DJI MAVIC AIR vs AUTEL EVOCamera Comparison

Everybody loves the Mavic Air, as a result of its low worth and options. However how good is the digicam for that low worth when in comparison with the upper high quality digicam of the Autel EVO? You be the choose.

DJI Phantom four Professional vs Autel EVODigicam Comparability:

DJI Mavic Professional vs Autel EvoDigicam Comparability:

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  1. Mavic Air is more Telephoto and more color saturated…. it's also less crisp than the Autel. ALI!!! My Mavic Air's footage doesn't look like yours because I use manual camera settings with a custom profile and get it to look more like what you have posted as EVO footage. To je rekao, I don't think the auto settings for the Mavic Air are universally useful. It's over saturated and a bit muddy as a result … (po mom mišljenju)… Just my 2 centi

  2. Pa, there is a reason the 'D-Cinelike' color profile on the Mavic Air is there though. It's there to reduce the colors you get from the normal settings.

  3. As always great video and how come MA color is so bad I thought his is better than Pro

  4. Evo looks more natural than the Mavic Air. WIth the Evo you can always fix it in post, where if the video is already over saturated there isn't much you can do.

  5. Evo wins for me. I'm a DJI fan. Air is too saturated and also when yawing you can see too much of a frame jump than on the EVO footage.
    Need to see your low light comparisons. Perhaps sunset or dusk/cloudy days.

  6. Would be great to see difference with the mavic's contrast and saturation turned down also with Dcine

  7. Here again the EVO displays a realistic color presentation. As in your previous camera comparison the DJI camera presents over saturated colors, admittedly however, a very eye catching picture, just not a realistic one. Thanks for your great and informative vids!

  8. Volim svoje video isječke. Thanks for doing these. Would you consider doing a calibrated color test? Get the drone's cameras to focus in on a color checker palette like the x-rite?

  9. Odličan video!!! I have the same observation concerning the videos in this comparison as I did with the EVO and the Mavic Pro. The Mavic air is too saturated and "warm" in temperature. The EVO looks "normal" to me showing the scene with you in it with the same saturation and color temperature as I see with my eyes. If I want to adjust all of this, I can do it in post-processing.

    I think I'll be getting the EVO!

  10. I kept finding myself squinting every time the Mavic Air footage popped up. I personally prefer the more natural look of the Evo footage. To se, rekao je, I surprisingly thought the Mavic Air footage was superior to the Mavic Pro footage of your recent previous posts.

  11. I have the Mavic Air and I like the EVO's more natural colors. I'm not using auto on the Mavic Air instead, I use D-CINELIKE which looks better in my opinion.

  12. As a hobbyist, I never considered being the next Spielberg when flying. I think both do a good job & if you need to purchase a bunch of filters to make a simple video then maybe the hobby just isn't FUN for you anymore. JMO

  13. Mavic Air clearly wins, no contest. When you were in the shade on the EVO your socks looked as lime green as your bag. I was shocked. The EVO has that wider field which I like but overall I think the Air is clearly a better camera. This coming from someone who was going to buy the EVO after I saw it at CES. I couldn't wait. Well now I can, especially with the DJI presentation on the 23rd. KOTAČI MAVIC 2!

  14. complete waste of time who uses the camera in auto

  15. Evo looks to have a nicely balanced color profile to edit in post.

  16. I'm a DJI fan typically, though have never liked my Mavic Air which collects dust in my closet. Autel destroyed this one, with all auto settings at least. I could make that Air footage look far better in manual mode with some filters and without the default profile but the Autel footage here is much much more useful. I like what Autel is doing but it kills me they didn't put a 1 inch sensor on it in 2018 since DJI is about to make this drone irrelevant next week.

  17. Evo winner. But both look liked horizon tilted! Nice comparison. Klicati:)

  18. Love these comparison videos as I've said before. Wondered if you've seen the new racing quad with DJI's Ocusync by Drone World? Would love to see you review that one.

  19. It will be interesting when you can do a head to head test between the Parrot Anafi and the Yuneec Mantis. Both look like nice comparable drones!

  20. The air is better, but they have had a bunch of firmware updates

  21. The evolution is better at zooming

  22. Great video Steve, I’m a hobbyist flyer but definitely learning a lot about the camera side of the drones. I own mainly DJI right now and a Bug but even being a hobbyist I think the Evo won this one hands down. A couple of the Air shoots looked great but most where so over saturated it was terrible. I’m looking into doing some editing on my videos to make them interesting for friends and family to watch and been picking up tip from people’s comments about working with over or under saturation videos. As a beginner and only novelist editing is there a editing program you would suggest for someone with no editing skills.

  23. …. Not Sure !!!

    Mobility and fast sharing could be the reason Mavic Air crops and saturate the footage

    I’m assuming it has other modeslike RAW

  24. Wow what a difference. Mavic doesnt look much better than my Firefly HD 20 camera when post processed.

  25. i'm sure that 2 clips NOT FINISHED at original shot
    Look like
    Kotači Mavic : adjusut up step of Saturation
    Evo : adjust Reduce Saturation and Reduce contrast
    Can i trust You ???

  26. Čovjek, you are making my decision difficult with these reviews. But I really appreciate you doing them. Short of flying each one, this is about the best I can get. Hvala. (Parce que tu es un Québécois, je suis offensé que tu n'est pas aussi parler en le Francais. Regarder le film Canadian Bacon si tu es confonde, mais, je sais tu sais que je signifier.)

  27. Air has better colors. Mavic air my choice.

  28. DUDE ! YOU'RE FROM OTTAWA! SO AM I! I knew I saw OC transpo busses in one of your videos.

  29. I don't believe those colors are this saturated straight out of the air, ur air is busted

  30. Autel EVO camera sensor is superior to Mavic Air hands down. I was planning to buy Mavic Air but not anymore

  31. dji's have rich colours and evo does'nt abyway autel is goodddddd

  32. Cool , bang review nya ,, mau dong d kasih drone nya

  33. The mavic air looks better pictures clear and sharper

  34. Question what has better range the Autel evo or the mavic air

  35. Certainly the Mavic Air's colours are a bit too saturated

  36. Evo wins it looks more natural

  37. Thanks for the video comparison. Based on what you showed me I will be getting the Evo. I have been researching for a while and based on my budget I had narrowed it down to the Evo, the air and the Anafi. I love the camera on the Anafi but the flight characteristics and after purchase app requirements turned me off that one. I wish that I could get the Anafi camera on an Evo platform for the same price. I would love to own the Mavic 2 pro or zoom but my budget just wont allow it. Hvala još jednom. James

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