a lot of good information in there. Let me get this guy open, come on out you all right, a lot of stuff in there, u redu, that's empty, so i've got uh regulation information, warranty information, good i've got uh, brzo, start guide, that's, always important.

Read through that i'll tell you exactly what's going on! O, look at that couple of dji stickers: that's, prilično cool, put those on your car and then uh creator combo. It explains all the accessories that come with this kit now we're getting to the good stuff so on the bottom of it are all the accessories and that's all the cool stuff that they've added. So for starters, this looks like the wi fi module. This is the microphone this i don't know what it is. Oh it's a base with a quarter turn on the bottom of it. So apparently you can snap this, hopefully in the bottom of the pocket too, and attach it to a tripod, which is something you couldn't. Do with the last one without having a lot of accessories attached to it and then there's something else here that looks like i was going to say a tripod but it's only one leg, so i don't know what's going on there and that looks pretty look at That it's a tripod, it actually folds up small and it spins out like that, and you put this in the bottom of the unit and you got a tripod. How come nobody ever thought of that before i mean that's, just genius all right, so that i'm already excited about the tripod here's, the bottom. Da, i imagine, is the wi fi connectivity and i'm, assuming that the pairing between this wireless microphone and this base is probably done over bluetooth.

I can't imagine it's done over wi fi, but how cool is that? Let me put that on my shirt. Look at that. I got a microphone and i'm connecting wirelessly to my pocket too, and then this one looks like you would snap it on the bottom to actually hold it on a tripod. So if you're going to use it on a tripod or this little mini tripod, you'll put it on that and then stand it up there, alright enough about the accessories so i'm happy you're ready. I haven't even seen what the camera looks like, but let's get the camera open, Dobro, so i'm opening the bag. Here we go and we're sliding it out there. It is there's that there's that pocket too all right, so a lot of foam holding it in there and it looks like they. Let me just not pop this thing out and have it fly off the table here, Dobro, so there's, kamera. O, čovječe, oh man, čovjek, oh man, just give me a minute here. Let me pull that piece of foam out all right so very similar to the original osmo pocket very, very similar in shape and size. I don't think it's much bigger at all. If any, oh wait, there's a bottom that bottom part does pop off. Let me just stand that there and see if this fits yeah, it fits right in there so it's exactly the same footprint. It looks to be the same height as well, so we're gon na have to play around with that and see exactly if it is bigger or not.

But i just got a real quick look at this. So it's got the same unit on the front where you can slide that off and use the adapters to connect your phone that's, also where the mini joystick slides on to give you the functionality other than that. Oh wait a minute there's an extra button on the side which i'm betting is a power button, so maybe you're not using the power buttons on the front to turn it on probably turn it on from the side. But man this is pretty cool all right. So let me look at the bottom. This is interesting because there's, a usbc connection on the bottom that you'll use for charging and again same thing on the wi fi module. I bet yeah there. It is so there's a usbc in the back there, so good on dji for going with usbc it's the latest standard. Everybody should be using it everybody's going to micro usb. I don't understand that so usb c is great, but having that dual charging cable means, i can use one charger and charge both of these at the same time, which is pretty cool now they don't include a charger, but everybody's got a charger, and this is a Standard usb a connection, so any charger you've got you'll, be able to charge it up, probably use a battery bank to charge it or your computer as well all right. So let me see how i get this bottom off.

I don't want this thing, fly off the table, but maybe there's a way to get it off. You know what i probably should wait, because if i break it, i won't be able to play with it, and i really want to get it outside today and start playing with it. O, i turned it on. O, Ne, the instant on mode all right so anyway, the bass, pops off i'll figure that out in a minuteand it looks like essentially what you're gon na do is snap this on and place at the base, and then it gives you a longer handle for Gripping, što je sjajno, but it also incorporates the wifi module which allows you to control it from your phone and i'm sure pair it up to this microphone. That'S clipped to my my shirt over here so again, i'm going to spend a lot of time with this, and the good news is we're actually leaving tomorrow for a couple of days off my wife and i are going to be in the mountains of pennsylvania. So i'm, going to have a lot of time out in the beautiful outdoors in beautiful fall weather, with the leaves turning different colors to play around with this thing, so i'm gon na charge it up tonight, i'll be out tomorrow and i'll play with it. Sada. The next section, i'm gon na do a closer look at all the accessories. Once i get a chance to figure out what they do and i'll explain what they do and then i'll come back at the end after i played with this for a couple of days.

