DJI KOTAČI MAVIC 2 – Which One Should I Get? Zoom or Pro?

Having issue deciding on which Mavic 2 to get? This very brief video could assist.

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https://click = hiperveza&as=0008&ch=MAVIC%202%20ZOOM


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KAMERA: Canon 80D stas:
RASVJETA: Studio Softbox:
RASVJETA: FalconEyes tako-40TD:

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  1. Tako, my drone is in a clearance delay. Should i be worried.

  2. Next I’m get the PH4 or 5 I’m wait next year

  3. Me I order the pro2 hopefully I don’t regret it tho or change my mind over the zoom it was a hard decision for me and after seeing a video I went the pro2 just because I need better camera tho🙏🏼🤔

  4. Pro for sure 🙂 20 mega pixels compared to 12 mega pixels is no choise, you can zoom in in post afterwards 🙂 and get the same for images. 🙂 video I rather have the ekstra bits to process 🙂

  5. Here is my question, for the Mavic 2 Pro how will we be able to put ND or Polarized filters on that square camera?

  6. Regarding the sunset criteriaIn general, if I want to film at night, the mavic pro does that better?

  7. really helpfull! Hvala! I think i will order the Mavic 2 Zoom now 😀

  8. Prokletstvo! i ordered the M2 Pro, should get it by Wednesday

  9. I do a lot of videos and photos of real estate property, which would you recommend!?

  10. Not seeing a big leap with the zoom over the Mavic and Air and neither with the Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic 2 Pro (except size). Honestly the Mavic 2 Pro isn’t truly small enough to consider it over the Phantom, but the Air is. I’d pick Air over Zoom and Phantom 4 advanced over Mavic 2 Pro if you can score a refurb on DJI for less than $1K.

  11. Thanks a TON! My Mav 2 Zoom is ordered. I think I'll have more fun playing with the zoom feature cuz that's just me. 🙂 But I can't wait for it to arrive! 🙂

  12. For photos, the zoom would be better because of the super resolution mode, which is 48MP compared to the tiny 20MP of the pro

  13. I found this to be the most convincing comparison video on the Tube! It served to solidify my decision to go with the Zoom. Hvala!

  14. I took my mavic 2 pro out for its first flight did a calibration and flew it for a while and did a return to home boy it was way off the mark by about 4 da 5 feet compared to just a few inches with my mavic pro anybody else seeing this Maybe you can do a video comparing the old with the new and the return to home feature.

  15. So I ordered the zoom, received yesterday, set up, updated firmware on remote and the zoom/battery, itd. question is the pics have a HUGE fishbowl effect!! How do I get rid of that? If anyone knows, you do, thanks in advance!!

  16. Hopefully next year DJI will bring the pro 3 out making the cameras interchangeable by the consumer and not just by DJI

  17. I own the phantom 4 Pro as well as Mavic air and spark. The P4P has the drawback when using planes for traveling due to the drones size and also the size of all its accessories.
    For low-light filming I can still use the P4P this the Mavic 2 Zoom would be the wiser decision…?

  18. bravo…even for a Canadian…lol

  19. I retired from a Canadian companylive in USA

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