DJI MAVIC PRO vs AUTEL EVOCamera Comparison

The Autel EVO is a contemporary clone of the Mavic Professional. However does it have a greater digicam? You determine.

Try the Autel EVO vs Phantom four ProfessionalDigicam Comparability:

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You should buy the AUTEL EVO and MAVIC PRO right here:

DJI Mavic profesionalni:


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KAMERA: GoPro Hero 6:

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  1. The Evo easily takes that test, far superior dynamic range and detail. The Mavic's image is superficially more pleasing because of the greater saturation, you can apply the same thing to the Evo's footage with the press of a button in post production, but you can't replace the detail the Mavic has lost.

  2. On my I mac 5k monitor the EVO looks better, however having said that, either of these drones videos can be made to look great with the proper filters and or post processing. I fly both Autel and DJI and love them both.

  3. Mavic favours the green way too much.

  4. Veliki pregled, Kapetan. Trut. With you standing in the sun the colors were much better with the Evo. Natural skin tones, more definition. But in the high aerial shot the Mavic results looked a little better. Which one is quieter? How about photographs (still images)? If you could compare those, that would be great to see.

  5. Big difference. Big win for the Evo in Picture quality.

  6. The mavic has a better picture. The color is much more bright and more true to color.

  7. Everything about the MP is rock solid, except for two componentsthe gimbal and camera! The camera is not good, and the gimbal is fragile. If you want the better camera buy the Evo, I own both, same as CD.

  8. The evo is obviously better. The saturation is irrelevant. Color can be added in post. The part that matters, and the part that the Evo captures better is the white and dark detail that you CANNOT retrieve in post. That test at 2:40 is the perfect example. The sky is blown out, washed out white on the mavic. Then bounce to the Evo and look again. The sky has its natural blue on the Evo. The clouds and the sky are distinct colors from each other. The camera is able to capture the difference under harsh, bright condition. Same thing with his skin. I say all this as a Mavic owner, and probably Mavic 2 owner soon 😉

  9. Hard to believe there could be that much difference between these cameras. Unfortunately, there are good and bad situations about both! Neither one is great in all conditions. The Evo seems to be better with shooting away from the sun, but the Mavic Pro seems better shooting towards the sun. I guess the moral of the story is, don't use auto settings and use ND filters when necessary.

  10. For have the best from mavic pro camera you must set "d-log" in filter. everything change

  11. Once again the EVO wins. The Mavic is over saturated and contrasty, like the DJI AIR was when compared to the EVO. I would ultimately tweak both in my video editor but it'd be an easier time tweaking the EVO. bravo

  12. Autel Evo is the foldable drones Rolls Royce. No comparison. I have a ready click to Carolina Dronz for next new Evo Plus with 1" kamera. I already got this Evo and it's fantastic overpassing my previous thoughts about this product . Thank you Dr! Not interested in any Mavic 2, 3 ili 4. I let others buyin' theese stuffs! I still have a Mavic Platinum and I can see the difference. Many greathings to all north american guys from Canaries Islands Spain

  13. Its quite difficult to determine which is better the Mavic pro or the Evo, for example when taking close shots that Evo got more realistic colours (in terms of exposure and contrast) but viewing the photos taken from distance specially when facing the Sun, the Mavic Pro give a more realistic view, closer to what the eye actually sees.
    Given the fact that Mavic Pro is 2 years older than Evo (Technology-wise) and still capable of being compared is quite an achievement!
    I'm waiting for the same experiment with Mavic Air … što misliš? 🙂

    My impression is : Mavic Pro is still ahead.
    Thanks for letting us see other brands Captain Drone 🙂

  14. When compared, EVO seemed more natural. Lijep video.

  15. Best YouTubed to review drones!!! No bias just pure stats!!!

  16. Evo can do 4k 60fps. Kotači Mavic 2 Pro can't do that.

  17. Thanks for the comparison. I prefer the Evo's colour balance etc. But want to buy a 2nd hand Mavic Pro Platinum for other reasons such as better signal transmission. Could I get a picture similar to the Evo by using manual camera settings on the MP Platinum? And also using filters?

  18. Looking at the tree shadows and distant horizon areas, the Evo's blacks look blue, which throws the whole balance of the image and gives outlines a blue tinge. The Mavic's black levels look very good by comparison and give a much better (and IMHO a truer) colour contrast. This reminds me of comparing the image of an eBay £40 GoPro lookey-likey versus the real thing.

  19. Great test and I will review on my computer monitor. Right now, the Mavic Pro is on sale for $799.000 and really thinking about the Evo but for a $200 difference the MP is a good buy.

  20. Do you find either better with color correction? Mavic is warm and Evo is cool so I think it would came done to what is easier to correct IMO

  21. The EVO's camera blew the PRO's out of the box. Very Natural view. I don't own either. Hahaha

  22. Hej, I’m trying to decide between these two drones and the Mavic Air, all around the same price, Kotači Mavic Pro 2 & Zoom are out of my price range.

    I I really don’t mind either cameras, so my question is: what is the better drone for someone like me who has put in the hours with a cheap drone to learn and now feels ready to upgrade to one of these 3 I mentioned?

    Some of the points I look at are,
    user friendly
    – kvaliteta
    customer service

  23. EVO's camera to me does not give you that much of a hassle as the Mavic it a lot ezzer to operate.

  24. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. with my new cataract lens's (that are supposed to sharpen images) it appears the mavic pro has a sharper image.

  25. And evo on the used market like a rock. Depreciation is harsh on the evo.

  26. I got my eye in a evo in the near future.

  27. Hey Cap'nI really enjoy your video's. BUT this one is not a fair test. You have the Mav maxed out with [email protected] but you didn't max out the [email protected] with the EVO. Run the test again and I guarantee you will get different results. It also appears you are using an NDL on the Mavic? – No Disrespect mate, but this wasn't a fair test.

  28. hi Captain, what is the color profile and style setup for the MP in those videos ? Hvala !

  29. lijep video. liked watching it.
    Carry on .subscribed to you.
    I will appreciate it when you sub back please 😃😊 ❤&✌

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