After i get back from the long weekend and i'll give you my first impressions of exactly what this product can do, but right now i'm telling you it looks a lot like the original pocket, the original pocket osmo pocket, but uh i'm telling you the features and Functions they built into this have really got me intrigued, so we'll have to we'll have to check it out and stay tuned for the next section, where i do the closer look inside the dji pocket 2 creator. Combo kit you'll find the pocket 2 camera inside of its carrying case, and i think the team at dji did a really nice job with this case, because it's form fit for the camera. It'S made out of hard plastic it's got the dji logo here at the top inside the case, it's lined with the soft felt material does a real good job of hanging on to the camera. So you can shake this like crazy, it's not going to pop out of there. That felt also helps to protect the camera from scratching when you're, removing it and putting it back in the case and the challenge for that design team was that you'd think you'd want to make a case. That was big enough to hold the camera and all the accessories, but the challenge with that is, if you make a case big, like that you're kind of defeating the purpose of having a small camera. So i think they did a great job of balancing those two and made a case that's big enough to protect the camera, but small enough that you can actually still slide it in your pocket and take it with you now i'm going to pull the camera out.

I want to show you one other clever thing that design team did on the bottom of the case. They actually took the time to build in holders for both of the phone adapters and the wide angle lens, and that shows me that i've got a design team there that's thinking about what else they can do with this case, in addition to protecting the camera. Now those two phone adapters are something you're going to use an awful lot when you're out in the field, so having the ability to carry those with you without having them in your pocket is a real big advantage. So two come with it: there's an apple adapter right here and apple lightning, and a usbc for android and depending on which phone you're going to connect up to the pocket to you'll use. One of these with that particular camera. So let's pretend for a second you've got an apple product. You'Ll slide this protective door off the front. The contacts below will make contact with the pads. On the back of this, you basically slide it on like this gently and then once it's on there you'll connect your phone up at the end, you'll run your dji memo app over here and that's. What you use to control the pocket too now, when you're not connected up to your phones or you don't, have one of those adapters in make sure you put the door back on, because you don't want those contacts to get dirty.

So those are the two adapters. Also included with the kit is a wide angle lens. Now the camera itself has a 93 vidno polje stupnja, which is really wide, but this increases that field of view to 110 degrees and the way that attaches its magnetic it. Just clips on the front like that and boom you've got a 110 vidno polje stupnja, so it's nice to have that with you for those times where you need a wider field of view, and the fact that it can fit in the case is a bonus In addition to that, they also include this mini joystick, which i think is brilliant uh. One of the challenges i had with the original osmo pocket was that it was tricky to add that joystick to it, this uses that same multi, port connector on the front. So basically slide the door off you'll slide this on and then you've got a tiny little joystick right over here and you've got a function button there and i'll kind of explain that later. But the function button allows you to change the function of the joystick from either zoom or pan and tilt. So it allows you to control where the camera is looking and if you double click it, you can put it into zoom mode, where you can actually use this to zoom 4x on video and 8x on on images. Dobro, so let me take that off a couple of other things that come with the kit are a charging cable.

Sada, if you buy this crater combo, you get the specialized cable, which has a usba on one end and two usb cs on the other end. So it allows you to charge the actual camera itself as well as maybe the wireless module or something else. Maybe your phone, but you can use one adapter on the wall and both of these become live so that's, a nice addition. If you buy the standard kit, you just get a single cable where it's got usb a and one ended usb c. On the other end, they also include a lanyard, and i was wondering about that because the original osmo pocket didn't have a way to attach a lanyard to it. But you can see they've got a lanyard hole right down here, što je sjajno, so you can slide the lanyard through there put it around your wrist, because i guarantee you you're going to drop this and having the lanyard means you're not going to drop and hit The ground so that's a nice little addition all right so now we'll get into some of the bases, and this is where it gets really interesting for me. So the unit itself has got a base down here that pops off, so it comes with a base that has a usbc connection on the bottom, where you can actually charge it on the right hand, side there's a button to turn it on. So if you hold that it'll turn on, you can still turn it on by holding this button, but the power on sequence is a little bit different between the two of them.

