U 2018 DJI and AUTEL launched new drones. Each have excellent cameras. However how do they give the impression of being when put next with one another on a cloudy day, a sunny day or at solar set? Watch this video to search out out.

The DJI MAVIC 2 PRO could be bought right here: DJI KOTAČI MAVIC 2 PRO: https://kliknite = hiperveza&as=0009&ch=MAVIC%202%20PRO

The AUTEL EVO could be bought right here: AUTEL EVO:


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KAMERA: GoPro Hero 6:

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  1. not the right comparison ! you need to compare autel evo with dji mavic 2 zumiranje

  2. The EVO has a flatter color profile. Might be easier to manipulate in post. I own 2 DJI (P3 Advanced & Kotači Mavic Pro) and also the EVO. I got my EVO with 2 batteries for $999. Za cijenu, EVO makes better sense!! MP2 low light quality might be a little better but the price is much, much higher!! Kudos to Steve for his great videos!!

  3. You can't compare cameras by looking at processed images. The images have to be processed in a similar way to allow comparison. Or the ways they are processed by the onboard image computer have to be compared. Can't just look at color. A good test would need to be both drones recording in their log formats and then analyzing detail and compression etc

  4. Man the EVO really puts up a strong fight against the M2P in everything but low light from what I see. What are your thoughts about the quality of the footage after post?? Curious how they stack up once a person works on the footage! Because in these auto modes, the EVO looks better (except in low light). Crazy for the price difference. I just have a spark nowI use it to film the locations I land my plane in the mountainsbut would like to upgrade a little. Starting to move to 4k, and love the idea of 4k60 for slow mo capability. U svakom slučaju, something smallish and light is important for hauling in my plane (or I would consider a P4Advanced or P4P). U svakom slučaju, I was looking to upgrade from the spark to an air, but the EVO seems to kick the snot out of the air, only a bit larger, and hold it's own against the M2P!! Glad to see these comparisons, Hvala ti!

  5. This review is awesome! Very neutral and unbiased! Autel video quality appears better for some reason despite having smaller sensor than Pro 2. We are watching this video on a 1440 monitor.

    In the darker settings, Autel video appear dark. Međutim, that would be a matter of setting and post production. While, Pro 2 appears brighter, the picture quality doesn't look much betterdefinitely the higher price can't justify on Pro 2. With post in mind and the price point of Autel, this video helped us decide Autel is the winnerin the video department!

    Your GoPro7 really has great picture quality! 😆

  6. Po mom mišljenju, and I'm a professional photographerThe Autel's white balance is too much on the blue side. The Mavic's Hasselblad sensor is known for a slightly warmer tone. It does feel more enjoyable to watch tho. I would bring the saturation 1 step down on the Mavic. It just comes down to personal preference, but the blue, colder, tone of the Autel will always need warming up in Post. The Dynamic Range of the Mavic blows the Autel out of the water and the circle around the sun is unrealisticJust bcos of dynamic range. Keep in mind that whoever buys the Mavic, most def. will shoot in Dlog mode H265 10 bit- these images from the Mavic are probably H264 on standard color profile which also is 8bit.
    Prettt impressed by the Autel, but wouldn't choose it over the Mavic.

    I'm a Mavic 2 Pro owner since 2 weeks 😉

  7. Evo gets knocked down again. DJI ROCKS!

  8. Both look horrendous at sunset. While mid day flights the evo looks like a retro camera footage and the mavic more saturated and acceptable. Hands down Mavic wins though. Those beans though. Dobar pregled.

  9. I guess I’m too much of a newbie and know nothing of photography but I thought that the mavic 2 looked way better in all cases color wise and detail etc. but again I’m a novice so maybe I don’t know what to look for? Seems everyone else either was rooting for the underdog or I am missing something or missing knowledge about what it’s supposed to look like. I think the mavic just looked WAY better in all videos.

  10. I won't lie. out of all the videos i really like yours. thanks for doing these comps. being new to drones, i'm learning a lot.

  11. I personally like true coloring or what our eyes would actually see. I feel as if the EVO shows us what we see, and the dji enhances the color.

  12. This video is great. I have a P3P and I'm considering upgrading at some point. This video did a great job at comparing the two drones in auto settings

  13. The Autel had a dulling, sort of drab in color boldness. The DJI had a brighter, more cheerful in its color. Details were excellent on both. I’m wondering if the Autel has photo setting like the Yuneec MantisQ has ? Na primjer, sunny, overcast, florescent , incandescence ?

  14. Veliki posao! As I was watching…. yes the greens had heavy saturation on the Mavthe Evo's blue skies were great! Evo still had nice saturation on other colors…. the green just seemed a little flat. And as expected in low light the Mav owned it. Loved this side by side comparison. bravo. With a $500 price difference, and the huge difference in battery prices…. the Evo has a TON going for it. Hvala!

  15. Hey there Captain. I'm looking to get an Evo but like this video, the Evo always seems to look darker.

  16. It must me the sensor that brings in more light.

  17. Veliki video. Can I adjust the Evo to get more light????

  18. Now I don't feel so bad about my memory lapses and onset of "halfheimers disease" …….haven't left a drone flying when I was leaving ..yet !

  19. The Evo is much darker in low light which is to be expected compared to the Pro2 with its much faster lens. But if you shoot in log how much can the image be boosted in post editing? Enough to bring out the missing detail?

  20. Mavic = over saturated. Minimal low light advantage. Plus Evo has 4k @60fps. On balance Evo is a better imaging systemespecially since it is priced somewhat lower

  21. the Evo is flat but it more natural looking which can be corrected in post. na 2 pro has color boosting which look good but sometimes is too saturated, but it can also save time in post-production if you don't plan on doing a lot of color grading or adjustment.

  22. I have a very early production (bought it first week it was out) Kotači Mavic 2 pro and i am REALLY dissapointed in the detail of the 4K video when shooting horizons and pulled back landscapes. no matter the sharpness setting it is really muddy and average. Anyone else have this or have better results with Autel Evo when shooting at 4K (24p or 30p) 100mbps. ?

  23. Some guy is flying a parachute. 😄

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