DJI kotači Mavic zrak me pokušao ubiti, Ali i dalje želim! IMPRESIVAN!

James is considering of shopping for the Mavic Air. I let him attempt it and present him a number of the options. We get greater than we bargained for whereas in Energetic Observe mode. Even with this glitch, the Mavic Air continues to be a enjoyable drone able to many nice issues.

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In the event you do not personal a Mavic Air and are considering of shopping for one, look no additional than AMAZON or the DJI STORE (hyperlinks under):

AMAZON: DJI Mavic na zrak:
DJI STORE: http://kliknite = hiperveza&kao = 0005&CH = MAVIC% 20AIR



CASE: Mavic Air Waterproof Case:

KAMERA: Panasonic 4K kamkorder:

38 Komentari

    Compare to the Evo, Kotači Mavic pro, mavic pro Platinum THE AIR IS HORRIFICALLY LOUD AND ANNOYING 🤣😂🤣😂

  2. I think it become more and more urgent to make a video about the best helmet for flying drone 😉

  3. He did very well on his first flight. Seems like a good guy both he and his father. 👍.

  4. Everything about this video is cool. Hvala vam za šerif

  5. Always great seeing a drone virgin :DDDDDD

  6. Did u edit any of the footage from the drone ? Or that was just raw footage ? Im debating of getting oneand trying to narrow it down

  7. Thanks for the fun test flights with the DJI Maric Air! That was some great testing with Active Tracking except for that close call of almost taking your head off! BTW, next time wear a helmet when you on any offroad vehicle, we what you to continue doing what you do best, testing and reviews. Pitanje, did you by chance hit the joystick forward while bouncing around on the quad, that would have been self-mutilation, LOL!

  8. Looks like there is a magnetic interference in your head….2nd such case as I remember 😉

  9. James may need hearing aids , the Mavic air is very noisy, lol

  10. Very nice footage, your videos just get better & better, Hvala & regards.

  11. Dang that was close I like the mavic but got the spark instead

  12. Smiješno, I seen this happen to a couple walking the shoreline in Florida. The air hit her right in the back of the head and then fell into the salt water.. Good by Air.

  13. Damn good video!! The music was lovely. That sure was a close call of the Mavic air coming close your head. I'm sold already too.

  14. Love this! Introducing peeps to the hobby can be so rewarding! As to the follow me bug, its scary how common it is, hopefully it will befixed in the next firmware :o) btw long time watcher and big fan, i'm from Ottawa too, could be nice to meet and fly one day. Cheers Rob.

  15. Vrlo dobar video, drones are prone to glitches, my P3 STD tried to cut my head off one day doing a auto take off, the only reason it didn't hit me is I knocked it to the ground with my hand. (two props only damage) You really need to keep an eye on them around people.

  16. RTH=Return to Head on Mavic Air

  17. That's atoo much Active track!!!!! Next time medieval armor!ciao

  18. Cool Video and a really great Location👍🏼

  19. My Mavic Air in Active Track has never worked as good as that did and Ive only tried it on a push bike and recently with me on my first go on a Paddle board.

  20. Odličan video. I think the Mavic Air heard the “Jaws” music and just couldn’t help it’s self!

  21. Zanimljivo. There have been a number of reports of the Mavic Air dive bombing the target on Active Track. Maybe DJI mixed their FW up with their military version. Doh.

  22. I cannot understand why you are using a landing pad for a small foldable drone you can easly use only by hands. I have Air combo too. I do not like it very mutch. I'm selling it. Too noisy and fiew authonomy.

  23. Great Vid.. I'm still trying to get mine to follow me modein Wales UK llanberis pass it's an old slate mine and I was getting loads of interference with WiFi changing from 2.4 da 5.8 constantly changinggreat vid though 👍

  24. James knows more than your average person because he's researched it.

  25. Badass little drone! Lijepo vid! Snowmobiles in the winter?!!🤘🏻🤘🏻

  26. I so enjoy your videos Steve, bravo
    Andy B.

  27. You were so lucky it did not hit you on the head, Vrlo svjež video, i likethe mavic air

  28. Colin T, is that you?? I have not seen you in 17 godine!

  29. DJI new product! Introducing the DJI Helmet. Optional landing pad on top. Hvala za velik ponovo ispitivanje.

  30. Main problem with the Mavic Air is the radiosthey are nowhere as powerful or as interference resilient as on the Mavic Pro. I recently overflew the Sapphire Princess cruise ship in Geiranger, Norway and had an RTH 300metres from the ship. IMATI!

  31. Reminds me of the song "I got my head shavedby a Jumbo Jet……….it wasn't easy, but nothing is ! woohoooooo!!!! "

  32. Did you not have APAS enabled?

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