I don't know why. But when you turn this one on it actually does a little different power on sequence, but either one are fine to use it. But back to this other side again, i've got the door over here that pulls off. I'Ve got my micro sd card right. There that's a microphone that's a microphone that's, a microphone and that's a microphone, so you've got four microphones on it, which gives you a tremendously nice little matrix of audio that you're picking up when you're recording with this now back to the bottom, this pops off it Takes a little bit of work to get it off, so i'll hold the unit and then i'll get a fingernail under one side and i'll pop off that base. Sada, once that's off, you've got a choice of a couple other bases. If you buy the creator, combo kit, you get two additional bases. This one is really just the tripod base which snaps on the bottom and has a quarter inch turn on it. So you can actually snap this snap. This on you've got to really spend a little bit of time, getting it on you can't push it on so the way i've found to put that back on. There is to hold the base and just tap it until it snaps on. That seems a little ridiculous. That you've got to be that forceful with it. But the reason that's important is because, when this is on a tripod, just think of the amount of leverage on that particular point down here.

So you've got a quarter inch thread in the bottom of this and the wind and everything else is banging up against this. You don't want to pop it off so having that on. The really rigid is good. It also means that you've got to use a little deeper usbc connection to attach that, because of the additional length down the bottom now to get this off, it can be a little bit tricky hold the base like this firmly and then peel it this way, that's. How i get it off so peel it like that it'll pop off that's the tripod base, and that comes with both kits. What really gets interesting is when you see the additional accessories that come with the combo kit, prvi, which i love is thisdo it all handle, and this attaches the same way, the other one did but it's a little gentler. Tako, basically, you line up the usbc with the usbc on the bottom and slide it on until it snaps once that base is on there, you've got a ton of functionality built into this base. The base itself will provide wi fi connectivity, your phone, you no longer have to use that attachment up top, so you can connect over wi, fi and control all the functions of the pocket too. The other thing it does is enable the wireless microphone. So you can actually bluetooth connect to this wireless module and the audio comes in through that wireless module.

If you choose to do that, it has a three and a half millimeter on the side where you can connect up a microphone to it. If you want it's, just a beautiful way to go on the bottom of it, it's got a quarter, inch turn on it and it moves the charging port to the back, što je stvarno lijepo, because that way, if it's on a tripod, you can actually have a Cable dangling out the back and run this on a battery bank for forever, basically, as long as you've got electrons in the battery bank, so that to me changes the game dramatically with this product. This makes this thing ultimately functional all right. Tako, in addition to that there's a wireless module here that you can use for the microphoneand i think this is greatit'sa bluetooth connectivity again there's a usbc connection on the bottom. Tako, using that dual cable to charge both of those you could charge the wireless mic module and the actual pocket too. U isto vrijeme, and once you turn this thing on, you can actually connect the bluetooth through here, they'll marry up once you pair those two together, they'll stay paired forever. So if you want to use this, you just clip it to your lapel turn it on, and this is your microphone. You also have the option here to put a three and a half millimeter lapel mic into it.

I can tell you from using this for the last week. This mic is fantastic, it's, absolutely fantastic, and what blows me away about this is there: are other companies i'm not going to mention them, but the name starts with an r that build these kind of modules that are 200 dollars just for that remote microphone. This whole setup is not going to be anywhere near that, so the fact that you get this as part of the combo the upgrade is well worth it. So i love this an awful lot. This is a really big addition. They also include a dead cat which is sort of a windscreen for it. There are two little prongs on the top here that snap into these two little spots here. That'Ll cover this up, so if you're not really windy conditions put this on, i know it looks a little bit goofy, but it would really make the audio pick up a lot better, so that's the wireless mic setup and then finally, this blew me away when i First opened up the kit, i saw this and i thought: u redu, that's kind of cool it's, some kind of tripod, like one foot, that's, going to kind of keep it in place, but when i spend a little time with it, it actually spins onto the bottom of The unit and then once you attach it to the unit i'm thinking. U redu, how do i stand this thing up like it's, going to fall over that doesn't make a lot of sense, but then i realized wait a minute.

This thing fans out into an actual tripod. Dakle, opet, i don't know how some other company hasn't invented that prior, maybe they have, and i haven't seen it, but i love that fact, because it's tiny it's, like a mini tripod that sits on the bottom of the actual unit and that works with both. This do it all handle, as well as the tripod mount and then you've got a tripod where you can stand this thing up and here's the best part about it. It'S not rigid in a 90 degree move like this. It actually look it tilts and it holds at a different angle. Tako, if you're sitting at a deskand you need to adjust an angle or you've, got it on a fence, someplace and you're doing a vlog, you can actually hold it in a position and it stays where you left it. I think that's genius and again when i look at stuff like this, i just can't get over the fact that somebody at the factory sat down and said you know what we're going to build a tripod, but it's got to be small enough to fit in the Case so somebody can use it and not take up a lot of space and okay there's a lot of tripods on the market that you know we can put in there, but they're going to be big right, they're going to be bigger than the camera. The fact that they built this to be small enough to fit in the case take it with you, put it in your pocket and have a tripod.

You can use pretty much anywhere you're at. I think it's, just genius. Sada, if you stay tuned, what i'm going to go through next are the features and specifications of the pocket 2. Just so you understand all of the things it can do for you. The new dji pocket 2 features an upgraded and larger one over 1.7 inch cmos sensor that can deliver stunning 4k footage as well as high definition, 64 megapixel images. A larger 93 degree field of view ensures that you capture more of the image in front of you in the frame without distortion. The integrated 3 axis gimbal stabilizes the camera to keep the photo sharp and the video footage smooth. As you move through the use of an upgraded hybrid autofocus. The pocket 2 is able to more quickly adjust to smaller or fast moving objects to ensure they are clear and sharp. The product provides a new 8x zoom for images and a 4x zoom for video that allows you to get close to your subject from a distance. Other intelligent features include an upgraded active track 3.0 that can now follow smaller objects to keep your subjects in the frame as they move through a scene. Novi 4 microphone array integrated into the body of the pocket 2, will capture crisp and clear audio and allows you to choose from several different settings to adjust your recordings as needed. The pocket 2 makes complex, recording easy by including automated functions like motion lapse.

Slow motion and two different panorama modes that you can select at the touch of a button. All of these are integrated into the software to allow even a novice to capture some stunning content. The software for the new pocket 2 has also been expanded to include an ai editor that will automatically select the best footage from a recording edit. It and add background music, so you can quickly share it on social media. The dji memo software also includes a story mode that will automatically step through different camera motions and different preset shooting patterns to help you create short videos. These features help to make posting your content quick and easy with professional results. The pocket 2 is offered in two different packages that i'll cover next at this point, i've been out for the last couple of weeks: testing the brand new dji pocket 2. i've, had it all over pennsylvania, i've, taken it with me everywhere in new jersey and i've. Really put it through its paces. Sada, before i give you my final thoughts on the product, i wanted to show you really quickly three tests that i did with the product. Just so, you can judge for yourself the first test i'm trying to fake out that active track 3.0. So you can see how accurate it is in the second test, i'm, actually walking down a long set of stairs in the grand canyon of pennsylvania. Just to show you how stable this thing is, and in the third test, i'm going to compare the audio quality from the internal microphones on the pocket 2 with the external module just so you can see the difference between them to see if that makes sense.

For you to buy that accessory or not after that, i'll come back and give you some final thoughts, because i've spent a lot of time with this and i've got a lot of insight into what i think makes it really special, so stay tuned for the tests. Now i'll test the accuracy of the active track. 3.0 i've got the pocket 2 on a tripod about 6 feet in front of me and i've drawn a box around my head. So it should be able to follow me pretty well, i'm going to start off slow and then i'll get a little bit faster. So let me go. This way, looks like it's, Praćenje, okay and i'll move over this direction. Let me go down yep tracking, really well. I'Ll go up high. Now i'll move a little bit faster and i've got it set on fast track, so it should be able to keep up with me all right here. Come those patented drone valley. Ninja moves get ready, Ne! You can't shake this thing. That accuracy is rock solid. Even when i go down look it's. Follow me all the way down and back up again, so the active track. 3.0 is absolutely amazing and imagine you're out here doing a vlog sort of describing the erie behind you. Knowing you've got this pocket too, set up on a beautiful, tripod and it's going to follow you no matter where you walk talking about different things. It just makes it so much easier to use it with a vlog all right now, we're checking out the stabilization for the pocket too, going down the steps jumping around a little bit here, we're going to take a look over the railing at the canyon below me, Beautiful late afternoon, sunshine gorgeous view down there little river down the bottom we're going to head down the end of that canyon to see the waterfall tomorrow, but that's 4k footage at 30 seconds of it and i'm also testing the microphones to see how those sound now I'Ll do a quick comparison between the wireless microphone and the internal microphones on the pocket too right now, i've got the wireless mic turned on and you're listening to the audio through that now i'm going to turn it off and we'll.

Listen to what the audio sounds. Like through the pocket two's internal microphones is off, i should have really good quality, audio and i'm about the distance. You would normally be away from the pocket too, when you're vlogging, so if you had it on an extension stick or on a tripod where you're talking to it. This is the audio you'd pick up on the pocket too. Let me turn the mic back on and this is the audio you'll get from the wireless microphone. The beautiful part is there's, also a three and a half millimeter audio input jack on this wireless mic. So if you wanted to use a lapel mic, clip this to your belt, you have the option to do that as well. I think it's an amazing accessory. I hope you found those examples helpful and i promise you. I have a lot more content that i'll be posting on the channel over the next couple of weeks for the brand new dji pocket too. The nerd me just can't, wait to dive in deeper to all the technical stuff that you guys want to know about, and i've already done, a bunch of testing. But i couldn't possibly stuff that into this clip or it'd, be like five hours long. So stay tuned to the channel i'm gon na dive deeper into the technology behind it, the features the functions, the software, the accessories all the stuff you care about matter of fact, the first clip i'll be posting is the top ten questions about the brand new dji Pocket too, so if you've got questions, you need answers to drop those in the comments below and i'll add it to the test list, but that clip should be up in a couple of days and as far as final thoughts go, i got ta be honest.

I'M blown away by this productand i love the original osmo pocket, but the changes they made from the original osmo pocket to the pocket. 2 weren't just small iterative changes where they've kind of tweaked something here and added something there it's almost a complete revamp of the product. They listened to the customer about the things that we wanted to have changed. I know a lot of you have made suggestions to them and one of the things i love so much about dji is that every little thing that's been changed on this improves the product. We all talked about having a wireless module. Now we've got a wireless module. We talked about having wireless audio. Now we've got a module that integrates with it. We can actually use the module while we're charging the product, so those things alone make this a superior product to anything out there today and honestly there's nothing on the market. That looks like this today there's a lot of clones of the original osmo pocket, but then under the software they don't have the features they don't have the functions, and i know i sound like a dji fanboy and people get upset and they say rick. You love dji it's because of products like this. No one else has taken the time to design and engineer products like this. Da, Za mene, is the perfect portable camera. Now i use dslrs they're not stable. I use action cameras, they're, stable, but they're, not as stable as a gimbal like this, so this isn't an action camera you can't replace your gopro with it, but if you're, using a camera today and you're going on vacationand you want to capture some amazing 4k Footage and amazing pictures this is the guy to take with you, because you can pull it out of your pocket less than a second spin, it up and start recording and it records beautiful footage.

It takes amazing pictures. It'S got stabilization, built in the active track. 3.0. Just blew me away, you can set it up on a tripod and do your vlogs, you can move around that'll follow you, you can put it on a selfie. Stick. You always maintain the background behind you with you in the center of the picture. I didn't even talk about the panos i'll, give you a couple examples of panos. They have two versions of pano, they have a three by three by three and they have a 180. You just push a button and it does that it does hyperlap. It does motion lapse, it does all the stuff you care about it's, smarter than the average camera operator, and i love the fact that it's packed into a case that's about the size of a candy bar. So all those things being equal. I know the holidays are coming out and people are always saying hey. What do you want for christmas? I don't know how you beat this as a gift, Tako, if you're in the market for a camera, my suggestion is give this a hard look, because it does everything i need and honestly i'm leaving my dslr home most days and taking this out when i'm out. In the field to do my vlogs on my my clips out in the field so for me it's a perfect kit. Sada, if you have any other questions, please drop those in the comments below again.

I'Ve got a lot more clips posting about this product and a whole lot of other technology. So if you haven't subscribed to the channel hit that subscribe button down there and join the drone valley family, because you're not going to want to miss those clips, if you're interested in this product, i've got a link below. If you hit that link you'll go to the dji website and you'll support the channel, because we get a little bit of credit from those guys for everybody that buys through that link. So if you enjoyed the clipand you want to support the channel, hit the link and head over there and pick up one of these pocket twos anyway, that's it for today, i really appreciate everybody watching.